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All the Things We Found and Tried this Month [July 2019]

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All the Things We Found and Tried this Month [July 2019]

  • A monthly series detailing the products, places, foods and entertainment we found, tried and are sharing – whether we liked it, loved it or found it meh.
All the things we Found and tried this month [July 2019]

You know that feeling when you stumble on a new product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know if it is good or bad or will change your life. Welcome to all the things we found this month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we liked, loved or would rather just skip.


#1 Spice and All things Nice Moroccan Harissa Paste

Spice and All things Nice Moroccan Harissa Paste
Recommended by Zissy


I’m currently loving all things Spice and All things Nice especially their pastes. They make it easier to add spice to your dishes without the need for a dozen different spices. I’ve been adding this harrisa paste to shakshuka, roasted veggies, dips and proteins. It’s just spicy enough and adds quick flavour.


Get it here (R35)


#2 Magnetic car license holder

Magnetic car license holder
Recommended by Feige


I don’t know why it took me 9 years of renewing car licenses to start using something better than a round sticker to hold up my car license disc, but alas it did. When it came time for this year’s renewal, I sought out this magnetic license disc holder and so glad I did. No more peeling off stickers with acetone or methylated spirits. They come in a range of colours and work really well.


Get it here (From R38)


#3 Best Plastic Free Alternatives

Best Plastic Free Alternatives
Recommended by Zissy


This past month we made an effort to reduce our plastic use. We tried a bunch of plastic free alternatives, most of which were shared here. Of what we shared I do have my favourites.  Stasher Bags, the Humble + Mash Silicone Mat, If you Care Cleaning Wipes and Spaza Store dish covers. I found myself reaching for these items over and over again this month and they are items that I’ll continue reaching for.


Get the Stasher bags here

Get the silicone baking mat here

Get the cleaning wipes here

Get the dish covers here


#4 The Refillery

The Refillery
Recommended by Zissy


I’ve been meaning to check out The Refillery since they opened and finally made it through (Plastic Free July seemed like perfect timing). The store is beautiful with a clean and minimal aesthetic. I was impressed with their range of staple pantry items from the basic (oats) to not so basic (black rice). For the germaphobes, you’ll be pleased to note that all bins are very well sealed, and only open when you’re taking from them with the provided scoop. I got some grains, nuts and dried fruit and loved the entire experience. If you’re going do bring your own glass jars (mismatched is fine), they get weighed before filling them so you pay only for what you buy and a bring a big shopper to carry them in. Also, try avoid Sunday – that’s when I went and parking in the centre was a nightmare.


Check them out here


#5 Revlon Candid Foundation

Revlon Candid Foundation
Recommended by Feige


I read about Revlon’s latest foundation launch, Candid, when it came out in the US and patiently waited for a launch here. This month I saw the range pop up in my favourite Dischem and had to give it a try. It is supposed to have a natural finish and be filled with anti-pollution, antioxidant, anti-blue light ingredients. It also doesn’t contain oils, phthalates, synthetic dyes or fragrances.


The claims are:


  • Creamy smooth texture that goes on like a moisturizer. This is true, it’s very smooth and a little goes a long way.
  • Blends invisibly to even out skin tone. Also true.
  • Medium buildable coverage with a weightless feel. Also True.


I was surprised by how “heavy” the coverage felt after using Mac’s Face & Body every day, but comparing it to a coverage foundations it is more medium and definitely doesn’t feel weighty on the face. It reminded me quite a bit of their colorstay foundation but it is lighter. I’ve found that how heavy a foundation feels, depends on your “primer”/moisturiser. If it’s a rich/oily, the foundation glides on better and the finish is a lot more natural.


It comes in 12 shades, I tried the 200. It is very wallet friendly, but the tube is 22ml which is smaller than the standard Foundation 30ml.


Get it here (R129.95 – R139.95 – The R129 is Dischem’s launch price)


#6 Seamfree Thermal Spencers

Seamfree Thermal Spencers
Recommended by Feige


These spencers remind me of the one my Gran has, and granny’s are right. You need a good spencer.

I’ve been on the hunt for a thermal base layer top for winter and finally tried this 2-pack thermal spencer option from Woolworths.


What I like about them:


  • They are thin and light so work well under any top.
  • The V-neck means it can be worn under most necklines
  • They are comfortable and warming


What you should know before purchasing: They are not thermal. Warm, yes. Thermal, no. Unless I don’t know what thermal means.


I do however highly recommend, because everyone needs a good base layer in winter.


Get it here (From R180 for a 2-pack, grey and black)


#7 Exfoliating body sponge

Exfoliating body sponge
Tried by Feige


While I was browsing Wellness Warehouse, I saw this sponge. It caught my attention because I was thinking of replacing the standard shower sponge. You know the one that eventually unravels after continuous use?


This one is supposed to clean and exfoliate, stimulating circulation and improving skin tone and texturing, so it’s a great all in one sponge option. Also, it is supposed to “last forever, never losing its shape or growing mould”, which would make it a better eco-friendly option. It is BPA free, but it doesn’t list what it is made of.


When I took it out its plastic, it had a little bit of an odd smell, very faint but it bothered me. I was surprised by how hard and rough it felt and was a bit scared to use it – it felt like it would scratch me. I treaded lightly and it was actually soothing on my dry itchy winter skin. It feels like a good exfoliating sponge, that would be great for rough skin but it definitely won’t replace my sponge. I wouldn’t use the word gentle with this sponge though.


Get it here (R49.95)


#8 Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaner
Recommended by Zissy


I’ve been on the hunt for a screen cleaner spray for years. The closest I got was a mini one from Dischem but it only lasts about a week. Feige found this on Takealot and it’s the largest (read: will last long) screen cleaner I’ve seen. I don’t love the smell – it’s very “cleaning product”; but it does the job.


Get it here (R99, currently on sale for R78)


#9 Woolworths Dry Shampoo

Woolworths Dry Shampoo
Tried by Feige


I saw this as I walked into Woolworths one day and it caught my eye because I thought the only brand doing a foam dry shampoo was The Ouai. I bought it to test it, because had to know what it was like.


It appears as a liquid through the bottle but pumps out as a foam. You apply the foam to your hair, rub it into your scalp and then dry down with a towel. It contains no parabens, synthetic colours or sulphates.


I didn’t love the resulted look on my first attempt but the second went better. It smells delicious – it has a light coconut scent which is great for dirty hair. Although I don’t know how often I’d reach for it, it could have a space in your hair routine as a texturiser – it adds a ton of texture which is great for limp hair that needs a wash.


Get it here (R59.99 for 100ml)


#10 COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch
Tried by Feige


I saw enough people on Instagram punting this product, including Dr. Shereen Idriss, which was enough to convince me to buy them. “Luckily” when they arrived, I had the beginnings of 2 big looking pimples sprouting. This was during our UK Travels. Thinking I’d be able to zap them quickly, I started using these patches and I still regret it.


I believe they started moving the pus forward which caused the pimples to grow gigantically. This process took a few days before the pimples turned white, and only once they had, did the patches suck out the pus – leaving a crater and red mark the next morning.


2 months later, I still have the marks on my face, despite using niacinamide on the regular.


My advice is to only use them on pimples that are white, i.e. ready to pop – they only work then, in my experience.


My second piece of advice is to rather try my plaster and 8trek trick, as I feel it was similarly effective on a pus pimple, but the marks cleared up quicker.


If you must, get it here (R85, 1 sheet with 24 patches, assorted sizes)


#11 World of Dance

World of Dance
Recommended by Zissy


I don’t know where I’ve been, but it’s Season 3 of World of Dance and I’ve only just discovered it. It’s one of those shows where if you have just 15 minutes you can watch a dance or two and switch off or happily watch the entire episode. The dancing is brilliant, creative and the judges have an incredible dynamic which makes it that much nicer to watch. Its also turned me into a J Lo fan, diva she may be, but she comes across as approachable, down to earth and funny.


#12 The Ouai Texturising Hairspray

The Ouai Texturising Hairspray
Tried by Feige


The Ouai describe this as “Like dry shampoo and hair spray had a baby—this ultra-lightweight hair spray builds incredible volume and texture. Packed with volcanic minerals to absorb oil and refresh hair.”


I was expecting this to firstly refresh my hair and then add textured volume to my hair but it doesn’t. Hence the purchase was underwhelming and disappointing, and I won’t repurchase it. It is however lightweight and works as a fantastic hairspray for pushing a fringe back into a ponytail without leaving the hair looking clumpy or crusty, so I do use it often.


Note: It has a very strong scent, not in a bad way but it will overpower any other scent you wear.


Get it here ($26, roughly R377)

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