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The Children’s Book Corner: Books on Feelings, Sleep, Learning and Lockdown

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The Children’s Book Corner: Books on Feelings, Sleep, Learning and Lockdown

  • These Kid's books are suited for ages 3-6 and 5-12 and are both entertaining and educational.
The Children’s Book Corner Books on Feelings, Sleep, Learning and Lockdown

Welcome to the children’s book corner where we’ll be sharing the latest in children’s literature reviewed by an early childhood specialist, who we just call “mom”.

My Book of Feelings by Stephanie Couturier

Ages: 3-6


My Book of Feelings by Stephanie CouturierMy Book of Feelings is a relatable narrative that features the charismatic character Simone, who must deal with her real feelings in every day childlike encounters. The feelings highlighted are fear, anger, jealousy, joy, shyness, pride and sadness. Simone’s encounters are global, and the child readers are invited by the author to put themselves into Simone’s shoes. This book doubles up as a guide for parents to help children manage their feelings and move forward by practicing the helpful relaxation exercises. The illustrations bring the narrative of the book to life. The feeling emojis make the feelings more tangible for the child. It is a wonderful book.

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Solomon the Lion by Kristina Jones

Ages: 3-6


Solomon the Lion by Kristina JonesThe author highlights the importance of parent-child connectivity before the child drifts off to sleep as a security blanket for a good night’s sleep. This is portrayed through the character of Solomon the lion. Solomon mimics animals in the wild to test out remedies to help him sleep, to no avail. At the end, he receives that much sought-after goodnight kiss from his parent, a universal sleep tonic for children. The illustrations are colourful and based on the artist’s imagination. An educational edition to the fantasy element of the story is the inclusion of scientific facts about lions and the sleeping habits of the animals included as the story unfolds. It is a wonderful bedtime story.

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Nibbles the Monster Hunt by Emma Yarlett

Ages: 3-6


Nibbles the Monster Hunt by Emma YarlettThis book highlights the learning adventures of Nibbles, as told through the voice of a young child. The young reader is taken on a fantasy journey with Nibbles, as the mischievous book monster learns about colours, numbers the sun, moon, dogs and cats.  The fact that nibbles eats his way through books may show his excitement for reading but could also give the child the permission to use and enjoy their books. The illustrations are busy, but it is a very sweet book.

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The Amazing Lockdown Adventures by Benjamin G Hewett and Paddy Muldoon

Ages 5-12


The Amazing Lockdown AdventuresThe readers are empowered to use their imagination to break out of the boredom of lockdown through The Amazing Lockdown Adventures. The book begins with the main character Jack and his sister Lily, counting down the minutes of lockdown. They embark on an imaginary journey and the readers are invited to join in this wonderful adventure, as lead by an elf, they wind their way through tunnels created by moles. Along the way they make exciting discoveries, and when they return home, their perspective has changed from boredom to wonder.

The message to children is that imagination can take the reader anywhere they want to go, beyond limitations of reality. The beauty of the book is the collaboration of imagination by the friends and family of the authors and the book is a celebration of that collaboration. It is and engaging and enjoyable book.

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