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 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide

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 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide

Zissy Lewin
  • All our Girl boss inspired picks

This month’s theme was Girl Boss, where we sprinkled our content with female themed topics from body positivity to the movement behind that word to the foundation of all beauty products. As always our shopping guide is filled with our themed inspired picks.


pHformula E.X.F.O. cleanse, from R340.5 at selected salons


August Girl Boss Shopping Guide pHformula EXFO CleansepHformula’s E.X.F.O cleanse is a gentle cleansing exfoliant which helps to effectively remove make-up and impurities and helps you achieve smoother and brighter skin. It is a creamy formula which not only cleanses but multi tasks on an epic level. It’s so amazing that we wrote a full review about it here and are giving one away!


WIN:  pHformula is giving away one 250ml refillable E.X.F.O. cleanse valued at R660 click here to enter


Feminist Tee, R200 at T-shirts for Change


 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide - Feminist TeeThese Feminist Tees were created by Nicole Jowett, who saw the power that the word Feminist could have to empower women. She teamed up with the Fridah Hartley Women’s Shelter in Johannesburg which provides support and care for abused and vulnerable women and children and has raised over R10 000 through the sale of these T-shirts.


R100 from each shirt goes to the Fridah Hartley Shelter allowing you to make more than a fashion statement with your purchase. The shirts are a great fit and true to size. You can read our chat with Nicole here


Get it here


Clue App, free for Iphone and Android


 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide - Clue AppThis app has become one of our favorite apps and the best cycle tracking app on the market. It has a sleek and minimal design and was created by a woman with the goal of empowering women with knowledge and understanding of their bodies and cycles. It allows you to track everything from your period to skin, to weight, to emotions and more so you can spot patterns. Once you’ve been using it for a while it will predict different phases of your cycle, like most fertile days, PMS and of course your period. It even allows you to connect it with a partner or friends. It’s the number 1 cycle tracking app rated by OB-GYN’s and they’re associated with top universities around the world to allow them to use anonymous data for scientific research.


Get it here


Good Life Organics Mojo for women, R85 at Faithful to Nature


 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide - Good Life Organics MojoWhile new to many of us, adaptogens have a long history and have traditionally been used in Eastern Medicine as medicinal herbs. While it’s important to use them with caution, a small amount of the right adaptogens can help with stress, exhaustion, recovery, and insomnia. This Mojo mix for Good Life Organics is created with women in mind and contains Maca, Ashwaganda and Shatavari to help bring your hormones back into alignment. Our preferred method of using them is between a teaspoon or tablespoon added to smoothies or mixed into yogurt. If you haven’t used adaptogens before, read this and when using them listen to your body – you can feel the effects fast, so if something doesn’t feel right do not continue.


Get it here


Goddess Menstrual Cup, R255 at Faithful to Nature


Goddess Menstrual CupMenstrual Cups have risen in popularity thanks to 2-factors – their ability to save you money and reduce waste. On average a woman will go through 14 000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which at current costs works out to roughly R26 500 spent in your lifetime and lots of waste. What you use is an incredibly personal decision, but if you want to try the Menstrual Cup route, these Goddess Cups are a best seller, last up to 8 months and come in 3 sizes – small, medium and large allowing you to find your perfect fit.


Get it here


Clinique City Block, Oil Free SPF 40, R355 at Clinique


 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide - Clinique City Block SPFWe hear it all the time, the best thing you can do for your skin when it comes to anti-aging is stay out of the sun and always use a good SPF. I’ve been using this SPF for years and it’s become an indispensable part of my beauty routine. It’s not greasy, mimics a CC Cream in feel; but most importantly it offers really good protection. It’s the only thing I apply before long-runs and it lasted through Comrades with one application in the morning and not a hint of a sunburn after.


Get it here


Full body massage, from R550 at SkinSense Day Spa


 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide - SkinSenseA massage tops the lists of favorite self-care treatments and we’ve been frequenting the newly updated SkinSense Day Spa for infrared treatments, facial and skin treatments and more. They have multiple options to choose from like hot stone, aromatherapy and even ones specific to pregnant women. They also have a variety of body treatments.


Get it here


Rush Preggie Bars, R26 at Faithful to nature, Pick n Pay and Dischem stores


 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide - RUSH Preggie BarsRUSH Preggie Bars contain added nutrients to support your diet through pregnancy and breastfeeding. They’re packed with mom-approved ingredients like ginger to ease morning sickness and Maca to stabilize moods. They also contain phytonutrients which protect body cells from damaging free radicals, Folic acid which is crucial for fetal brain development, Fibre to keep your system regular and Vitamin C.


Best of all they’re a locally made bar, started by a woman – Lara Mare who wanted to have a convenient and healthy on the go snack options.


Get it here


Revlon® ColorStay® Pressed Powder, R230 at Clicks, Redsquare and most pharmacies


 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide - revlon colorstayFeige researched foundations for almost 6 months to find the most natural and she picked out this pressed powder as an essential makeup bag addition to mattify dewy foundations, control oil, add an extra layer to set foundation for longer wear days, or a lightweight solution to swipe over skin on days you don’t want to wear foundation but need a little help. It is silky and ultra-fine, keeping you looking natural and shine-free for hours.


Get it here


Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, R89 at pharmacies and supermarkets


 August Girl Boss Shopping Guide - Sally Hansen hard as nailsThere’s something about a manicured nail that makes you feel extra polished and ready to take on the work but not everyone loves polish or can afford regular manicures. Worse is when weak nails cause breakages making your fingertips look even messier than you’d like and that’s why we love Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails. It is a glossy clear hardening treatment that comes in a 13.3ml bottle. It prevents your nails from splitting, chipping and cracking and is an amazing alternative to colour painted nails as it enhances the look of your natural nail, giving them a really nice finish. It dries really quickly, lasts a few days and when it does start peeling it is not visible in the way cracked polish is.


Get it here

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