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Monthly Finds: November 2020

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Monthly Finds: November 2020

  • A monthly series detailing the products, places, food and entertainment we found, tried and need to share with you.

You know that feeling when you stumble on a new product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know if it is good or bad or will change your life. Welcome to finds of the month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we discovered and are enjoying.


#1 JIMMY JV83 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

JIMMY JV83 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
Recommended by Feige

Rectron contacted me to see if I was keen to try out their Jimmy Vacuum and being a cleaning lover, my answer was yes. I’ve long been dreaming about a cordless vacuum cleaner, but the price tag has prevented me from taking the plunge. That and me already having a functional vacuum cleaner.


The Jimmy vacuum cleaner arrives beautifully packaged and is also incredibly visually appealing. It comes with all the attachments you can think of, i.e. Electric Floorhead, Electric Mattress Head, Carpet Brushroll, 2-in-1 Upholstery Tool, 2-in-1 Crevice Tool, Soft Brush, Stretch Hose and connector.


Each piece is very lightweight but when you clip it all together and add the battery (which is heavy) it has a weightier feel. I had two weeks to test it and, in that time I was very interested to test the battery life.


Charging time is 4-5 hours and how long it lasts depends on the speed setting you use (there are 3) and attachment (electric heads use more power) – you’re looking at 9-60 minutes. The battery is detachable and can be charged independently of the machine and charging base.


This isn’t an in-depth review so I’m not going to go into the specs and how every attachment operated but my three key takeaways were;


1. It was much more effective at removing dust from carpet than my old school vacuum. (Even though it was super modern at the time because it was the first machine that didn’t require you to purchase a dust collecting bag, remember those??). The amount of dust that filled the cup from one room on my first try was disturbing considering how clean the carpet looked before I started. From this point, if you are highly sensitive to dust, it would be a worthwhile investment having a vacuum like this with amazing suction power.


2. At first it takes getting used to. The weight of the JIMMY JV83 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (and any wireless vacuum) is at the top by your hands which feels unnatural. I am used to the bulk being on the floor and wheeling it around – the original way feels more ergonomic.


3. I tried all the attachments and my favourites aside for the obvious electric floor roll, were the soft brush and crevice tool. I could not quite figure out what the purpose of the stretch hose and connector were and didn’t find them easy to use. The mattress head is a genius addition. Who vacuums their mattresses regularly or if at all? With this you actually would.


Overall, I loved it and miss it – vacuuming has not been the same since. If I was looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner I would spring for a wireless model. Wireless vacuuming really takes the slog out of vacuuming and if I had one I’d probably vacuum more often in smaller doses instead of feeling like “while I have the vacuum out I need to do the whole house”.


Get it here (Regular price R6299, Sale R4499)


#2 Soaring Free Superfoods Superfood Protein Shakes

Soaring Free Superfoods Superfood Protein Shakes
Recommended by Zissy

A few months back I shared the Soaring Free Superfoods Premium Protein Mixes which are still a go to addition in my smoothies. I use them weekly. Those are only available in two flavours, so when I got the new Superfood Protein Shakes, I was excited that they come in 4 different flavours. There is a green, chocolate, berry and Lacuma which is essentially a vanilla flavour, which I particularly wanted as you can add it to any smoothie without it altering the taste of your other ingredients.


Aside for the flavour difference, the Superfood Protein Shakes differ from the Premium range in that they are aimed at maintenance not performance. This means they have less protein per serve (8-10 grams depending on flavour). They’re also suitable for the entire family and are both breastfeeding and infant safe.


They come in stunning colourful, 100% biodegradable tubs sized 250g or 500g. The actual protein powder inside the tub is packaged in compostable plastic bags. The ingredient list is packed with ingredients I’m familiar with, many of which I use on their own and I love. The protein source comes from Brown Rice and Hemp proteins. Each flavour has an array of superfoods like chia and others particular to the flavour – moringa and spirulina in the Lean Green Alkaliser. Lacuma, Mesquite and Maca in the Nourish. Maca and cacao in the Awaken; and Boabab, maca, beetroot, acai and raspberries in the Glow Shake. They’re all sweetened with monk fruit which gives them a natural sweetness that doesn’t leave an aftertaste. Like the premium mix, they blend well without a powdery protein powder feel and don’t irritate our guts.


I’ve been using them almost daily in smoothies and shakes. I tend to use the flavour based on the smoothie ingredients to compliment it. While I like them all, my favourites are the berry (no surprise as my favourite smoothies are packed with berries) and the lacuma which is a neutral vanilla flavour I like to add to smoothies or shakes where I want the nutrition but not a flavour, like in this coffee shake.


Get them here (R199-R233) PLUS  Soaring Free Superfoods have given us a discount code that allows you to take 25% off your order, just use the code NUTREATS25 at checkout to use it!


#3 Okja Liter o Latte

Okja Liter o Latte
Recommended by Zissy

The makers of our favourite oat milk (seriously we buy it by the case) have added a new flavour to their line up – coffee! They’ve infused their oat milk with a blend of medium-roasted certified organic Arabica beans from Peru creating an oat milk latte in a bottle.


You can drink it straight up – it has an oaty taste with a coffee kick – but our preferred way is in this superfood ice coffee. We strongly suggest freezing some into cubes so you can create iced coffee in a second that’s icy cold without being watered down.


If you do get it, don’t ignore the text on the bottle (which in bright red is next to impossible) – on the side they share the inspiration and story behind Liter o Latte, which perhaps is why we’ve fallen for the brand. They have a knack for storytelling and when you combine that with packaging + a great product – it’s a winner.


Get it here (R64.90 a litre) or here (on sale for R499 a case of 12)


#4 Best Way x3 Pool Island

Best Way x3 Pool Island
Recommended by Zissy

My vision for December is to spend my days in the pool reading. To achieve said goal requires a flotation device big enough to stretch out but not be completely lying flat (optimal reading position), somewhere to hold drinks and one that I can safely lie in and read without falling into the pool. This Bestway Pool Island is what I found, yes an island not a Lilo. It’s big (take into account the size of your pool prior to purchase), can comfortably fit 3 people, has built in cup holders and a hole in the middle to dangle you toes should you need a little cool off. Thus far I’m happy with it, but I have only used it  a handful of times so time will tell how it holds out.  A few things, the nozzles are very wide which makes it hard to blow it up and you’ll most likely need some sort of adpter piece to make that smaller to be able to blow it up. I found it’s best with 2-3 people in it to balance the weight so it doesn’t dip too much to the side you’re on.


I find floating in the pool to be incredibly relaxing – far more so than lying in the sun; and if you feel the same way and want a mega sized Lilo, this is a fab option.


Get it here (R625)


#5 Avene Thermal Spring Water

Avene Thermal Spring WaterRecommended by Feige

I bought this spring water for my gua sha routine and it must be noted that it was a reluctant purchase. I’ve always seen facial water sprays as cleverly marketed overpriced water inside a spray bottle. Well – broken down that might be what it is but it’s amazing and I AM SOLD. This spray is incredibly hydrating, soothing and refreshing. I’m recommending it because I think it’s amazing for:

1. Summer, when you feel like you’re going to overheat

2. To wake you up in the morning or post nap

3. As a pre moisturising step. It really helps to plump the skin and adding moisturiser to slightly damp skin helps lock in moisture.


Get it here (R155 for 150ml)


#6 Bioderma Photoderm Sun Care

Bioderma Sun Care


Bioderma Photoderm Akn Mat Cream Spf30

Bioderma Photoderm Akn Mat Cream Spf30
Recommended by Feige

It’s super lightweight (more liquid than cream) and blends really nicely into the skin leaving no white cast. It is subtly scented, and I love the fresh smell of it. Despite it being called mattifying, I love how it doesn’t wipe out a moisture glow from your face. I moisturise with a jojoba face oil in the morning and this on top of that sits well, allowing glow through. It also works well under makeup.


Get it here (R260 for 40ml)


Bioderma Photoderm MAX 50+

Bioderma Photoderm MAX 50+

This is Bioderma’s maximum protection SPF. It offers high UVA and UVB protection, activates the skin’s natural defenses and protects against the risk of cellular damage. It is incredibly lightweight, goes on clear and doesn’t leave my skin looking pasty or oily. It is not fragrant and is waterproof which I particularly love as I’ve been swimming a lot and burn easily. It’s great for sensitive and provides the maximum protection. Overall, it’s a great sunscreen for daily use and as fast become one of my go to’s. For it to be effective, Bioderma suggests the following dosages:

Kids: 4 x R2 coins per large area

Women:  5 x R2 coins per large area

Men: 6 x R2 coins per large area


Get it here (R300 for 100ml)


#7 Swiitch Beauty

Swiitch Beauty
Recommended by Feige

I’ve been curious to try Swiitch Beauty’s products for a while now. Their offerings have been compared to Glossier which is not available locally and if you could get products you love that work just as well, while supporting a local and female owned company, it’s a no brainer swiitch ?.

Their Swiitch week sale was the perfect time to test out a few products, so I selected a few items I use regularly to put them to the test:


Squiish Blender

Swiitch Squiish Blender

I have never used the cult followed Beauty Blender but have a knock off generic to compare it to. The Squiish blender is an open cell polyurethane foam, latex free, beauty sponge. It is way softer than the one I have, majorly squishy and blends foundation and concealer seamlessly.

Get it here (R150)



Swiitch Bubble Blush

Bubble Blush is a mousse cheek tint that comes in 6 shades. It’s been compared to Glossier’s Cloud Paint which I love and have in the most gorgeous peachy shade (Beam). I tried to select a similar colour so went for Sunset Blur. The colour is nice but not as nice as Beam and in terms of colour pay off, I think BubbleBlush is more subtle. In terms of texture it doesn’t compare to Cloud Paint in that it is a mousse as per the description. Cloud Paint is a liquid formula and I do prefer that. However, in terms of effect – it gives you the same look as cloud paint, which is a natural sheer color tint making it a great alternative.


Get it here (R150)



Swiitch Beach Brow

Beach Brow is a brow mousse that fills, fluffs and sets. It comes in 4 colours, from clear (0) to brown-black (3). It’s supposed to add colour to sparse areas, comb the brows, fluff them and set them – all in one go. I have never tried Glossier’s Boy Brow so can’t offer you a comparison there, but I can say it’s a really nice product. The mascara like wand applicator is small and doesn’t pull out of the tube with a ton of product which allows you to apply it slowly and subtly without having to scrape the sides of the wand down. However, after a few applications my takeaway is that it needs to be applied in very delicate strokes to not over deposit product and quickly because if you try to layer it, your first application has already set and it results in tiny bubbled fallout. It very much gives you the look of freshly tinted brows. I tried it in shade 3 even though I felt 2 would have been a better match (2 was out of stock) but it worked well for me. Despite it being called brown-black it does not make you look like you painted a black brow on, provided your strokes are gentle.

I would recommend it if you were looking for a product that tints and brushes. If you’re after an incredibly fluffy soap brow style look, I don’t know that this would be fluffy enough.


Get it here (R150)



Swiitch Liquid Luck

Liquid Luck is pitch black eyeliner pen with a brush tip. The pen is said to be inspired by Japanese calligraphy brushes to enable you to get your liner as skinny as possible. I have tried many a liquid liner in my day and so far – early days – this is my favourite one. It applies easily, the liquid flows, and the tip is thin which allows you to control how thin or thick you want your liner. It also is super easy to remove when you make mistakes – if you’ve tried to create a wing when you’re out of practice, it’s a mess. Just a little bit of Bioderma’s Micellar water on a cotton bud wipes off the area you want to remove, without leaving streaks or interfering with the areas you want to keep. I am also really impressed with the holding power of the liner, it lasts pretty well and when it starts to fade (we’re talking many hours, some sun and sweat later) it does so by slightly fading rather than smudging or flaking.


Get it here (R150)


#8 Wintergreen Sports Soak

Wintergreen Sports Soak
Recommended by Zissy


The Wintergreen sport soak is a laundry soak specific for activewear and sports clothing to help eliminate odour and refresh the clothing. It has ingredients that have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties such as antimicrobial Chlorhexidine gluconate which also disinfects and sterilizes. It is scented with ingredients that not only remove odours but are also positive and calming like Citronellol and Linalool.


To use it you dilute it in water, add your clothing and let them soak for 20 minutes. Thereafter you squeeze out the excess water and wash as normal. We’ve used it for 2 weeks and it works great on gym clothes or really any clothing that has a sweaty smell pre-wash. It leaves them smelling incredibly fresh. Wintergreens is a brand marketed towards sports like Rugby and I would imagine it would work incredibly well on sports kit as well.


Get it here (R169 for 1 Litre)


#9 Wintergreen Hygiene Spray

Wintergreen Hygiene Spray
Recommended by Zissy

By now we all have a hand sanitiser on us at all times, most are gel and work effectively at sterilizing our hands until we can get home to wash with soap and water. What I love about the Wintergreen Hygiene spray is that it is a spray – this makes it really good to wipe down surfaces like at a gym or in a public bathroom or an airplane. It comes in a 100ml bottle which is the perfect travel size. It has 70% alcohol and smells as such. You can also use it directly on you hands as well.


#10 Woolworths Linseed & Smoked Paprika Dukkah

Woolworths Linseed & Smoked Paprika Dukkah
Recommended by Zissy

What is a monthly finds list without a new spice? This dukkah is part of the new Mediterranean pantry collection at Woolworths. It comes in 3 flavour variants, and this smoky one is my favourite. It has no added sugars and is nut free using seeds instead. I love the smoked paprika flavour and have used it on breads, sprinkled over hummus and as a chicken rub.


Get it here R34.99


#11 Growing Paper Greeting Cards

Growing Paper Greeting Card
Recommended by Zissy

Growing Paper is a range of beautiful handmade gift tags and cards embedded with a mix of growing seeds that will sprout into indigenous flowers or herbs after the paper is planted in the ground. Their products are made in a completely sustainable way, using post-consumer wastepaper, water-based inks and wastewater from surrounding farming activities. The cards are fully biodegradable. They come in a few different designs with cute illustrations and messages. It’s a unique way to send a message that grows into something beautiful.


Get them here(R35)



*This article contains affiliate links, which means should you buy something using one of the links we may get a small comission. We only recommend items that we have personally tried, tested and enjoyed. 

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