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Finds of the Month: June 2020

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Finds of the Month: June 2020

  • A monthly series detailing the products, places, food and entertainment we found, tried and need to share with you.
Heat Holder Thermal Socks Heat Holder Thermal SocksFinds of the Month June 2020

You know that feeling when you stumble on a new product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know if it is good or bad or will change your life. Welcome to finds of the month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we discovered and are enjoying.


#1 Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate

We’ve been looking for Kosher collagen for a long time; and after Feige read The Collagen Diet, the hunt was amped up.  We came across this and decided to try it out (alongside a Collagen Cleanse). It’s unflavoured and completely dissolves into drinks and smoothies – it doesn’t have that aftertaste or powdery texture most protein powders give drinks. It has 11 grams of protein per serving, is Made with pasture-raised Kosher beef, has no added MSG/GMOs and is easy to absorb and digest. Collagen has a host of benefits as Feige detailed here and this is an easy way to supplement it. The only downside is that it is pricey.


Get it here (R750 for 454g)


#2 Bralettes


Staying home means that comfort is priority – bras are out, bralettes are in. They’re incredibly comfortable but provide just enough support that they’ll work for running errands. My favorite ones are this Boody Bamboo Ecowear Bra and the Cotton On seamfree Bralettes. The Boody bralette is a more sustainable option in that it’s made from bamboo, which is one of the fastest growing, renewable and sustainable plants and requires less water to produce. It’s incredible soft (also seam free) and comfortable – feels like you’re not wearing anything. It is very thin and is best suited for home (although it can work under a looser/thick top for outside wear depending on how much support you need). It offers little support so if you need a more supportive bralette, the Cotton On one is a better option. It’s a bit thicker which gives you a bit more support, works better under fitted tops and is a prettier design.

Get the Boody Ecowear Bra here (R194.95) and the Cotton On Seamfree Bralette here (R149)


#3 Pedi Relax Diabetic Foot cream

Pedi Relax Diabetic Foot cream

I’ve tried many a foot cream and mask in pursuit of baby soft feet. This Pedi-Relax cream is one of the best and most effective foot creams at dealing with heel cracks that I’ve tried. It’s surprisingly light, unlike others which are rich and creamy. It dissolves right in and feels like it wouldn’t work but it does. You need to be consistent and patient to see results – applying it twice a day; but once you’ve gotten rid of cracks and your feet are soft you can maintain it with a once-a-day daily application. Don’t forget to wash your hands after applying.

Get it here (R109.95 for 100ml)


#4 Woolies Tea

Woolworths Tea

We’re big tea drinkers and the Woolworths range of herbal and flavoured teas have become a go to! They’re decently priced and taste really nice. Our favorite flavours which we always have on hand are Rooibos Chai, Cranberry Apple & Cinnamon, Sanibonani, Peppermint Leaves, Ginger Root, Peach & Apricot Rooibos and the Jasmine Green Tea


Get them here (from R35.99)


#5 Heat Holder Thermal Socks

Heat Holder Thermal Socks

Thick warm socks are a must for winter and these are the best. They’re fleece lined and feel like stepping into a cloud. You can get the thick ones, but the light ones are thin enough to fit into a slipper while still being warm and cozy. We get a new pair every winter.

Get them here (R99.95)


#6 Cholula Hot Sauce

Cholula Hot Sauce

If you love hot sauce you’ll love this brand. They have the original and the chipotle (which tastes similar to the BBQ Tabasco with a thicker texture). The bottles are adorable, they’re perfectly hot and go well with anything you put hot sauce on. I discovered them at Azteca’s store in Midrand, but you can shop them online too. If you’re every having a Mexican themed evening or looking for Mexican products from masa harina to nachos to chipotle peppers to spices and kitchenware, Azteca Mexican Food Products is the place to get it from. Their shop is adorable!


Get it here (R52)


#7 Afrikoa 55% Semi Sweet Chocolate with Coffee

This is the perfect dark chocolate – not too dark, not too sweet. The coffee adds a kick and a crunch and I love that all you need is a square or two and your chocolate craving is satisfied. It’s ethically made with naturally organic Tanzanian cocoa beans & Rwandan coffee beans. It’s direct trade and has no artificial preservatives, additives, colours or flavours.


Get it here (R44 for 100g)


#8 Trek Protein Flapjacks

Trek Protein Flapjacks

These are one of our go-to snack bars and they’ve just introduced two new flavours – Original Oat and Salted Caramel. The Original Oat is a classic oat flapjack and the salted caramel has a caramel topping. Each bar has between 9-10grams of protein making them great for between meals, hiking or post workout. And if you haven’t tried the chocolate coated ones you need to (those would be our faves)

Get them here (on sale for R337 for a box of 16 bars)


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