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Celebrating Self Love this month on Nutreats

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Celebrating Self Love this month on Nutreats

Feige Lewin
  • All About February’s theme – Self Love
Celebrating Self Love this month on Nutreats

You know February is in full swing when everywhere you turn you’re met with red hearts and the words love. At some point in history (Apparently 1400) valentines become a thing and even though its history and the story of Saint Valentine is shrouded in mystery, the centre point of February is accepted as the day to celebrate romantic love.


Any marketing campaign during this red hot month will lead you to believe that the secret key to happiness and fulfillment is finding someone to love and love you back, but we at Nutreats beg to differ.


Romantic love is fun and exciting, especially at the beginning, but it can’t replace or make up for the relationship you have with yourself.


Self Love on the other hand – not only enhances your quality of life – but it also strengthens the relationships you have with others, giving you real happiness and fulfillment.


In the quest for this ultimate sense of happiness and fulfillment i.e. living your best life, our monthly theme for February is Self Love.


So block off your calendar and don’t click on those “Treat your REAL BAE this Valentine’s Day” emails. We’re going to spend the month creating and sharing content that focuses on things that help you discover, harness and grow your relationship with yourself.


We’d love to see your interpretations of this theme, tag us in your “Self Love” images on Instagram and we’ll share our favourites, which get to feature on our homepage.


Comment below with topics you’d like to see covered this month or drop us an email if you’d like to contribute a piece along this theme on Nutreats this month.


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To Loving Yourself…


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