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Beauty Finds: Everyday Essentials

Beauty Finds: Everyday Essentials

Welcome to Beauty Finds, a series where we share our latest discoveries in all things beauty: from makeup to skincare to hair to fragrances.


I’m taking over Feige’s beauty domain to share some of my current beauty finds – my everyday essentials. In truth, I’m most often barefaced and when I do wear makeup it’s the barely-there kind. These products are the few items I’ve been reaching for over and over again to give me the “not wearing anything, done up look”.  My fellow barefaced beauties, this one’s for you.

Bioderma Photoderm Max Tinted SPF 50+

On days I’m going out or spending time outdoors, SPF is non-negotiable. I love the Bioderma Photoderm Max Tinted SPF 50+ as it gives solid protection, is light and non-greasy and is tinted! It evens my complexion and as long as I’m not suffering from a breakout, it gives me enough coverage that I don’t need any concealer or added foundation. It also gives my skin a slightly dewy fresh look that I love.

Available here (R319 for 40ml)

Swiitch Beauty Monotint  

What appears like a large oval lip balm is in fact a tint that you can use on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. I use it on my cheeks and lips and love the healthy pink tone it gives me. It comes in one shade – a natural sheer tint that they claim looks good on everyone. If I’m not using this, I follow Feige’s tip of using tinted lip balm instead.

Available here (R180)

Hey Gorgeous Pure Wild Volumizing Mascara

It’s all natural and toxin free, but if I am being honest, the real reason I love this mascara is that it doesn’t smudge. As someone who’s prone to applying mascara only to have it slowly descend under my eyes throughout the day, so that it looks like I have enormous bags, finding a mascara that stays on my lashes is a game changer.

Available here (R185)

Sorbet Long Wear Mini Nail polishes

Ok, these aren’t an everyday essential, but they’re my latest nail obsession. Nail polish is probably my most frequently bought beauty item and I love these minis. They’re just 5ml, which makes them the perfect size for trying out new/fun colors. If you don’t wear nail polish often and find half your bottles going to waste, these polishes solve that. They’re also just R30 a bottle. Lastly, they have a decent wear – I get about 3 days which is around the same amount of wear I get from the more expensive options like Essie and Sally Hansen.

Available at Clicks stores (R30)


Everyday Essential beauty products


1. Bioderma Photoderm Max Tinted SPF 50+ 2. Swiitch Beauty Monotint  3. Hey Gorgeous Pure Wild Volumizing Mascara

4. Sorbet Long Wear Mini Nail polishes


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