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May Shopping Guide: Minimalism

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May Shopping Guide: Minimalism

Feige Lewin
  • This month we celebrated Minimalism at Nutreats. It may seem counterintuitive to centre shopping around minimalism but each of these products and services will help you achieve a more minimalistic life.
May Shopping Guide: Minimalism

Deskstand’s A-Stand

 R4895.00 at Deskstand


May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - Deskstand A Stand


The best way to set up a minimal office that takes into account ergonomics and your health is to install a Deskstand instead of a traditional desk and this A-Stand takes away the need to have a table underneath it and uses up minimal space.


I wrote a long review about their Jumbo stand last year (find it here), which we’ve been using ever since. All the Deskstand products help you achieve a healthier workplace, and many minimize clutter and help you create a functional workspace in small spaces.


WIN: Deskstand are giving one reader a Jumbo Stand worth R2 695 Don’t miss out and click here to enter.


2. Mantality Experiences

From R250 on


May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - Mantality Experiences


A huge part of the minimal lifestyle is valuing experiences over things and Mantality makes it incredibly easy to do this.


They offer a huge range of experience based “products” that include adventure, air and sky, Driving and Motorsport, Health and Beauty, Learn-a-skill, Lifestyle, Nature and outdoors, Romantic and Water.


Mantality is South Africa’s #1 online store for men (I’ve happily shopped there too ;)), but these experiences are truly for everyone and best of all they’re offering all our readers R200 off your next Mantality Purchase, so go check out their offerings and use the code below to save.


SAVE: Use code NUTREATS-FD2017 to shop at Mantality and get R200 of your next purchase! *code expires 18/06/2017, order total must be over R499



3. Eight Hour® Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint SPF 15 in Blush

R215 at Redsquare


May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - Eight Hour® Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint SPF 15 in Blush

This month, while I was at the Elizabeth Arden makeup counter, gathering research for a foundation article I am working on, the lady behind the counter noticed my dry lips and applied this Eight Hour Cream Sheer Tint to my lips. Not only did it look amazing (think bright pink sheer lipstick) but 8 hours later the cracks that had been forming in my lips had cleared and the elasticity was restored.

I have been obsessing over it ever since and had to go back to buy one.

It promises to moisturise, soften and smooth lips, Provides antioxidant protection with vitamin E and has an SPF of 15 which shields against UV exposure.

I see this as the perfect all in one lip item. Why buy a lip sunscreen, lip treatment, lip balm and lipstick when you can just have this one piece that covers it all?


4. PeptoSport

+/- R490 in Dischem Stores or Contact AtLife directly


May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - Peptosport


Whether you run, cycle, gym or do any other form of physical activity this is the recovery/sport drink hybrid you need in your life.


We featured it in our Comrades recovery guide and dedicated a separate piece explaining the PeptoPro range in detail, but if you’ve missed either, PeptoSport® is a sports drink with carbohydrate AND PeptoPro® (protein hydrolysate).


The choice and ratio of carbohydrates used in PeptoSport® have been scientifically proven to result in high rates of oxidation by the muscle and together with PeptoPro®, has been shown to activate muscle protein synthesis and enhance muscle recovery, thus enabling increased hard training and thereby improving overall performance.


What makes PeptoSport® and PeptoPro® different from other sports drinks is the hydrolysed casein (a milk protein) that supplies small proteins called peptides to the body.  The peptides don’t need any digestion and is absorbed into the bloodstream and goes straight to the muscle. They reach the muscle much faster just when they are needed most.


It’s a great all in 1 sports drink which gives you carbs, protein and hydration.


5. Naturalamente’s range of shampoo

From R208 at Faithful to Nature


May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - Naturalamente’s range of shampoo


This month we spoke about how not washing your hair could help it to grow faster and uncovered that maybe the real secret is not using toxic chemically laden products and switching to natural choices like Naturalamente.


Naturalamente are leaders in the green hair revolution using organic products that do not contain petrochemicals, are not tested on animals, are ethical, renewable, aromatic, therapeutic and have been designed for your general well-being and health of your skin.


6. Vaseline

 R38.95 for 450ml at Clicks


May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - VASELINE

Vaseline® Jelly is over 140 years. It works by locking moisture into your skin and is the simplest no-nonsense approach to moisturizing skin. It contains only one ingredient – Petrolatum and is best used on dry skin, itchy skin and cracked skin.


I’ve used this for everything from a lip balm, to heal cracked heel (slather it on your feet and cover them with thick socks before bed and wake up with smoother feet) and have also tried it as a face moisturizer. It’s a great product to keep on hand, and one bottle lasts (almost) forever.


7. Nike Leggings (Power Epic Lux Tights)

 R1099 at Totalsports

May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - Nike Leggings (Power Epic Lux Tights)


I’ve tried many pairs of leggings over the past decade but always come back to Nike despite the higher than many price tag. They are super versatile, working for running, gyming or casual athleisure dressing. The material is the right mix of thick yet thin, making them feel supportive without constricting and best of all they are long lasting.


This specific pair I invested in last year and they still look as good as new despite being worn multiple times a week. They feature a back zip pocket (which holds an iPhone 6s) and has a waterproof membrane to keep your items dry. They are made from Nike’s Power fabric which provides a range of compression and support. Mesh fabric on lower leg inserts enhance breathability and the wide elastic waistband sits higher on the waist for a flattering, functional fit.


8. We are Jona Pocket Tee

R395 at We are Jona


We are Jona Pocket Tee


Every wardrobe, especially a minimalist could use a perfect plain white tee and this one fits the bill.


We are Jona are proudly South African and their Pocket Tee is a crisp and flattering basic blouse with a bit of a designer’s edge. This dropped shoulder top with side slits has a loose-fitting silhouette and sports a draped pocket that is sewn into the right side-seam of the garment. The sleeves can be worn down or rolled up for a more relaxed look and it’s available in Black and Milk.


9. Verso travel organizer by Umbra

R379 at Superbalist


May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - Verso travel organiser by Umbra


When you’re busy valuing experiences over things and are off on adventures, you’re going to need a travel companion and this organizer is the perfect bag to take along.


This nifty little bag zips open to reveal different sized compartments for all your valuables. The shoulder straps are also detachable meaning you can attach it to a wardrobe rail for easy access.


It is made from polyester and measures 30.5 x 35.6 cm and best of all? It’s available from Superbalist which is one of the best online store experiences I’ve ever had (counting every single of the many times I’ve purchased from them).



From R234 at Ucook


May Shopping Guide: Minimalism - UCOOK


Minimalists value time over money and Ucook certainly helps you achieve this. We featured Ucook inside The Food Delivery services that make meals easier and Healthier.


Ucook is a weekly food service that delivers fresh ingredients to your home, enabling you to make delicious meals in the exact right proportion. There are three plans, depending on how many servings per meal you want. Bachelor (1 person), couple (2 people) and family (4 people). Meals change weekly and you can view each week’s meals before ordering.  They offer three different menus – Low-carb, Vegetarian and Rustic.


To find out more read the full review

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