Heather Walden

Heather is married to Jason and together they have 3 kids. She started running in University. A regular podium finisher she has a half marathon PB of 91 minutes, a Marathon PB of 3 hours 5 minutes and a Comrades Marathon PB of 8 hours 4 minutes. Heather’s children often accompany her to races to support and second and her two youngest plan to follow her footsteps by completing the Comrades Marathon. Completing 3 Comrades while juggling a full-time job and kids has taught her that we are all capable of so much more than we think, and that there is always time in the day for the things that matter to you. She hopes that somewhere along the way she has passed this on to my children or maybe even a fellow runner. In July, Heather will be relocating to Switzerland with her family.

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