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April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, Rejuve

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April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, Rejuve

Feige Lewin
  • A shopping list filled with all things rest and recovery
April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, Rejuve

This month we celebrated rest and recovery at Nutreats, so April’s shopping guide is filled with cool finds to help you do just that.


1. Beurer 145 mg Shiatsu Massage Pillow

R696.69 at Carethy

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, Rejuve

If I could go for a massage at least once a week, I would, but seeing as I can’t, I’m considering investing in this awesome sounding massage pillow. The pillow contains 4 rotating Shiatsu massage heads, which rotate in pairs in opposite directions.


The protective cover is made from a soft and fluffy fleece and is removable so it can be machine washed. For the upcoming winter freeze, it’s even equipped with a soothing heat function and best of all, it’s not just for your neck – it can be used on your back and legs too.


2. Walk Genie Compression socks

R124.90 at Carethy

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, RejuveCompression socks are a piece of heaven when your legs are sore, like after a race or long run. Not only does the compressing action give you noticeable relief from pain or swelling, but they also improve the circulation in your feet and legs. Zissy also swears by compression gear when flying. This pair has a no-toe design which makes it suitable for any foot size. They also feature a side zip making them easier to put on.


3. Dear Deer Satin Pillowcase

R150 at Dear Deer

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, RejuveDear Deer is one of our favourite April finds. Created by Chelle after losing her mum to cancer, she started Dear Deer as a weekend project to raise money for charities. She has now built Dear Deer into a full-time fully fledged business that sells a range of beautiful satin slip cases.


The benefits of these pillowcases over a regular natural fibre like cotton are many. They minimize facial wrinkles and puffiness, keeps hair shiny, prevents hair loss, split ends and breakage. They don’t absorb moisture – or your face creams – meaning they don’t draw moisture out of your hair and skin. They prevent dry, frizzy and dull hair and keep your blowout lasting longer.


We obviously had to put them to the test this month and we were not disappointed. Waking up every morning with not a wrinkle or fabric line on my face was blissful. On nights that I went to bed with a treatment product for breakouts – my skin was visibly improved the next day, more so than ever before. I attribute this to the pillowcase not drawing the products into the fabric so it could stay on my face getting to work. I also barely had to use a brush when I woke up in the morning – my hair was that smooth, shiny and tangle free. Do yourself a favour and purchase one!


4. Longpile Hot Water Bottle

R99.99 at Mr Price Home

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, RejuveI couldn’t survive a South African winter without these fluffy friends. The minute the weather turns every April, I head out to MR Price to purchase a new Fleece covered hot water bottle and I use it to death until spring arrives (literally to death which is why I need to repurchase it yearly). They come in a range of colours and each year they seem to get fluffier. They’re great to keep you warm and also are a fantastic tool for soothing sore muscles.


5. Anota Beurer Infrared Massage Vibrator

R340.87 at Carethy

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, RejuveWe delved into Infrared light for healing and although we love our infrared lamp, we found something that one ups it! What’s better than an Infrared Lamp for healing? A massage vibrating tool that uses infrared light to heal you!


This handheld 6-watt device comes with 3 massage attachments. It has 2 functions, one being infrared heat.


6. Bellabaci Super Cups

R399 at Bellabaci

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, Rejuve

Last year we delved into the ancient Chinese art of Cupping Therapy for healing muscles. There are many different types of cupping available (explore more here), but one method is a DIY approach thanks to Bellabaci – which is a proudly SA brand.

These super cups are made from a medical grade silicone and are said to not leave you with bruise marks.


7. Robertsons Epsom Salts 100g

R7.49 at Pick ‘n Pay

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, RejuvePossibly the cheapest recovery aid, Epsom salts can be found in the baking aisle of any supermarket. Read about what it can do for you over here and then get yourself a box and pour 1-2 cups into a hot bath. Currently, Pick ‘n Pay has the best deal.


8. Clinique After-Sun Rescue Balm With Aloe

R306.58 at Carethy

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, RejuveBabble listed Clinique’s After-Sun rescue balm as one of the best after-sun products, saying “This ultra-moisturizing balm with soothing aloe gets high marks for it non-acnegenic, oil-free formula suitable for the face as well as the body. It helps minimize peeling and prevents today’s sun exposure from becoming tomorrow’s visible damage.” It’s not available at Clinique in South Africa, but thanks to Carethy I’m going to get my hands on one.


9. Arnica Ice

R56.95 at Dischem

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, RejuveArnica ice is a topical anti-inflammatory and ever since a sample was given to me in my first Comrades race pack, it has become one of my go to post race recovery tools. Apply it to your muscles after a race or when sore but be warned, the ice in the name is not there by chance. It will immediately cool the area you apply it to, making you feel freezing – but armed with a fluffy hot water bottle you should be able to handle the chill. Also, it has a very strong medicinal smell, so if you have a sensitive nose, you may need to stay away.


10. Superfoods Black Maca Powder 200g *Organic

R142 at Rawlicious

April Shopping Guide: Rest, Recover, RejuveMaca can help you recover faster, says this so when Zissy handed me a glass of this Maca Hot Chocolate, I drank it happily. It helped me sleep better and the next morning I was able to tackle my workout without sore muscles from the day before. It might be unrelated, but it certainly can’t hurt 🙂


11. Dr Relief Herbal Sooth Cooling Patches

R145 at Elitewater or from Dr Debbie’s Bryanston Practice

These were recommended to Zissy by Dr Debbie as an effective way of soothing lower back pain or shoulder pain. The plasters contain ingredients which are absorbed by the skin to relieve muscular skeletal pain.

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