A-Z of South Africa Black Friday Sales 2017

A-Z of South Africa Black Friday Sales 2017

All the sales for the 2017 South Africa Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)


Black Friday is a concept that originates in the US and had nothing to do with shopping or sales. It was originally a term used to reference the financial crash of 1869. Fast forward a couple hundred years and Black Friday now refers to the day after Thanksgiving; where retailers offer up huge deals and consumers go into panicked spending sprees.


We may not have Thanksgiving; but South African retailers have fully embraced Black Friday and the following Monday known as Cyber Monday. Expect huge deals and crazy crowds at retailers across the country.


To make your deal hopping easier, we’ve rounded up as many South African Black Friday Sales as possible. Most retailers haven’t yet released details (or if they’re participating), so we’ll keep updating this article as more sales and details become available.


The 2017 South Africa Black Friday Guide




Date: 24 November

Details: They will be doing specials, details to be confirmed.



Banks Kitchen Boutique [Online & Instore]

Date: 24 November

Details: Deals on kitchenware, houseware and appliances


Boardmans [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: Up to 30% selected items


Boardriders [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: They will be doing a sale, details to be confirmed.


BoodyWear [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: Get discounts on eco-friendly basics like tees and socks.


Builder’s Warehouse [In store]

Date: 24 November

Details: They’re in-store only and are “going to be lit”


Buttanut [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: They’ll be taking 40% off online orders of their nut butters. Use the promo code “BlackFriday2017” to get the discount.



Cape Coffee Beans [Online]

Date: 20-24 November

Details: The Coffee Bean company will be hosting a pre-Black Friday deal the whole week before.


Checkers [In Store]

Date: 24 November

Details: All they’ve said is it’s going to be bigger than ever with up to 50% of goods. No doubt, so will the crowds – go early.



Date: Pre-Black Friday deals until November 23

Details: Choose Me has already started a pre- Black Friday deal taking off 40% of selected items. This deal goes until 23 November. On Black Friday they’ll be releasing new deals.


Clicks [Online]

Date: 24-26 November

Details: They’re offering deals online only throughout Black Friday weekend


CNA [online]

Date: 24-27 November 2017

Details: selected deals on stationery on Black Friday and Cyber Monday



Deskstand [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: Take 30% off selected items. If you need a reason to get one read this


DionWired [Online and In Store]

Date: 24 November

Details: No specifics have been released yet. They are however already having specials




Date: 24-27 November

Details: No details released yet.


Evo Bikes [Online]

Date: 17-24 November

Details: They’ve already started to discount bike accessories like cleats and spares.


Faithful to Nature [Online]

Date: 20 – 24 November

Details: The online organic shop will be having a full week of Black Friday Deals. Every day they’ll release specials valid for just 24 hours. To make you feel a bit better about the consumerism of this time of year, Faithful to Nature is joining forces with Saving the Survivors who do work with Rhino’s who have been victims of poaching. A portion of all sales during Black Friday will be donated to Saving the Survivors.




Hirsch’s [Online and Instore]

Date: 24-26 November

Details: You’ll be able to view deals on Thursday, 23 November


Holiday Cars [Online] 

Date: 24-28 November

Details: From black friday until Cyber Monday you’ll be able to get discounts on car rentals.



iBags [Online]

Date: November

Details: They’ve already started a sale they’re terming Black Friday deals where you’ll get up to 35% of selected luggage and wallets.


iStore [Online and In store]

Date: 24-26 November

Details: They’ll be offering deals all weekend. To make it easier click thorugh to their website to create your online profile.




Kids Zone [Online]

Date: November while stocks last

Details: sale on selected toys


Khaliques [Online and In store]

Date: 24 November

Details: If you’re looking for a new suit, Black Friday is the time to do so.



Makro [Online and Instore]

Date: 24-26 November

Details: Makro hasn’t yet announced the deals other than to say they’ll be explosive. If you have over R100 in your mWallet you get early access into the store at 7am.


Mr Price Sport

Date: 24 November

Details: They’ll be doing one day only deals on Black Friday.



New Balance [In store]

Date: 24-26 November

Details: 40% off all products at their outlets and 40% off selected items at their experience stores




Outdoor Photo [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: Selected deals on photography equipment. You can even pre-order and they’ll ship it out on Black Friday.



Pick n Pay [In Store]

Date: 24 November

Details: It’s going to be bigger than ever before. No doubt so will the queues. Go early.


Planet54 [Online]

Date: throughout November

Details: They’re hosting deals throughout November on apparel, shoes and tech accessories.


PlayStation [In store]

Date: 17-24 November

Details: Certain products will be heavily discounted at participating retailers. The full list of specials and retailers is here


Poetry [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: One day only discounts.


Pop Up Runner [Online]

Date: 24-27 November

Details: This online running shoe shop is open just four days a year – Black Friday. They sell last seasons models and discontinued models which allows them to cut prices. If you want a running shoe and don’t mind if it’s not the latest model, here’s where to get it.


Retail Box [Online]

Date: 23 – 24 November

Details: Sale on beauty and hair brands like GHD, L’Oreal, Redken, Moroccan Oil and more.


Rugged SA [online]

Date: 24-27 November

Details: Up to 70% off selected tech items


Russels [In store and Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: One day only sales on furniture, electronics and appliances.



Samsung  [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: They’re doing something and to get the info early you need to sign up to their newsletter.


Spree [Online]

Date: 24-27November

Details: They’ve promised big deals plus a chance to win vouchers and early access here


Standard Bank [Online and In-store]

Date: 24-25 November

Details: They’re doing a host of specials from giving double Ucount rewards when you swipe your card at participating retailers and earning more interest when you open savings account on the day.


Studio88 [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: They’ll be discounting men’s sneakers, clothing and shoes.


Superbalist [Online]

Date: 24-27 November

Details: They’re saying it’s going to be the biggest fashion sale of the year.


Sweep South [Online]

Date: 24 November and 27 November

Details: The housecleaning service company will be doing two offers – one on Black Friday and the second on Cyber Monday.



Takealot [Online]

Date: 24-27 November

Details: It’s called the Blue Dot sale, you score up to 60% off selected items, with some being less 70-80% and you get free shipping when you spend over R250. Once this sale is over, you can score even more specials – on Takealot Tuesday on the 28th.


The Gadget Shop [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: Details not yet confirmed but there will be deals on toys and gadgets.


Toys R Us [In store]

Date: 24 November

Details: They have announced no deals, just that they will be having specials on Black Friday.


Travelstart [Online]

Date: 24-27 November

Details: It’s called the Black Flyday sale and will include deals on local and international flights.



Virtuosity [Online]

Date: 15-24 November

Details: They’re doing one day specials every day leading up to black Friday on fitness apparel.


Vivolicious [Online and Instore]

Date: 20- 27 November

Details: Get 50% of active tights, 40% off capris, 30% shorts and 20% of bras all week long. No code needed.



Wellness Warehouse [Online and Instore]

Date: 20-27 November

Details: Save up to 60% of selected goods.


Woodzee [Online]

Date: 24 November

Details: Get discounted on watches and sunglasses



Zando [online]

Date: 21-23 November, 24 November, 27 November

Details: Zando is starting with pre-black friday specials from Tuesday to Thursday. They’ll then be doing one day only Black Friday specials on the 24th and finally a one-day Cyber monday sale on the 27th.


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