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Win a copy of Paula Quinsee’s Embracing Conflict

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Win a copy of Paula Quinsee’s Embracing Conflict

Feige Lewin
  • Life and relationship coach, as well as regular contributor to Nutreats, Paula Quinsee, recently published a book called ‘Embracing Conflict’. Embracing Conflict is a short easy to read book that gives you practical tools for self-growth and development.
Embracing Conflict

Paula tells us why we should and how we can benefit from embracing conflict in our lives. We’re giving you the opportunity to win a copy of Paula Quinsee’s ‘Embracing Conflict’ by simply answering a question at the end of this article.

Why would you want a copy of Paula Quinsee’s ‘Embracing Conflict’ to begin with?

Every relationship we go through will at some point go through periods of conflict. Conflict causes you stress. Having the tools to be able to identify and solve these conflicts can be invaluable in leading you towards a stress free life.

Paula’s coaching takes a holistic view on relationships. We’re not talking solely romantic relationships. We’re talking relationships that range from parents to child, sibling to sibling, boss to employee, manager to subordinate, friend to friend. In the 6 Key Relationships in our Lifetime, Paula explains that all connections in our life are defined as relationships. In ‘Embracing Conflict’; Paula gives you tools to deal with conflict in each of these relationship aspects of your life.


Identifying your fighting style

Paula begins by giving you a quick exercise to help you assess whether you are a Minimiser or a Maximiser. A Minimiser, like a turtle, withdraws into their protective shell when threatened. A Maximiser, like a lion, attacks their enemy when threatened. You can be both and Paula’s book shows you how.

Knowing your fighting style helps you to identify points of conflict in your life. It helps you to deal with them head on, resolve them and fortify relationships in your life.


Who can benefit from reading Paula Quinsee’s Embracing Conflict

The truth is the book is for everyone.

  • Having conflict in your relationship? It’s for you.
  • Having issues with your co-workers? It’s for you.
  • Having a rough patch with your family? It’s for you
  • Think you have your life sorted? It’s for you too…

Before I read this, I didn’t particularly feel I needed a book to help me resolve conflict. My perception was ‘I think I do a pretty good job of it’. Reading this booked helped me discover I am a Minimiser. Sometimes what I view as conflict resolution is actually my fighting style. Withdrawing and shoving something to the side isn’t fixing or bettering a situation.

I am certain that the tools I picked up from this book will help me strengthen my personal relationships, fortify my friendships and empower my work life.


I want you to have these tools too.

To win a copy of Paula Quinsee’s ‘Embracing Conflict’, all you need to do is tell me (in the comments below); What is your fighting style and why? Please provide your name and email address in the comments so we can notify you if you are a winner and arrange delivery to you.

About Paula Quinsee

Paula Quinsee is a Life and Relationship Coach in Johannesburg. She provides people with knowledge, tools and skills to create quality relationships in both their personal and professional lives. Attend one of her regular monthly workshops for great empowering tools. To get a copy of her book ‘Embracing Conflict’ right now, visit her website.

*Competition only open to residents of South Africa. You must answer and leave your name and email in order to be entered into the draw. Your email address will not be published (it is there just to allow us to contact you should you win).

[UPDATE] This Competition is now closed. Congrats Natalie for winning!

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  • Really would like a copy of this book. Today was listening to SA FMPaula was being interviewed. I was inspired and lot of what was said resonates with me. I think i am both but more of a maximiser.

  • I need a copy of your book.
    When dealing with conflict I am a maximizer. But I often regret acting the way I mange conflict and go through a lot of guilt.

  • I am a minimizer as I often back down in conflict and revert into my shell especially with work relationships, and then I become frustrated from backing down and tend to become a maximizer with my husband and tend to attach and fight for everything.

  • It depends on the person, the situation and the environment I am in.
    I am quite a fighter if I know my argument is correct.
    I get over fights quite quick and don’t let the problem prolong.
    Some scenarios I like to hold back, observe and refrain from giving an opinion. I think being in a managerial position, I have learnt to be both when dealing with conflict – whether it be my own fights or conflict or conflict between others.

  • Its funny because my fighting style takes the same pattern/cycle every time and I hate it… I tend to initially want to just walk away and go sleep in the spare room but my wife (same sex married couple) wants to confront me or keep going at the situation and eventually we end up having a major fights that sometimes drags on over two to three days. It ridiculous really and we just waist a lot of time that we could be spending with each other. I find our fights perpetuate.
    Im a very passive person to a point and then I snap and become very nasty and aggresive and the worst thing is that I take ages to get over a fight and get to a positive point again. I hate it.

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