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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Zissy Lewin
  • If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift we’ve got some ideas…
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Sure there are other ways of showing your mom you appreciate her that don’t involve gifts (our mom loves a home cooked mother’s day breakfast), but gifts are nice too; especially if you’re not near your mom this mother’s day. Here are some mother’s day gift ideas for the mom in your life.


For the mom with green thumbs…

Write her a note on this growing paper Mother’s Day Card (R27)


For the mom who needs help with her cooking 

Gift her a UCook cooking made easy subscription (from R308)


For the mom who keeps hanging up embarrassing photos of you…

Gift her this 3 photo hanging frame, filled with photo’s you approve of (R209)


For the mom who’s the bag lady…

Gift her a vegan black leather look bag (R559)


For the mom who’s always cold..

Gift her a hot water bottle  (R119)


For the mom who’s always late…

Gift her a watch she’ll want to wear (R199)


For the mom who needs a day off…

Gift her a house cleaner for a day (from R26/hour)


For the mom who ends every day with a hot bath…

Gift her a pampering bath set (R149)


For the mom who starts each day with a cuppa 

Gift her a coffee subscription box (from R245)


For the mom who’s always running around…

Gift her a pair of go with anything running sneaks (R1299)


For the mom who writes everything down. In a notebook…

Get her a cute notepad (R53)


Photography by Feige Lewin


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