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Running Jozi: 360km in 36 hours

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Running Jozi: 360km in 36 hours

Joshua Nuttall
Running Jozi: 360km in 36 hours

This is the first post in a weekly series that covers the build-up of Kurt, Allan and Josh’s MAD2Run Journey. MAD2Run is 24-hour relay run from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 7 days, taken on by 36 individuals that covers +/- 1500km, to raise funds for the Make A Difference (MAD) Leadership Foundation.


Have you ever thought about running around the streets of Jozi? I will be honest, I had thought about possibly riding them (but running them had never crossed my mind)!


Over the weekend, we joined the rest of the MAD2Run #2018 Team on a 360km trip on our feet around the city of Gold! It’s amazing how far you can actually cover whilst running when you apply your mind to it. Running Jozi in the dark does help as you don’t have the constant vision of sneaky little inclines that line ahead and it’s a lot cooler (temperatures during the day were well into the upper 30 degrees C).


Over 36 hours we covered 360km between us. Yes, it’s a long way… but when you put it into the perspective of the +/- 1500km we will travel in March on our way to Cape Town, it doesn’t even get us to Bloemfontein. Crazy I know, but I guess we are a little MAD for taking on this challenge!


The experiences from the past weekend will prove vital in our prep for BIG MAD, come the end of March! Moving back and forth from base camp (something that I hadn’t mentally prepared for as it impacts the amount of time that you have to rest and recover), nutritional needs (Allan hates black current flavour energy gels, mental note to self), running hacks (changing socks during your 6-hour shift so that you are not running in sweaty ones) and how to operate on a minimal amount of sleep!


Most importantly though, you always remember to have fun and keep a smile on your face. Sure, there will be some deep dark places that you enter both physically and mentally while completing this journey, but this weekend taught us that good company makes it easier and enables you to push through!


Kurt and Josh MiniMAD


I Look forward to sharing our journey and training tips with you! We are challenging ourselves physically to contribute to something greater than ourselves. Every contribution helps to continue the awesome work that the team at MAD leadership foundation are doing. Give us a little extra motivation to get to Cape Town,


Till next time Ciao!


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