Andrea Hofmeyr (Half of ‘The HofWayRound’)

Lloyd and Ani Hofmeyr, newlyweds in their early thirties, boldly decided to leave their much-loved, corporate lives in Johannesburg, put all of their belongings into storage, pack a backpack each and head to the other side of the globe in search of an adventure. They travelled through Southeast Asia for six months, living minimally, exploring endlessly, and slowing down enough to listen and learn from the experiences that our incredible world has to offer. They founded ‘The HofWayRound’ while on the road, as a platform from which to share their experiences through blog posts, videos and photos that will inspire you to pack your bags and head off on your own creative adventure! Follow them on Instagram @hofwayround

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Downsizing on Stuff and Up-sizing on Life!

Lloyd and I stood hesitantly at the door to my mother’s store room. It was…