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5 September Book Releases I’m Excited To Read

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5 September Book Releases I’m Excited To Read

Amy Wannenburgh
5 September Book Releases I'm Excited To Read

A chilling mystery in a snow-covered mountain chalet. A young heroine with blood on her hands and no memory of her alleged crime. Twisted family secrets coming to light on a Meditarreran island. A bestselling author teetering on the blurred lines between fiction and reality. Pirates and secrets threaten a young girl as she searches for her father and fights for survival. 


Here are 5 September book releases I can’t wait to read.


1. White Fox by Sara Faring


White Fox by Sara FaringTwo very different sisters return to their home in the Mediterranean Islands to uncover the mystery of their famous actress mother’s disappearance years before. What they discover is a dark fairytale screenplay and long-buried family secrets. 

I love sibling dynamics in books. I also love the fact that there’s a screenplay, and that the book is set on a remote Mediterranean island. The potential is incredible.  

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2. Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson


Grown by Tiffany D. JacksonThis YA book tells the story of a young black girl – Enchanted – who aspires to be a singer. But when she falls under the control of the very person who could be her ticket to stardom, and then he’s murdered, her life starts to fall apart. 

I love how unique this presume is. It also sounds like such a compelling story, and I don’t think I’ve read anything like it before. It’s been getting early rave reviews, too, which is a promising sign, and apparently it tackles important topics such as rape culture and the vulnerability of Black girls. 

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3. One by One by Ruth Ware


One by One by Ruth WareI enjoyed Ware’s novel The Lying Game, and this latest thriller looks even more brilliant and exciting. The setting hooked me first: a rustic chalet, isolated in the snowy mountains……and then when you throw in a group of coworkers, none of whom trust each other, that’s an irresistible plot right there. 

This novel promises secrets and murder in the perfect setting. I can’t wait to read it. 

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4. To Tell You The Truth by Gilly Macmillan


To Tell You The Truth by Gilly MacmillanAnother Adult thriller – I’m predictable, but I’m also a sucker for dark, twisted stories and jaw-dropping twists. This book looks particularly interesting, because it follows the journey of a bestselling thriller author – Lucy – who’s losing control on what’s real and what’s fiction. Her husband mysteriously disappears, and it brings back memories of her brother’s disappearance years earlier. Now she has to confront the past to make sense of the future. 

I haven’t read Gilly Macmillan before, but this book sounds good. 

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5. Fable by Adrienne Young


Fable by Adrienne YoungIn a world made for men, a young girl sets out on the high seas to find her father, confronting thieves, pirates, and past secrets just to survive. There’s romance. Action. A whirlwind setting. According to early reviewers, Fable is a spellbinding YA fantasy adventure and since I loved Young’s previous novel, Sky in the Deep, I’m excited to read this book, too. You can’t go wrong with pirates and romance – hopefully this story delivers!   

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What September 2020 book releases are you excited to read?


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