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All the things we Found and tried this month [September 2019]

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All the things we Found and tried this month [September 2019]


You know that feeling when you stumble on a new product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know if it is good or bad or will change your life. Welcome to all the things we found this month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we liked, loved or would rather just skip.


#1 Revlon Kiss balm SPF20 in Fresh Strawberry

Revlon Kiss balm SPF20
Reviewed by Feige


I can’t resist a tinted balm, especially one under R100. This one is delicious, keeps your lips hydrated, gives them a wonderful subtle tint and the bonus is that it protects your lips from the sun with an SPF20.


HOWEVER, it is incredibly similar to Lip Ice’s Tinted Gloss in Strawberry Sorbet (which I am shocked to see I have never recommended before). Lip Ice sells for only R22.95 at Dischem, so if you’re after the tint, shine and moisture I’d go for Lip Ice. If you’re looking to add SPF, go for this.


Get it here (64.95)



#2 Foschini Make up brush cleaning wipes

Foschini Make up brush cleaning wipes
Reviewed by Feige


I saw Foschini advertise their new cosmetics range, and when I saw makeup brush cleaning products, I decided to give them a whirl. I really wanted to try the spray, but when they didn’t have it in stock, I went for their wipes.


Cleaning makeup brushes is something I was terrible about in the past, but I’ve made it a habit t do it once a week (once every 2 weeks at most). Especially when your skin is acting out, it is essential to keep your brushes clean.


I thought these would simplify my cleaning routine but turns out they are a huge disappointment. They only clean the brush superficially i.e. just the outer layers and only work on flat bristle brushes. Where I see them being useful is if you use the same brush to apply different colours to your face. Wiping it down in a wipe will get rid of the pigment well enough for it to apply a new colour cleanly.


I’ll stick to my baby shampoo cleaning method for now.


Get it here (R29.95)


#3 Method kitchen cleaner

Method kitchen cleaner
Reviewed by Feige


You may have noticed we like our kitchen cleaning sprays. We like them to be non-toxic especially since we’re using them to clean counters we cook and eat on.


When our go to options from Woolworths and Checkers where nowhere to be found, I was delighted to walk into Wellness Warehouse and find that they stock Method Cleaning products. Despite feeling like their kitchen cleaning spray was TOO expensive to purchase, I realised the bottle size is almost double the size of the ones we had been using so the price gap isn’t so huge.


What I liked about this spray’s claims is that they say they are non-toxic, and they cut through grease and grime. From a user experience point of view, what I like about the spray is that;


  1. The smell is pleasant. Not wow delicious but not gross.
  2. The spray diffusion is light and even, rather than too directional and drippy.
  3. It’s possibly the best cleaning spray we have ever used in terms of cleaning and after a wipe down, granite tops are so shiny that you can see a reflection in them.


Get it here (R79.90)


#4 Woolworths Hair Strengthening Mask


Woolworths Hair Strengthening Mask
Reviewed by Feige


I love a hair mask instead of conditioner. They have a way of getting your hair ultra-soft and silky in a way that conditioner can’t. This one from Woolworths is a new addition to their vegan beauty line and the beautiful packaging coerced me into giving it a try.


The pros: This is a vegan and cruelty free product. As with all the masks I have tried, it does indeed leave your hair feeling extra soft and silky smooth. The coconutty smell is also delicious, if you like coconut scents.


The con: This tube is tiny, and their instructions are to apply ‘generously’ and to use 1-2 times a week. I find that the stretch on the product isn’t great, so you do have to apply a lot to feel covered. So far, I’ve gotten 4 applications out of the 1 tube but it’s already looking dangerously close to empty.


All in all, I think it’s a nice product – just way expensive for its size.


Get it here (R49.99 75ml Tube)


#5 Woolworths Jelly Soap

Woolworths Jelly Soap
Reviewed by Zissy


This Jelly soap is also part of Woolworth’s new vegan beauty range. I got it because what is jelly soap? Also, it comes in a cute tub. They have a few different scents. I went for the Lemon Verbena which has a delightfully fresh lemon grass scent to it. Texture wise it literally feels like Jelly.


You can use is one of two ways – tear off pieces and lather them or remove the entire jelly from the tub and use as you would a bar of soap. I chose the former. It lathers surprisingly well and true to claims, is gentle. I love the fact that the tub and lid is recyclable. You can also clean it out once finished and reuse it to store little bits and bobs.


However, it is really small and I feel is better suited as a travel soap rather than something to use every day. It’s pricey and will most likely be gone in a week (or less).  As a travel soap it doesn’t take up much room, is solid which means you can keep it on your hand luggage and the lid is a screw lid, so it won’t leak or spill out.


In summary, get it as a part of your travel cosmetics, especially if you’re traveling with hand luggage only.


Get it here (R79.99)


#6 Olgani Toothpaste

Olgani Toothpaste
Reviewed by Zissy


I was sent the full range of Olgani toothpastes to try out. The instruction given to me was to try them for a full month to give me a chance to get used to them. They’re unlike any other toothpaste. They’re made from natural and edible ingredients. They contain no fluoride, foaming agents, artificial ingredients of any kind, silicones, parabens, micro-beads, or synthetic oils or sweeteners.


This means that the experience using them is completely different to what I was accustomed to.


The first difference is you do not wet the toothpaste after applying it to your toothbrush, a habit I had to unlearn fast.


The second is the look, unlike most traditional toothpastes which are white or blue, Olgani toothpastes are either a grey like colour (the night-time and original), brown (the chocolate one) or black (the charcoal one).


Third, the taste, which is the biggest difference and the hardest part to get used to. They have a taste that I can only describe as being salty. It somehow reminds me of the taste when getting a dental tooth cleaning.


And lastly, they do not foam like regular toothpaste.


It took me time to get used to them and I found it easier at night than in the morning where I wanted something minty. The taste of the chocolate and charcoal is less salty and more neutral than the original and night.


What has kept me using them and what I like about them (aside from the ingredients) is the way it makes my teeth feel afterwards.  They feel sparkly, like they’ve been professionally cleaned. Different yes, but a good different that actually makes your teeth feel great.


Get it here (R85-R125)


#7 Dr Teals Pure Epsom Bath salt Soaking Solution – Pre & Post Workout

Dr Teals Pure Epsom Bath salt Soaking Solution
Reviewed by Zissy

I am a bath person and love adding Epsom salts to sooth sore muscles. Dr Teals is the luxury version of an Epsom Salt Bath. It’s made for recovery. It combines pure Epsom salts with menthol to comfort and relieve overworked muscles.


To allow it to do its magic, you need to use 2 Cups per bath and soak in it for 15 minutes. The menthol together with the hot steam from the bath gives the bathroom a wonderful smell and makes it feel like you’re clearing your sinuses. My body also felt a lot smoother and silkier after using this than it does after using regular Epsom Salts.


I find that Epsom salt baths really work for me in helping relieve soreness. However, this works just as well as the regular Epsom salt you’ll find in the baking aisle for a fraction of the cost. The biggest difference is the experience – this is far nicer. It feels more luxurious, it feels like it’s clearing you, and your body leaves the tub feeling like silk. For a small luxury splurge this is divine. If you want something more budget friendly, regular Epsom salts will do.


Get it here (R129)


#8 Skin Republic Retinol Hydrogel Under Eye Patch

Skin Republic Retinol Hydrogel Under Eye Patch
Reviewed by Feige


I bought a pack of these for a girl’s night in. It promises to brighten dark circles, visibly improve pigmentation, smooth skin texture and visibly reduce fine lines.


It feels like a mix between a sticky and wet patch – almost like those blackhead removal patches for the nose but softer. It goes on feeling chilled and applies easily. To be honest it wasn’t the most comfortable experience, not because the eye patch was irritating, but when looking down it felt like it was in the way of my eyes. This could just be an eye mask thing?


In one use, I can’t say I saw any difference, but the package does tell you to use it twice a week for the first month. Maybe that’s an experiment I should try?


Get it here (R65 for a pack of 3)


#9 CD’s

Reviewed by Feige


Much like what seems like the rest of the world, we love Taylor Swift’s new album. But the artist and songs are irrelevant to the point of this recommendation, although it’s great music. Instead of downloading the tunes, we decided to purchase a CD. Like in the good old-fashioned days. We then had to locate a CD player 😉


It is way more exciting making a purchase and having something real and tangible to account for. So, here’s to Taylor Swift, the artist who can get people excited to purchase a CD in 2019.


Get it here (R179)


#10 Olgani Mouthwash

Olgani Mouthwash
Reviewed by Zissy


Along with the toothpastes, I received the two Olgani mouthwashes to try. They come in two different flavours Sage & Spearmint and Cloves and Xylitol. Each variation targets different actions and like the toothpastes they’re completely natural.


The Sage & Spearmint helps prevent build-up of dental plaque due to its mild antibacterial properties, stimulates the production of saliva and reduces the volume of harmful bacteria in the mouth. It smells like spearmint and has a faint taste of mint along with that trademark Olgani saltiness.


The Clove & Xylitol Mouth Wash helps to fight inflammation of gum tissue, fungal infection of the mouth and bad breath. It has an all spice smell to it and like the other has a faint taste of spice mixed with saltiness.


I found it easier to get used to the mouthwash than the toothpaste. You make your mouthwash by combining the powder with water. It reminded me of doing a salt rinse when I have an irritable throat and leaves your mouth feeling soothed.


I love the story behind the brand, the packaging and the fact that they’re creating oral care unlike anyone else.


Get it here (R66).


#11 Alexa Lily Daily Edit 

Alexa Lily Daily Edit 
Reviewed by Zissy


September seems an odd time to be buying a diary for 2020, but these diaries sell out. I knew I wanted one, so when Alexa Lily released their 2020 diaries there was no reason to wait. Despite living in an electronic age, I still love using a physical daily dairy. I like making lists, if I can tick off those lists even better.


What Alexa Lily has created is the daily planner of your dreams. They’re not just beautiful, but have been so well thought out, they’re (hopefully I have yet to use it) practical. I got the Daily Edit, as a detailed daily layout is what I want, but you can get a weekly or monthly edit if that’s better for you.


They come in cotton bags, which means that they won’t end up getting scuffed. There’s a detachable ruler that acts as a bookmark, a little flip file to store things and a layout that, had I designed my perfect diary, would mimic it.


If you’re tempted, go watch the highlights on the Alexa Lily Instagram page, she goes through the entire diary to show you what it looks like. It’s honestly what sold me on it. I’ve never been more excited to start a new planner.


Get it here (R600)


#12 Cocomi Whipping Cream

Cocomi Whipping Cream
Reviewed by Zissy


I’ve never been able to make whipping cream out of coconut cream. Not for a lack of effort, I’ve read dozens of blogs on the topic, tried different brands, put my whipping bowl and whisk in the freezer. It’s remained one of those “looks good on the internet not in real life” things. You know, like one pot pasta.


When I discovered the Cocomi Whipping Cream I was certain I’d finally succeed in creating coconut whipping cream. I followed the instructions and whipped. And whipped. And whipped for 10 minutes. What my whipping did not yield was a whip. Instead I got a slightly lightened, slightly thicker version of coconut cream. Taste wise it has a sweet coconut cream taste (coconut sugar is an ingredient), but texture wise it’s disappointing. It seemed to get more watery after 5 minutes of sitting and almost looked like it was separating. There were also almost oily pieces in the cream and I noticed that the cream left in the bowl and whisk had hardened after a while and resembled coconut oil.


If anyone knows how to whip coconut cream let me know. Otherwise, save your money on this one, it’s a miss.


Get it here (R59)


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