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5 July Book Releases I’m Excited to Read

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5 July Book Releases I’m Excited to Read

Amy Wannenburgh
July Book Releases

 A new month means new books hitting the shelves. There are some wonderful novels releasing in July, and I can’t wait to read them. 


Whether you love a twisty whodunnit, or a sweet, escapist fantasy adventure, or atmospheric historical fiction, I hope that you’ll find something on this list to enjoy, too. 


1. The Holiday by T.M. Logan 


The Holiday - T.M. Logan In this new novel by prolific thriller writer T. M. Logan, three families holiday at a Mediterranean villa for their friend’s 40th birthday, but dark agendas and secrets threaten the peace when a wife seeks revenge for her husband’s affair.


I love a thriller that keeps you guessing until the end, but I love it even more when the plot revolves around complicated relationships. There’s just something so irresistible about the emotional stakes that come from close-knit personal dynamics. The setting of the story also sounds deliciously opportune – a holiday villa in the Meditterranean?! – and that also offers a nice idyllic backdrop (and contrast) to what appears to be a dark story.


The novel already has strong reviews on Goodreads, too. Hopefully it’ll be just as gripping as it sounds.


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2. He Started It by Samantha Downing


He Started It - Samantha DowningSamantha Downing’s debut, My Lovely Wife, left me speechless with its diabolical characters and unique plot. I’m thrilled that she’s written another book.


He Started It is a contemporary mystery thriller about three adult siblings and their respective families who come together to appease their dying grandfather’s final wish and to seize their inheritance. There’s back-stabbing. There’s a road-trip. There’s a dysfunctional family. The novel sounds outrageous and brilliant and I cannot wait to dive into it come July 21st.


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3. Splinters of Scarlet by Emily Bain Murphy


Splinters of Scarlet - Emily Bain MurphySplinters of Scarlet is a Young Adult historical fiction fantasy by award-winning author Emily Bain Murphy. The story’s set in Denmark, in a world where magic can kill you if you use it, but where a young girl is forced to harness hers to save her friend and protect her loved-ones. Along the way, she gets caught up in a conspiracy against the King and must rely on her magic to survive. There’s deception, secrets, even ballet, and apparently the writing is incredibly atmospheric, too.  


I can’t wait to escape into this world when the book releases (same as He Started It) on July 21st!


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4. Dust by Kara Swanson


Dust by Kara SwansonI adore the classics, and I get so excited when they’re retold by contemporary writers. Dust by Kara Swanson is the first in a Young Adult fantasy series that retells the tale of Peter Pan.   


In this retelling Neverland is collapsing, Peter Pan is running from the Lost Boys in London, and the protagonist – Claire – will do whatever it takes to save her kidnapped little brother. Reviewers are claiming it’s the Peter Pan retelling we’ve all been waiting for (I know I have!) and that it deals well with trauma, relationships, and self-discovery. It sounds like a fairytale with a punch.


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5. The Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning 


The Princess Will Save You by Sarah HenningA princess. A stable boy. A classic love story, but this time the girl’s on a quest to rescue the guy. Think The Princess Bride but with the roles reversed. 


Sarah Henning writes beautifully and elegantly, and I loved her previous series Sea Witch. This new Young Adult fantasy adventure sounds like so much fun – the perfect light escapism during these anxious times – and I’m always keen for the girl to save the guy, instead of the damsel-in-distress cliche we read about too often.


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What July book releases are you looking forward to? 

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