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Supporting tips for Two Oceans Marathon

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Supporting tips for Two Oceans Marathon

Ann Ashworth
  • Elite athlete, Ann Ashworth shares her tips on being a supporter at Two Oceans Marathon
Supporting tips for Two Oceans Marathon

This will be my second year where I’m not running Two Oceans but rather seconding. With experience in both running and seconding, I’ve built up a comprehensive list of my Seconding and Supporting tips for Two Oceans Marathon.


My Seconding and Supporting tips for Two Oceans Marathon

  • Plan your route well in advance.
  • Make sure you travel to your seconding point straight from dropping the runner at the start. Don’t stop for coffee on route 🙂
  • Aim to meet your runner at a big intersection such as the one at Hout Bay or in Muizenberg where you can travel easily to the finish thereafter.
  • From your chosen intersection walk at least 500m down (i.e. towards the oncoming runners not away from the runners) to meet your runner ahead of the crowd.
  • Try to stand alone.
  • Make sure your runner knows what you are wearing and make sure it’s bright.
  • When you spot your runner coming toward you shout very loudly so that they see you and can move toward you well in advance. (In case they have to swop sides of the road.)
  • You should ideally agree with your runner which side of the road you will stand in advance.
  • The best place to drop off runners is the Rondebosch Common. Runners then jog a km or so up the river path directly to start line in Newlands.

This way you avoid all the traffic congestion and can easily access main roads to get to Muizenberg or Hout Bay

  • Discuss an estimated ETA with runner so you know when to expect them at which point.
  • If they are late, Don’t tell them! Even if they look crap, tell them how great they look and how strongly they are running.
  • Pack Vaseline and Myprodol, just in case they are having a mare!
  • An ice spray is also good to have on hand; as well as a strip of Rennies to stop cramps. These are important to have just in case.
  • A Seconder / Supporter MUST take drinks and food for themselves as well as for the runner. Often we forget ourselves.
  • Sunscreen, A hat and sunglasses are essential too.


Do you have your own Seconding and Supporting tips for Two Oceans Marathon? Share them with us in the comments below.


Ps. For those who are unfamiliar with the phrase Seconding; The verb Second means to Support/ back up.



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