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Netflix & Chill: Nadiya Bakes is new on Netflix in February 2021

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Netflix & Chill: Nadiya Bakes is new on Netflix in February 2021

Netflix & Chill Nadiya Bakes is new on Netflix in February 2021

If you’ve got an appetite for baking – or eating – irresistible treats, here’s a February release I recommend. It’s heartwarming, and the visuals are delectable. Happy watching!


What is Nadiya Bakes about?

2015 winner of the Great British Bake Off, bestselling author, TV presenter, chef and baker Nadiya Hussain takes us through some of her favourite recipes as she whips up a sweet and savoury storm in her kitchen. 


Is it worth watching?



Nadiya’s joy and enthusiasm is infectious. Her passion for baking radiates through the whole process, and I love how excited she gets about everything she’s baking. Nothing feels contrived. This is her passion, and cameras or no cameras, she loves her job. It’s impossible not to smile along with her when she tastes her freshly baked treats and squeals with delight at how they’ve turned out.


The cinematography and editing help to create an intimate, friendly atmosphere, too, by avoiding overtly slick and polished camerawork and pretentious, blatantly scripted dialogue. Everything comes across organically. I also love the bright colours and the idyllic nature setting where some of filming takes place. It’s a reflection of Nadiya’s personality. 


Let’s bake, eat, and be happy.

– Nadiya Hussain


Each episode focuses on a specific topic (for example, “baking on a budget”, or “baking with chocolate”) and they’re about 29 minutes each. The treats are all simple to bake, yet gorgeous and mouth-watering. The ingredients aren’t inexpensive, but I do love how straightforward the recipes are.


What February releases have you enjoyed?

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