Dr Martin Krüger

Dr Martin graduated from Wits Technikon with a Masters degree in Chiropractic in 2004. He also has a diploma in Craniosacral therapy and has a special interest in Functional medicine. He is a keen reader of Chiropractic philosophy and applies holistic healing philosophy to his practice. After 10 years in practice he went into a venture in the corporate world where he was assisting in and creating wellness days and corporate wellness programs for large corporations. This was however not where ‘Doc Marty’ was being fulfilled and he decided to go back into private practice full time in 2014. Dr Martin also enjoys giving health talks on optimising health and wellness, and in conjunction with Suits and Sneakers (an exciting entrepreneurial platform) has given talks to up to two hundred people at a time. He hopes to continue with his public speaking and coaching in the future to many more thousands of people. Nothing makes him happier than having a busy practice with as many patients as possible receiving Chiropractic care and his vision is to build a truly all-encompassing and progressive wellness centre.

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Why computer screens cause neck pain [and what you can do about it]
Why computer screen causes neck pain [and what you can do about it]

Having been in practice for the past 12 years it seems I have made a…