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Our Pantone Greenery Month Shopping Guide

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Our Pantone Greenery Month Shopping Guide

Feige Lewin
  • Green as a shopping list

In the spirit of celebrating Pantone Greenery month here at Nutreats, we are sharing with you our green shopping guide and best green finds this month.


 1. Microgarden Three Herb Growbags & Wall Rack

R295 at Faithful to Nature

Trying to keep a plant alive for a month has been our Green month experiment. Finding this kit made us want to start from the beginning.


The Microgarden Growbag and Wall Rack kit gives you everything you need to grow your own beautiful hanging garden of fresh herbs. The kit includes a wall rack in your choice of colour and 3 Growbags containing Heirloom seeds of basil, parsley and chives respectively. The heirloom seeds are non-GMO and open-pollinated.



I only recently stumbled across Livingseeds, but it has been in operation since 2009. They were South Africa’s first online heirloom vegetable seed store and are the largest in terms of variety offered. They also personally grow over 90% of the varieties sold, on their own property.


Their site is packed with a wealth of information and their range includes vegetable seeds, herb seeds, garlic, seedlings, sprout and microgreen seeds, garden accessories and organic products.


In their plant by month section we’ve picked out these awesome looking Cosmic purple carrot vegetable seeds for February.


3. Babylonstoren Gardening App

Free on the Google Play & Apple app stores


I came across this app while I was doing research for the best apps to keep your organised in 2017. I firstly love that it is South Arican! The app connects you to a library of gardening information, useful tips and gives you direct access to top South African gardening specialists to turn you into a better gardener.



4. Nature’s Choice Bentonite Clay Powder

R32.95 at Dischem

I reviewed this powder back in October ’16 as a solution to clear breakouts. I still use it a few times a week and it is the cheapest most powerful item in my skincare routine.


This Clay absorbs toxins, heavy metals and chemicals, while at the same time dispensing powerful minerals to heal the body. It is natural and vegan, made from aged volcanic ash and can be applied externally on the skin as a mask or sprinkled in the bath as a detoxifying soak. It says it can also be a fantastic natural solution for food allergies, food poisoning, colitis, viral infections, and parasites, but I have not yet tried it internally!


5. Camomile gentle eye makeup remover

R120 at The Body Shop

This is my all-time favourite eye makeup remover. It’s not oily and very effective at taking off make-up. It is incredibly soothing, no stinging eye feelings and moisturises the eye area at the same time.


It is suitable for sensitive skin, contact lens wearers and is fragrance and colour-free.


6. The Ark Workshop

We discovered the Ark Workshop on Instagram and were bowled over by their beautiful wooden pieces. They manufacture a range of high quality, hand crafted wooden products. The wood is handpicked from the floors of century old barns and buildings throughout South Africa. Each piece is unique, reflecting the natural beauty and distinct character of the wood grain.


Their site is currently under construction so unsure of their price points but visit their website for more information.


7. Consol Jar in a Jar

Available at Consol or R49 online at Yuppiechef

One day I want a kitchen that’s just full of Consol products. Their store is paradise and it’s impossible walking in without wanting to take everything home.


The Consol Jar in a Jar has revolutionised how I lunch. Not only has it replaced the need for plastic containers, which are bad for the environment, but it’s the best way to take salads to work without them getting soggy. For salad lunch inspiration look at this Biltong Salad in a jar recipe or meal prep your week in a range of Consols with this.


8. Bamboo Rolling Pin

R139 at @home

Every kitchen needs a rolling pin, and if you don’t bake, it’s a fantastic tool for rolling out sore muscles.


This rolling pin is really unique and rustic looking and best of all it’s made from environmentally friendly bamboo.


9. Stainless Steel Compost Bin

R499 at Yuppiechef

If you want to give composting a go, getting a bin specific for compost waste is ideal.


This one has a retro old bin look and is said to be sturdy. It sits on your countertop and has a handle for you to easily carry away. It comes with a carbon filter which together with the small holes at the top eliminates odours. The filter lasts anything between 2 months and 2 years.


10. Recycled Glass Vase

R399 at Woolworths

This unique shaped vase with its tiny opening means you can decorate your home or desk with one or two stems instead of springing for a full bunch. It’s dimensions are H: 33cm; top D: 7.5cm; base D: 18cm


11. Herbivore Kale Chips

R24 at Herbivore

We spoke about these chips back in May ’16. These organic kale chips make eating kale easy and snacking guilt free.


They are hand made by lovingly massaging fresh kale leaves with a naturally flavoured sunflower seed and spice blend, and air-drying them at low temperatures for 18 hours to preserve nutrients and living enzymes of the wholefoods.


Herbivore is dedicated to bringing you healthy nutritious flavour craving foods and snacks made with only the good stuff. All their products are raw vegan in formulation, dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure they retain as much of the nutrients supplied by mother nature as possible. Herbivore products are also free from any animal products, contain no added cane sugar, are naturally gluten free and without preservatives or additives.


Most green of all is their packaging which is biodegradable and compostable.


12. Striped Maxi Dress

R799 at Earthaddict

Earthaddict strives to be the leading natural fashion brand in South Africa, offering exceptionally high quality, eco-friendly leisurewear for women.


Their store is filled with easy to wear, non-fussy and practical pieces, and this shirt dress is a favourite.


13. Recycled Leather Sandals (kids)

R130-R230  at Woolworths

Not only are these range of shoes adorable but they are made from recycled leather fibre that contains no harmful solvents.


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