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Monthly Finds: April 2021

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Monthly Finds: April 2021

Monthly Finds April 2021

You know that feeling when you stumble on a new product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know if it is good or bad or will change your life. Welcome to finds of the month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we discovered and are enjoying.


#1 The Mindful Moments Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons

The Mindful Moments Colouring Book
Recommended by Zissy


There’s something incredibly calming and soothing about colouring in. It’s an organised version of doodling. Like cooking can sometimes be – it’s a deliberate action that’s almost automatic. It allows you to be present, focus on what’s in front of you; and for someone like me who struggles with meditation (and keeping still), it is (I like to think) a moving meditation.

Emma Farrarons is a French illustrator and graphic designer. Her mindful colouring series offers templates and tips to start mindful meditation which you can download here. Her Mindful Moments Colouring Book is filled with stunning illustrations, elegant patterns, and tranquil scenes. Also included are little prompts and exercises, perfect for those who love to doodle.

Available here (R161) with this set of 36 coloured pencils or if you want to go all out this set which comes with colouring pencils, watercolour pencils and sketching pencils in a wooden box.


#2 Lip Ice Summer Melon

Lip Ice Summer Melon
Recommended by Feige


I shared Lip Ice’s Strawberry Sorbet in my budget no-makeup makeup guide as my go-to for adding a nice pink tint to not only lips but cheeks and eyelids too.

I wanted to see how their other shades/flavors would stack up, so I purchased their Summer Melon in hopes of a peachy glow. It turns out that it’s not nearly as pigmented as the Strawberry Sorbet, but it is a delightful lip balm and great for those who don’t really want a noticeable tint. The melon fragrance is delicious and literally reminds you of summer melons. It is soft and buttery and adds a glossy moisturised finish to your lips.

This range of Lip Ice claim to contain Vitamin E and She Butter, which I must be honest, I can’t identify either in their ingredient but their packaging promise of “with a subtle tint and glossy finish” is true. Best of all is the price point, you won’t break the bank on these.

Available here (R24.95) and in the checkout aisle in any pharmacy.


#3 Fridge Organisation

Fridge Organisation
Recommended by Zissy


I’m obsessed with every single fridge organisation product we featured in this article. They are truly game-changing for keeping things fresh and organised. If you want to start slow, I’d recommend going for these products first:

The OXO Good Grips Greensaver Produce Keeper – It makes a huge difference in keeping fresh produce from spoiling fast and is great for storing produce that is delicate and tends to get squashed.

Available here (R419 -R649)

Lékué Reusable Stretch Lids – They are the best way to cover half cut melons and onions in a way that actually stays put, preserves freshness and in the case of onions, ensures your fridge doesn’t stink like onions. They’re also good for covering leftovers in a bowl.

Available here (R189 -R309)

Mepal Cirqula 3 Piece Shallow Bowl Set – My tupperware set. The lid goes on easy and comes off easy – none of that breaking of lid seals I get with other sets. They fit into each other for compact storage and best of all they give you an airtight seal meaning freshness stays in and for fragrant food – smells stay in.

Available here (R539)

Scrub Buddy Hygienic Silicone sponge – It’s fantastic for scrubbing vegetables clean when you’re eating the skin.

Available here here (R79)


#4 Volkano Lunar Series Bluetooth Headphones

Volkano Lunar Series Bluetooth Headphones
Recommended by Feige


I’ve been wanting a pair of Bluetooth headphones for as long as Apple made them popular but who wants to spend over R2000 on earbuds, that may or may not fall out your ears and get lost?! Not me.

I tried a knockoff pair of Bluetooth earpods and couldn’t even get them to pair with my phone so when my sister (not Zissy) discovered the Volkano Lunar Series headphone I was really keen to give them a try.

The Volkano Lunar Headphones are very retro earmuff style headphones – I haven’t used this type of headphone set in years. They are also quite large but as the owner of a very small face I can confirm that they sit very comfortably on me. There is an extender for those with larger heads.

They have so many great features but seeing as this isn’t an article about headphones I’ll let you discover those for yourself. What I will say though is that from the minute I took them out of their box I was thrilled with them. They have a luxe look and feel and are very sturdy. They don’t feel like a cheaply made knockoff that might break at any moment. They also pair and unpair incredibly easily with your phone and computer – I often switch between the two and I think the sound quality is great.

Now that my whole household has a pair, I feel comfortably sharing them without the fear of them selling out first ?

Get them here (R349 currently on sale for R310, also available in black)


#5 Eat Real Chips

Eat Real Chips
Recommended by Zissy


I’ve only tried the lentil, quinoa and hummus variation; but they’re a great alternative to crisps and options like the veggie straws are great for kids. They’re not oily and are crispy – two huge wins in my book. They have some really unique flavours and thus far the Hummus chips in Cheesy Dill is a favourite even though it has more of an onion vibe. The only ones I don’t love are the corn puffs. They’re also shaped to be the perfect dipping chips. And if you’re label specific they check every box – organic, vegan, gluten free, kosher and palm oil free.

Available here from R22

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