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Netflix & Chill: I Am All Girls

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Netflix & Chill: I Am All Girls

Netflix & Chill I Am All Girls

During May, I watched two new releases on Netflix (The Woman In The Window and I Am All Girls), and of those two, I Am All Girls was the clear standout.


What is I Am All Girls About?

Based on true events, this South African thriller follows a criminal investigator as she fights to take down a child trafficking ring, while also attempting to uncover the identity of a serial killer who appears to share her cause. 


Is it worth watching? 

I think this movie is a game-changer for South African movies, and I highly recommend you watch it.


The acting is solid, the plot powerful and thoughtful, the pacing is smooth, and the cinematography is outstanding – easily my favourite aspect of the film. Even the weak dialogue and one-too-many melodramatic moments don’t rob the film of its impact.  


If you’re looking for a hard-hitting thriller, beautifully filmed, and vividly South African, this movie is for you.


“This job gets to all of us -”

“It’s supposed to get to all of us.” 

I Am All Girls (2021)

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