In 2012 we registered Nutreats and opened as an online sports nutrition store. An online store that had a blog, because it was 2012 and all good websites had a blog. The blog thrived, the store not so much. So, in 2015 we shut down the store and relaunched Nutreats as an online resource to healthy living. Allowing us to focus on the things we were good at – creating content.


We kept the name which means we need to clarify that we do not sell treats, or food, or product. We also don’t sell dog food, although there’s a company in New Zealand who took our name and do. If you know the owners, tell them we want our name back 😉


So, what is Nutreats now?


An online resource to healthy living and a digital content creation studio. Our goal has been, and still is, to make healthy living easy.


_ We break down trends with a no-fluff, just facts attitude, in short pieces for those who want things in biteable chunks and long form reads for the research nerds.


_ We locate, review and share the latest races, classes, products and trends.


_ We share tips from us and the experts, on everything from FITNESS to NUTRITION to MENTAL HEALTH.


_ We create recipes that are healthy but not restrictive, easy to make, but look like you spent time putting them together. They’re a mix of budget and splurge and reflect the way we eat – a splash of MCT oil in our morning (instant powder) coffee, a basic salad with a superfood smoothie. And cake, because cake is life.


Everything on Nutreats has been tried and tested by us; and shared from our own experience – be it good, bad or neutral.


How do we pay our bills?


We work with brands to create content for them to use on their own platforms. We have a love for recipe development and food photography and get a kick out of creating food related content for brands. You can find out more about that here.


We produce sponsored content for brands on Nutreats. It looks and feels like all of our other content, but we’ll always tell you if it’s paid. We work with brands that align with us and what we know about you, our audience. You can find out more about that here.


We also occasionally utilise affiliate links. This means that if you click certain links on our website and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price of the item, but gives us a little extra money in the bank. To be as transparent as possible, we’ll always include a note on the bottom of articles that include affiliate links in them.


But who’s behind Nutreats?


That would be Feige and Zissy. Sometimes confused as the same person or twins; but in reality, two sisters who believe that healthy living is simple and attainable, and we want to show you how.