March to the Beat of Your Drum this Month on Nutreats

March to the Beat of Your Drum

All about March’s theme – March to the Beat of Your Own Drum.


Be a Pineapple:

Stand Tall.

Wear a Crown.

And Be Sweet on the inside.

(or sometimes) Bland, Stringy, Tangy…

Basically, be yourself.


Being unique is seldom easy. It takes character and a strong sense of self to separate yourself, your opinions and your actions from what the collective correct and popular people think, say or do. What they deem to be acceptable, and go your own way.


We aren’t all the same, nor should we be and nor should we feel like we have to do, say or act in a way that is in any way not true to ourselves in order to live a life of acceptance and success.


This month we’re using the mantra “March to the beat of your drum” to celebrate differences. Stay tuned over here for brand new content weekly that showcases individuality.


How do you march to the beat of your drum?


Comment below or drop us an email if you’d like to share how you march to the beat of your drum and tag us in your “march to the beat of your drum” images on Instagram and we’ll share our favourites, which get to feature on our homepage.


Or don’t 😉 Each to their own…


Photography and Styling by Zissy Lewin


Feige Lewin

Feige Lewin

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