December 2016 Qualifiers and Seeding Events

November 2016 Qualifiers and Seeding Events

All the December 2016 Qualifiers and Seeding races for the major races

December 2016 Qualifiers and Seeding Events


Before you head off on holiday you can squeeze in a qualifier or seeding race.

Comrades and Two Oceans Qualifiers for December 2016

To qualify for Comrades 2017 you have to complete an IAAF accredited road race of 42.2 km or longer within the specified times. The time you finish in will determine your seeding batch, ultimately determining how quickly you get over the start line. For more details on the qualifying criteria click here.


6 | Aspen PE City Marathon | Eastern Cape

Source: Runners’ Guide


The Cape Town Cycle Tour Seeding Events for December 2016

Seeding races are held in order to accurately place athletes at the start line in compatible groups according to ability, making for an easier and smoother race start. Your best result in Cycle Tour seeding events, or the average of your best three other results (if better), is used to determine your seeding. For more details on the seeding criteria click here

3 | Stellenbosch Cycle Tour | Western Cape

Source: Cycle Tour


Midmar Mile Seeding Events for December 2016

It is not compulsory to do a seeding event prior to race day, but advisable if you want to be in the correct batch based on your time. If you do not do a seeding Race, you will be placed in the slowest batch. To view more details on the Midmar Mile and seeding events go to their official website.


3 & 4 | Sunday Tribune Capital K | KZN

Source: Midmar Mile


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