Make Your Own, A Cooking Series by Nutreats

Make Your Own, A Cooking Series by Nutreats

We’re headed for a kitchen near you to share our love of food in a new cooking series called Make Your Own.


Make Your Own, A Cooking Series by Nutreats



Nutreats proudly presents “Make Your Own”,  a cooking class series that teaches you how to make simple yet delicious healthy snacks and meals.


Each class will host 15-30 students for a hands-on cooking class. Each class will be themed around an ingredient / recipe with each “student” receiving a box complete with all they need to “Make Your Own”.


The idea was created to share our love of food and healthy cooking with you. And to teach you how to create easy, tasty and healthy foods at home. Each series will highlight different ingredients and brands to introduce you to the wide variety of healthy products available.


We are thrilled to be launching “Make Your Own” on Thursday, October 13 in Johannesburg. The launch event is proudly brought to you in partnership with Miele, Health  Connection Wholefoods and Buttanut. We’ll be making healthy gourmet Rice Crispy Treats  and want to give you an opportunity to join us to Make Your Own.


We are giving away 2 tickets to the Launch of Make Your Own, to enter tell us in the comments what dish or snack you want to learn to make healthy.


For more information on Make Your Own and to be notified when the next event is please email

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Feige Lewin

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  1. I love food so anything goes. Still food is becoming really expensive. With the price of everything going up, I need to know how to make easy, tasty and healthy foods and still save money. And also the alternatives to what I usually use.

  2. I would love to learn how to make healthy desserts and healthier versions of Indian food. There’s nothing like a spicy chicken curry over some steamy basmati rice.

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