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Eco Friendly Athletic Wear

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Eco Friendly Athletic Wear

Zissy Lewin
  • 5 eco friendly athletic wear options to match your post workout green smoothie
Eco Friendly Athletic Wear - Boody

This month’s theme is “Greenery” so it made sense to dig up some eco friendly workout options to make your next workout not only better for you, but better for the environment. Post-workout green smoothie optional.


1. Boodywear

Eco Friendly Athletic Wear - Boodywear

Boodywear was started in Australia by two friends who created skin friendly bamboo basics with the lightest environmental impact possible.

The Boody range includes both womens and men’s basics like underwear, socks, tops, leggings and body suits. All items come in minimalistic black, white, grey and skintone fabrics made from organic bamboo viscoseorganic bamboo viscose

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2. Spirit Girl

Eco Friendly Athletic Wear - Spirit Girl

Spirit Girl was started by two Capetonian ladies who wanted to create yoga leggings that were eco-friendly and inspire a free-spirited lifestyle.

Their range of brightly printed yoga leggings and crop tops are made from plastic bottles! The recycled PET, a product made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottle, is woven with spandex to create a COOLMAX® performance fabric. The result is workout pants that are breathable, comfortable, moisture wicking and quick drying. The fabrics are also 50% UV protected making them ideal for outdoor activities.

In addition to using plastic bottles to make their leggings, 10% of proceeds from their “I Am Water leggings” go towards I AM WATER Ocean Conservation


Find out more here


3. Sweet Fit Apparel

Eco Friendly Athletic Wear - Sweetfit Apparel

Based in Cape Town, Sweet Fit Apparel makes men’s, womens’ and kids activewear. Their trademark inspirational logo tees are printed with eco friendly inks on 100% cotton garments.

Find out more here


4. Adidas – Parley

Eco Friendly Athletic Wear - Adidas parley

Adidas is on a mission to reduce the use of plastic in its supply chain in more ways than one. There are the prototype biosteel sneakers which will be able to be decomposed in your sink by adding an enzyme. These aren’t available of yet, but what you will be able to get your hands on soon is the Adidas Parley Collection. Adidas has committed to making a minimum of 1 million pairs of Ultraboost running shoes using Parley Ocean plastic. Working with Parely A.I.R. strategy Adidas are turning ocean plastic pollution into high performance athletic wear.

Sign up here to find out when they’re available for purchase.


5. Shakti Shanti Yoga Wear

Eco Friendly Athletic Wear - Shakti Shanti

Shakti Shanti is based on Yogic principles, with respect for all beings, in tune with nature and created locally, in South Africa.

Their range of active wear us made using the highest quality natural fibers, which are Earth-Friendly and feel luxurious against the skin.

In addition to their women’s yoga and active range they have a small men’s and kids range.


Find out more here

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