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A celebration of Mothers and the habits we pick up from them

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A celebration of Mothers and the habits we pick up from them

Zissy Lewin
Mothers Day Celebration

This Mother’s Day we asked daughters to share the moments they realised they were turning into their mom & how they’re celebrating Mother’s Day in lockdown.


I stood up from lunch one day and proclaimed, “thank you for the lovely company and food”. It came out automatically and I am sure was only half serious. I’m also certain I had made the lunch. It caused my sisters to laugh and let me know I was turning into my mother.  My mother has the endearing habit of thanking us for our company after any shared meal.


Do we all turn into our parents or is it just that you pick up habits, phrases and mannerisms from those you surround yourself with? Seeing as during most of your formative years those people are your parents; it’s only natural you’ll pick up some of theirs.


Feeling nostalgic with Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday – in a year where unless you are locking down together, any traditional celebrations will have to be done virtually not physically; I asked daughters to share;

  • The moments they realised they were turning into their mom
  • What they miss about her, and
  • how they’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year.


To answer the other two questions I posed to the ladies below; I’m lucky in that I’m with my mother during lock down so there’s no missing of her. What I do miss is the days her teaching was done at school with kids; and didn’t involve me directing the short little video clips she’s been sending her classes. It’s touching watching teachers adapt and figure out how to teach and connect with their students from afar. But, a nursery school content creator is a career pivot I never envisioned for myself and it is very time consuming. It can be a barrel of laughs, but let me tell you, the demands have increased. My mother now insists on using our photography props and backgrounds; her ideas are getting more involved; and at one point she thought we could pull off the type of finished production that an actual kids television show produces. I had to inform her that we do not have a set complete with a cutesy outdoor veggie garden, kiddie play nooks, and access to a gaggle of child actors. If there is an Emmy for lockdown school content, please send me the link. I’d like to apply.


As for celebrations, traditionally we’ve always had a pancake breakfast which we will be doing this Sunday. I like to tell my mother that her gift is her children, and Mother’s Day is everyday ?


Find Heloise on instagram @heloise.alexandra

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

I had to cycle through my entire family’s names before getting the right one.

The thing I miss most about my mother is…

Getting love notes from her. I have so many cards and letters from her telling me how proud she is of me and that she loves me so much. They are tucked into drawers and stuck on my note board. Just thinking about it makes me tear up!

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

By writing my mother a love letter! When growing up, my siblings and I would ask her what she wants for a gift. She would always answer “love and respect.” Words of affirmation and acts of service are her favoured love languages, so I will use words to show her how wonderful she is.


Find Sabine on instagram @sabinepalfi

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

Probably sometime in my early 20’s. I caught myself mid-action, moving and talking exactly as she does. I remember thinking that it was quite strange, but now it’s just a part of who I am. My mom is awesome, and this is just one more way I get to keep her with me.

The thing I miss most about my mother is…

Everything! My mom is in Namibia and I’m in Cape Town and that is just too far away. It doesn’t matter how old I am, sometimes all I want is to climb into her bed, hold her hand and know that everything will be okay because we have each other.

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

In my family, we tend to make a big fuss about special days. This year is proving to make that a little bit harder, but none the less, my mom will be receiving all the love and attention she deserves. Thank goodness for technology!


Bianca runs the blog Authentic Mom, find her on instagram @authenticmomblog

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

When I noticed how organised and clean I always kept my space. She taught me from a young age “tidy house, tidy mind”. I still do a nightly tidy before going to bed. My mom instilled this into me and told me that if you have a clean and organised environment, you stay focused and goal orientated. It is true. I thrive in clean and organised spaces.

Something else I got from my mom is her nurturing nature. My friends often reminded me even before becoming a mother, that I am a “mother hen”. I get my nurturing nature from my mom. She would take the greatest care of anyone around her. I am also so happy that inherited her “pray before you decide” principle. It has prevented me from making many mistakes as I used to be an impulsive decision maker. Oh, how grateful I am for the values and principles she has engraved in me.

The thing I miss most about my mother is…

Her calmness.  In this time we live in, it is so easy to go into a panic and worry about the future. My mother is usually the one to come up to cuddle with me and remind me that everything would work out like it should; while handing me a cup of dairy-free hot chocolate and sugar-free cookies.

I miss her cooking and the meals around the table. We had a “no phone” policy at dinner time and she would impart wisdom into us (we are 3 siblings). Not only did she feed us physically but also spiritually.

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

By sending her a picnic basket and have a virtual Zoom call with her. We will play one of our favorite games called names, places, animals, fruit, etc. I am sure we all remember that one. An oldie but a goodie! I am looking forward to the giggles and the made-up animals that she will come up with.

My dad already assured me he will pamper her throughout the day. I gave him a list of what I would have done and there is some baking on that list. Here’s to hoping the egg-free cake doesn’t flop! It doesn’t matter how the day turns out; it is the thought behind it that counts. I am sure she will remember this Mothers’ Day more than all the others.


Omphile runs the Bookamoso Book Club, find her on instagram @bookamoso

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

I realized that I am my mother’s daughter. Ma’s name is Mmabatho, the word Mmabatho is Setswana for Mother of the people. Ma loves people and prays for them. I tend to make friends easily, I’m friendly to everyone I meet – and I believe I got it from her.

The thing I miss most about my mother is…

The late night chats whenever I’m visiting home. I’m from Bloemfontein. Whether I’m with my husband during this visit and leaving early the next day and I need a full night’s rest, Ma and I will chat till the wee hours of the morning till we fall asleep.

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

With the distance it means video calls are our thing even before the lockdown. I’ll most probably have the twins and their big brother do a video call for Ma. I’ll probably cook for her and make her feel special and appreciated when I do go home for a visit post lockdown.


Courtney is the founder of  Daily Peach, find her on instagram @courteny_p_

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

I started putting the linen set into the pillowcase.

The thing I miss most about my mother is…

Her excellent birthday cakes. We share a birthday and could not be together due to lockdown.

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

Honestly, I am not sure how I’m celebrating my mom this Mother’s Day… I’m with my gran for lockdown and I’m panicking about it! I’ll probably order some plants online.


Genvevieve runs The New Normal, find her on instagram @t.h.e.n.e.w.n.o.r.m.a.l

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

I would love nothing more than spending time trawling the aisles of Woolies, Spar and Checkers and filling half my trolley with items not on my grocery list! I find doing a weekly grocery shop to be so relaxing and fulfilling in a weird way, like taking an hour and a half to leisurely cruise the aisles listening to my playlists to be such an indulgence in the daily grind of mothering and working.

The thing I miss most about my mother is…

Before lockdown my mom and I committed to doing a weekly walk around the neighbourhood she lives in, along the Atlantic Seaboard. We’d walk up and down the hills, along the promenade and catch up about everything going on in our lives. I really miss these times and feel really sad at the prospect of not knowing when we can resume this tradition. Even if lockdown eases and we can see each other, it would be really difficult for us because even though she’s the healthiest most vital 78 year-old I know, my dad, unfortunately, is not and is very high risk, so she cannot expose herself. Time will tell.

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

For mother’s day we will be doing our usual whatsapp video call in the morning and I’ve ordered her a special floral delivery from Bitter Sweet Floral Studio to be delivered to her front door. She loves flowers and greenery and even though she never nurtured this gift, now that she’s confined to her flat, she’s growing all sorts of things like beans and sprouting popcorn kernels! She said to me the other day, its the thing she looks most forward to when she wakes up in the mornings, seeing how they’ve grown overnight. I think this greenhouse experiment, nurturing these little saplings, is a projection of how much she misses her kids and grandkids.


Find Amy on instagram @amagicalworldofword

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

I started baking gooey, chocolatey brownies, her speciality. My Mom loves to bake, she discovers these mouth-watering recipes and makes the most delicious puddings and treats. But while I’ve always loved to cook, I don’t enjoy baking. Then lockdown happened and I started doing it. Now not only do I understand why my Mom enjoys it so much, but it makes me feel closer to her, too. It’s become something special. I can’t bake anything chocolatey without thinking of her and feeling like her daughter!

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day 2020 happens to fall on my birthday… so my Mom and I will be celebrating together! That includes watching a feel-good TV show in the evening, sharing the cooking throughout the day, and of course, eating too much junk food. We’ll also play a board game together as a family just before bed.


Find Ade on instagram @adevanheerden

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

I started cooking way too much food for the amount of guests we were having over. My mom always proudly over catered.

The thing I miss most about my mother is…

The way she reads these very lame jokes to us and then cracks up laughing herself.

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

With a video call with my mom.  We’ve organized to have something delivered to her home.


Find Ayesha on instagram @ayeshiespecker

I knew I was turning into my mother when…

I get scared. We are both very very easy to scare. For example I would hide somewhere and jump out! Friends and family do the same to me  😆

The thing I miss most about my mother is…

Her cooking, her hugs and joking around with her. She’s always up for a laugh and loves to play pranks on people. My mum is in Australia so I miss her all the time.

I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day…

Well this year will be my first Mother’s Day, I get to experience it for the first time. If I were with mum, I’d be making her scramble eggs and tea and giving her breakfast in bed. I will most likely FaceTime her with my daughter over brekkie which will be dinner time for her.

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