5 Tips for the Cape Town Cycle Tour

Cape Town Cycle Tour Tips

It’s Cape Town Cycle Tour Time! The largest timed cycle race in the world brings all sorts down to the mother city.  To get you ready to race, here are my five Cape Town Cycle Tour tips on how to have a great race!

Cape Town Cycle Tour Tips

1 – Preparation

Get in a good (healthy) meal, a good night’s sleep and do your race prep the night before (Race numbers, start card and all that jazz) there is nothing worse than the early morning panic on race day.


2 – Get There Early

Just think about 40 000 people all arriving in the city bowl only minutes a part, the race is there to get your heart rate up, don’t let traffic and the crowds get your heart rate up too early.


3 – Don’t Forget to Eat and Drink

When you get all wrapped up in the race and how our legs are feeling, you often forget about your tummy. Make sure you have your favourite sports drink (I pick Nuun, I love the electrolytes in a non-invasive flavour) and take some spare in your pockets if you don’t want coke or powerade at the water stops. Don’t try anything new on the day, no one wants an upset tummy at the half way stop, and pick things that are easy to eat on the go like foodbars, date balls, gu etc.


4 – Bunch racing!

The Cape Town Cycle Tour will often have riders going off in groups, if you are not used to this, make sure you are watching at least 3 riders ahead of you or stay out of the bunch altogether, you don’t want a silly cat’s-eye or fallen water bottle to ruin your day at 45km/hour. Just relax on your bicycles; it’s the nervous rider that will tend to have an oopsy.


5 – Remember to have fun

This race is known as one of the most beautiful in the word, so look up every now and then at the scenery, chat to the person toiling next to you and laugh at the hilarious spectators egging you on up the hills. This is why we do it right?


UPDATE: These are more great Cape Town Cycle Tour Tips from Selwyn
1. Slower riders stay left, especially up the climbs.
2. Save enough energy for Chappies and Suikerbossie.
3. Grab a Bar-One from one of the ladies handing them out.
4. Don’t get caught up in the hype and go too fast over first few km’s.
5. Be extra cautious when going into Sea Point with the sharp left turn and straw bails.

Have you done the Cycle Tour? What are your Cape Town Cycle Tour tips?

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Image source: whatsonincapetown.com
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  1. Great tips, few more from my experience would be-
    1) Slower riders please stay left….especially up the climbs
    2) Save enough for Chappies and Suikerbossie
    3) Grab a Bar-One from one of the ladies
    4) Don’t get caught up in the hype and go too fast over first few km’s
    5) Be extra cautious when going into Sea Point with the sharp left turn and straw bails.

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