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September Fresh Shopping Guide

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September Fresh Shopping Guide

Feige Lewin
  • All our Fresh inspired picks for a fresh shopping guide
September Fresh Shopping Guide

This month’s theme was fresh, so in the spirit of keeping things fresh, we’ve dedicated this month’s shopping guide to fresh inspired picks. From fresh beauty to freshening your mind, your pantry, your beverages, your belongings, your gifting – there’s something for everyone.


1. Flotation Therapy

R460 for a 1-hour float at Cloud 9


Flotation TherapyIn today’s age where life moves 120km/minute, how do you truly let go in order to freshen up? We think we’ve found the answer because this month we tried flotation therapy at cloud nine. For one hour you float in a sensory deprivation tank. The tank is filled with 500kg of Epsom salts and set at 34.2 degrees (your external body temperature).


When you’re in the pod, the removal of external sensations of light, sound, touch, gravity and temperature creates an astonishingly nurturing environment. Freeing yourself of external influence, causes the removal of stress from your body in the simplest, easiest way and you leave the tank feeling wonderfully refreshed.


Read our full review here


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2. The Gin Box

R650-R750 at The Gin Box


The Gin BoxWe’ve tested almost every subscription box in South Africa so when a new one lands on our door step we know if it’s going to be worth our and your money.


The newest box to join the best Subscription services in South Africa is the Gin Box. This carefully curated box is a G&T lover’s dream and makes an amazing gift too. Read our full review here and get your hands on one by purchasing your own or entering our giveaway!


Sign up Here


GIVEAWAY: WIN the October Subscription of the Gin Box worth R650. Click here to enter.


3. Foot Peels

R115 at Clicks


Foot Peels

During winter you hide your feet away in boots so keeping them groomed becomes less of a priority. With summer practically here, it’s time to unpack your flops and sandals and put your best feet forward.


The best way to get our feet fresh is to do an at home foot peel. You get two booties in your foot peel pack, you stick your feet in them for 90-120 minutes and then wash them. Over the next week your feet will start to peel shedding dead skin and calluses – slightly gross but it really works and your silky smooth feet afterwards will be worth the week of shedding.


Get it Here


4. Gluten Free Pasta

R43-R95 at Faithful to Nature


Sam Mills Corn and Quinoa Penne


We spent our month trying and testing out gluten free pastas for a fresh take on pasta. Some weren’t worth repeating but most were delicious and some even passed as a regular gluten-filled pasta.


Read our full review plus recipes in the upcoming week – subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out.


Select your fav. Here


5. Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask

R220 at Brinea


Pilaten Face Peel-Off MaskThis month we tried out the Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask by Brinea Beauty as part of our ‘How to get rid of blackheads’ feature. Read our full review and tips here.


Summary? It’s a great alternative to blackhead removal strips. Why? You can apply it wherever you need – not just your nose – and it gets into those small crevices.


I suggest you buy the tube so you can squeeze out and use exactly the amount you need instead of wasting.


Get it Here


6. Computer Cleaning Spray

R36 at Takealot


Computer Cleaning SprayIf there’s one area of cleaning that is often neglected – it’s the computer peripherals, keyboard and mouse. Kind of frightening when you think about how much time you spend typing and scrolling at your computer and how many germs rest on these surfaces.


Freshen up your computer (and any plastic office peripherals) with this incredibly budget friendly computer cleaning spray from takealot. It is a pump spray 250ml bottle that contains Bact-O-Clean which is an anti-microbial additive, is effective against 99.9% of germs and viruses. While you’re there, you may as well pick up these screen cleaning antibacterial wipes too.


Get it Here


7. Zoku Ice Cream Maker

R399 at Mantality


Zoku Ice Cream Maker


We love whipping up fresh homemade ice-cream (ok, we love eating Zissy’s fresh homemade ice-cream). This ice cream maker is a great alternative to an ice cream machine and big batches. It allows you to make single portions of ice cream in as little as 10 minutes.




Get it Here


8. White speciality Roses

R119.99 at Woolworths


White speciality Roses

I never thought I was much of flower girl until I was gifted a vase of white speciality roses from Woolworths. There’s something to be said for a fresh bunch of flowers on your table but when you’re a plant killer you tend to shy away from keeping them in your site. With minimal care, these beautiful roses looked fresh for two weeks, only starting to wilt on the 15th day after delivery.



Get it Here


9. Sneaker Lab

R79-R390 at Sneaker Lab


Sneaker Lab Sneaker Wipes

We’ve documented how to keep white shoes clean, but keeping sneakers fresh is equally as important. Sneaker Lab was established in 2012 with the idea to create an environmentally friendly biotech driven premium shoe care brand.


Five years on and Sneaker LAB is the scientific authority on sneaker care. Their premium shoe care products make use of environmentally friendly biotechnology, function on a molecular level, and continue to work long after application. They are water-based, readily biodegradable, and their packaging is suitable for recycling.


Their online store offers kits, cleaning sprays, protection sprays, sneaker wipes, Leather care cream, odour protecting sprays and more. They also have a blog packed with how-to-series and interesting articles.


Keep your sneaker game fresh Here


10. Lumosity

Free for limited access on Lumosity (or R100-R229.99/month for Lumosity Premium)


Lumosity Brain TrainingI’ve used the free version Lumosity on and off for almost 5 years and it’s a great way to keep your mind fresh. Lumosity stripped down is a game app, however what it really is, is a brain training system created by scientists and game developers. Available as an app for your phone or via their website on your desktop, they offer over 50 cognitive games to keep your brain fresh.


Their membership plan give you full access to all their games and reporting (they calculate your LPI (Luminosity performance indicator) and tell you how you measure up to your age and gender on categories like speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving). The free version allows you to play 3 preselected games daily and gives you your LPI.


My favourite games are Train of Thought and Trouble Brewing – which both test attention.


Train your brain Here

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