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All the things we Found and tried this month [November 2019]

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All the things we Found and tried this month [November 2019]

  • -A monthly series detailing the products, places, foods and entertainment we found, tried and are sharing – whether we liked it, loved it or found it meh.
All the things we Found and tried this month [November 2019]

You know that feeling when you stumble on a new product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know if it is good or bad or will change your life. Welcome to all the things we found this month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we liked, loved or would rather just skip.


#1 Woolworths Pretzel Salted Knots

Woolworths Pretzels
Reviewed by Zissy

Call me a pretzel snob, but these woollies pretzels are the best plain local pretzels I’ve had. They taste different to the regular ones – not as salty, and something else I can’t put my taste-buds on but they’re delish. Highly recommended as a travel snack – pretzels are great for when you feel motion sick or hit turbulence.

Get them here (R32.99)


#2 Bamboo Dining Set

Bamboo Kids Plates
Reviewed by Zissy

This kid’s dining set is made from environmentally friendly bamboo and comes with a divided plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon. You can get it in various designs – I chose the rocket and whale designs. It was for my nephew and while he didn’t proclaim his love for it, we had many a conversation about each picture on the rocket set (they double as entertainment) and it survived being thrown onto the floor. If you’ve got kids or have them come over, these dining sets are great.

Get them here (R149.99)


#3 Woolworths Spice Rubs

Woolworths Spice Blends
Reviewed by Zissy

As I shared here, I love spices, but I do tend to avoid spice rubs opting for plain spices which I can then create my own spice rubs. The main reason for this is that most spice rubs contain added sugar and I try avoiding it in places I don’t think it’s necessary. Woolworths recently came out with a new line of spice rubs (check for the brown sticker) which doesn’t contain any sugar or salt. My favourite rubs are the chimichurri and harissa blend which I’ve been using on chicken and roasted veggies.

Get it here (R24.99)


#4 Spiky Massage Ball

Massage Balls
Reviewed by Zissy

I’m a big fan of foam rolling but find that foam rollers are best at massaging out the big areas of your legs – thighs, calves, ITBs and hamstrings. They’re not that great at getting into those small tight spots like that spot where your butt/hip hits your lower back. It’s one of my tightest areas and this spiky massage roller ball is amazing. The spikes not only help it really get in there, it gives it grip so you can put your weight on it and roll your hip on the floor without the ball rolling away. It also works as a foot massager that feels amazing when you roll your feet over it when they’re tired. It does hurts like hell, but it really gets in there and provides relief for tired and tight muscles.

Get it here (R49.99)


#5 Bear Yoyo’s

BEAR Yoyo's
Reviewed by Zissy

Bear Yoyos are a brand-new product brought in by Nature’s Delicacies. They’re fruit and vegetable rolls with the unique difference in that they’re not made of concentrates, just pure fruit. They have no more than 5 ingredients (all either fruit or veg) and are great sweet snacks for you or to add to lunchboxes. They come in 4 different flavours – I love strawberry the best. They also made our best snacks under R15 list.

Get them here (R14.99)


#6 Brother Bees Peanut Butter and Honey

Brother Bees Peanut Butter and Honey
Reviewed by Zissy 

Sticky condiments are having a squeezable moment, as if we’re expected to be walking around squeezing honey or mustard or peanut butter directly into our mouths. This Peanut Butter and Honey squeeze tastes like liquid peanut brittle. The honey mixed with the peanut butter is slightly grainy and has that creamed honey thickness. Honestly it’s the type of thing you would want to squeeze right into your mouth… or on an apple, or cracker…

I got it from Kosher World and can’t find it in other stores, but Spar would be most likely to also stock it (R27.99)


#7 The Complete Junior Chef Cookbook

The Junior Chef
Reviewed by Zissy

This cookbook is a Williams Sanoma cookbook, written by Erin Scott who is an avid home cook and advocate for cooking with kids of all ages. The cookbook is filled with 65 recipes made with the idea that kids would be able to cook them. It includes basic techniques with illustrations that show how slice, chop, dice and measure. Likewise, with some of the recipes there’s step by step illustrations making it easier for kids to visualise how to make an omelette or create a pie lattice. It’s a delightful cookbook with your basic recipes like granola and pancakes, sloppy joes and pizza, sugar cookies, chocolate cake and so much more. There’s also a section at the end that has basic recipes. I’ve bookmarked the cinnamon roll, tropical buddha bowls and dressed up popcorn to make. It would make a great present for a kid who’s shown an interest in cooking or parents looking for kid friendly recipes they could get their kids to help with.

Get it here (R335)


#8 Maybelline Fit Me concealer

Maybelline Fit Me concealer
Reviewed by Feige

If you’ve read my best natural foundation article you’d know I have a passion for finding cover ups that looks natural. My winning choice landed up being MAC face and body – an extremely sheer option that really creates a beautiful complexion. The only issue is that when you have something to hide, it doesn’t cover very well. I unofficially went on a search for the best natural looking concealer to pair with it and this one came out on top. It works for under eyes, pimples and any blotches. It blends well into the skin and covers well without looking cakey.

Get it here (R109.95)


#9 Shelley Taylor Earrings

Shelley Taylor Earrings
Reviewed by Feige

These Beautiful earrings caught my eye at the Kamers Makers Market in Johannesburg. I was torn between a blue stone on these and eventually picked the pair that matched my eyes. They’re dainty, easy to wear don’t irritate the ears.

Enquire here

#10 Pantene 3 minute miracle

Pantene 3 Minute Mask
Reviewed by Feige

Over the past few years I have favoured using a hair mask over conditioner. Slightly thicker in consistency, it conditions and leaves hair softer than conditioner can. Naturally when I found this Pantene conditioner which claims to have the “repairing power of treatment in a daily conditioner” I was intrigued. It really delivers and I’ve been hook ever since. You don’t need to largest amount and it leaves your hair silky and manageable.

Get it here (R71.99)


#11 Humble and Mash Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Travel Mug
Reviewed by Feige

I have a ton of travel mugs, more than I could and do use but when we got this mug from Humble and Mash as part of plastic free July, I knew just from the visuals that I wanted it to be mine.

It’s not only sleek, it’s the best travel mug I have ever used. Without even reading the description and marketing selling points, from the first use I could tell that;


  1. It was designed to be spill free. If you’ve been the person drinking their morning coffee on their drive in to work and have it spill down your chin and onto your clothes, you will appreciate this. And,
  2. It magically keeps your coffee hotter for longer. I discovered this after taking a sip a good hour (at least) after making the cup and was shocked that it was still piping hot. This is due to its double-walled vacuum features. It is said to also keep drinks cold (haven’t tried this).


If you’re someone who likes to take drinks on the go or likes to bring a mug to coffee shops to reduce waste, I highly recommend this mug.

Get it here (R169.00)


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