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Our Self-Love Month Shopping Guide

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Our Self-Love Month Shopping Guide

Zissy Lewin
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Our self-love month Shopping Guide

In the spirit of celebrating Self Love month here at Nutreats, we are sharing with you our self-love shopping guide and best self-love finds this month.


1. Daily Dish

R389 – R1 270 at Daily Dish


When you eat well, you feel well. But eating well is not always easy. It takes time and at times can feel costly. We tried Daily Dish a while ago and loved how easy it made healthy eating. Each week Daily Dish delivers the ingredients you need to make wholesome meals. You can choose between different menus depending on your diet and best of all, the recipe cards mean you can recreate your favourite dishes. It’s a great way to start learning how to cook healthy meals and the cost per meal is not extravagant.


WIN: Daily Dish is giving away 1 box of meals for 4 people. To enter click here.


2. Adult Colouring Books by Lize Beekman

R198 at Art Lize Beekman


Colouring books made a comeback back in 2015, but instead of being targeted at kids they were aimed at adults. Colouring books are a great stress and anxiety reliever. It’s a physical activity that channels nervous energy into something creative and calming and provides you with an activity that does not require a screen.


Lize Beekman is a well know Afrikaans singer-songwriter who also has a talent for creating mandalas, an ancient art form. She’s taken her mandalas and turned them into a collection of colouring books for adults.


3. The FoxBox File and polish 15-minute manicure

R95 at FoxBox Dens

Manicured nails have the ability to make you feel wonderfully groomed. Most of the time we stick to at home manicures, but when we want a little pampering, feel like our hands need a bit more TLC or want our polish to last longer, we’ll stop by one of the Foxbox Dens. It takes just 15 minutes, and R95 for a file and polish is a steal when you compare it to going to other nail salons. A regular file and polish has also stayed chip free for a week. Weekdays in the mornings are the quietest, with Fridays and Saturdays being their busiest days, so unless you’re booking an appointment choose a weekday morning.


4. Head scratcher

R15 from Takealot

This headscratcher is one of the simplest and cheapest massage tools you can buy. It’s easy to use and gets your blood flowing into the scalp, which promotes relaxation and feelings of happiness.


5. Lindt Lindor Cornet extra dark

R94 at most supermarkets (Woolworths)

Chocolate in moderation is good for you, it’s also blissfully indulgent. The easiest way to ensure you don’t overdo your chocolate intake is to choose better quality chocolate. It’s more expensive, which means you’ll want to savour it for longer, it’s also richer so a little satisfies more. Their Lindor balls are melt in your mouth magic and will satisfy any chocolate craving.


6. Plain Mink Fleece Gown

His and hers R469 at @home

A fluffy robe is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. It’s the perfect addition to cold winter nights (especially in South African homes which rarely have heating) and a go to after bathing to sit around in before getting dressed. These at home versions are super long and madly comforting, they’re also very Hygge.


7. The Daily Yoga App

Free with in-app purchases in the app store


I’ve been challenging myself to do yoga for 30 days, on the days I couldn’t get to a class I used the Daily Yoga App. It doesn’t have the flow that yoga classes do but I found it to be a great tool for getting me to spend some quiet time stretching. There are yoga sessions anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and each session plays out with an instructor, gentle music and a video so you can see what to do. There are also meditation sessions. The App is free but offers in-app purchases. I’ve stuck with the free version and found is adequate for my needs.


8. Sentient Travel Yoga Mat

R695 at Sentient

Yoga mats aren’t just good for yoga, they’re great for exercise in general. I’ve taken to travelling with my yoga mat, but as a traditional mat, it means it adds a lot of bulk and weight to my luggage.

This travel yoga mat by Sentient is made from natural rubber with a printed surface. It is optimised for sweatier workouts, making it great for hotter weather. It folds up, making it easy to pack it into small suitcases and lets you practice yoga (or any exercise you’d want a mat for) no matter where you are.


9. Self Journal

R413 at Best Self

If you still like using a physical day planner or journal regularly, the self-journal is what you want. I’ve tried many a day planner, but the self-journal hands-down has the best structure. I originally found them on Kickstarter and managed to get the very first self-journals they manufactured. It doesn’t rely on calendar dates, which means you start it when you want (the dates are open) and each journal is designed to be used in a 3-month cycle. Aside from the usual day planner, it has space to set your 3-month goal, break it down to weekly and then daily goals. They also explain how to set goals and have a lot of online tools to help you maximise the use.

They’re not available locally yet, but they do ship internationally. It is quite a costly planner, but if you sign up they often do discounts and also offer discounts based on referrals.

10. Lumee iPhone case

R949 at Superbalist

The iPhone case made famous by Kim Kardashian, it’s an expensive purchase to consider if you take selfies on the regular. It was developed by a professional photographer and features LEDs on either side to give you a flattering light in which to pose. It’s rechargeable via USB and has a battery that can last weeks, as well as a dimmer function to get those photos just right. It also acts as a protective cover.


11. Unwind Bath Salt Jar

R89 at Wellness Warehouse

This locally made jar of bath salts contains a special blend of 100% pure essential lavender oil and Atlantic sea salt. These all natural, biodegradable ingredients are carefully blended to soothe and relax the body and mind, while Atlantic sea salt cleanses and purifies the skin. Add some to your bath after a long day to unwind.

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