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Kindness – An April Mood

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Kindness – An April Mood

Zissy Lewin
  • Kindness is a language everyone understands, but so few people practice daily… Join us this April in a bid to be more kind
Kindness – An April Mood


It costs nothing to be kind, and yet we tend to be stingy with kindness – be it to ourselves, our bodies, other people and our environments. There’s a common line I’ve seen written in more than one self-help book “you’d be horrified if someone spoke to you the way you speak to yourself”, however in today’s age of social media and the trolls that come along with it, you’d be horrified by how much people choose to put others down too. This month we’re giving life to the words found inside our recommended monthly read “We can’t choose to vanish the dark, but we can choose to kindle the light.” And, being kind seems like a good way to start. Being kind to ourselves, our minds, our bodies, our environments and the people around us.


Read the choice by Edith Eger


There is not one person I know who has read this book that hasn’t been impacted by it. Yes, it’s a Holocaust Memoir and a lot of people shy away from them, but it is so much more. It’s a book about making that choice to forgive, to choose kindness, healing and life and it’s relevant to everyone.


Listen to kill em with kindness by Selena Gomez


Go ahead now… kill ‘em with kindness


Eat real good food that makes your body feel good


You know the foods that make you feel nourished and good and you know which ones your body doesn’t take well to. This month we’re all about intuitive eating and eating for what our body needs, which is mostly lots of fruit and veggies, good proteins, homemade breads and of course some treats.


Do listen to your body


Push it when you can, ease off when you have to, and spend more time stretching and foam rolling to help your body work for you.

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