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Azteca Mexican Food Products>>> AZTECA MEXICAN FOOD STORE for everything you need to make a Mexican feast. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for Mexican ingredients or condiments. My go-to purchases are their Masa Harina (a special corn flour you can use to make tortillas, tamales and pampousa with), nachos, Chaloula hot sauces and Tajin chili lime seasoning. I’m partial to visiting their physical store in Midrand as I love seeing what’s new and the owners are always happy to advise on products or what to make with what.  This is why I love visiting the store. However, if you’re not Gauteng based, they do have an online store as well.

Shop the Azteca online store here


>>> FOR REAL DEALS for odds and ends. For Real Deals sells just about For Real Deal phone holder and towel wrapeverything you can think of from storage to electronics to kitchen things and more. It’s a great place to find random items and they ship fast! I got this phone stand which is super handy for long FaceTime calls and when you’re following a recipe on your phone. Feige got this hair wrap which is the perfect light hair towel that dries your hair without weighing your head down or breaking your hair. We also got this storage rack in white for the office to house a printer and stationery and it’s the perfect sleek storage solution.  Like I said you can get [just about] everything there.

Storage Rack here (R1095), Microfiber hair towel wrap here (R49), adjustable phone stand here (R349)



BODY KIND SPORT BRAS for high intensity cardio workouts. It’s incredibly supportive and adjustable across the straps and bust allowing you to get your perfect fit. Sizes start at small and go all the way up to 5XL. If you’re between two sizes, size down. Read the full review here.

Body Kind sports bra here (R999)


>>> SHOP MANANA BABY HUGGIES to fit tiny lobes. I have very small Shop Mañana Gold Plated Baby Huggiesear lobes which means that every time I purchase a huggie it looks like a hoop on me. I’ve been searching for a baby huggie that will actually hug my lobes forever and these Shop Manana ones are perfect. I got the 5mm and 6mm but could get away with just wearing the 5mm. They’re good for sensitive ears plus super affordable so you can happily get a few if you have multiple piercings. I also got and absolutely love their 2mm essential sleeper studs which have a ball screw back so it doesn’t poke into your skin when you sleep. If you’re looking for everyday jewelry that won’t break the bank, they have loads of options. If you have sensitive ears like me, stick to the sterling silver, stainless steel or 9ct gold earrings.

6mm huggies here (R170 per pair), 5mm huggies here (R160 per pair), essential sleeper studs here (R130 per stud)



Get Untamed The Journal by Glenn Doyle>>> GET UNTAMED: THE JOURNAL BY GLENNON DOYLE. If you’re a Glennon Doyle fan and love journaling, the Get Untamed Journal which is based off Untamed is for you. She walks you through a new way of journaling through anecdotes, insights and prompts that you fill in to tap into your true self. The Journal is full of thought-provoking questions, quotes from Untamed, illustrations and coloring pages. Glennon guides readers through the process of reexamining the areas of our lives that can make us feel caged and sets us on a course to finally find and trust the voice within, so that we can build lives by design instead of default.

Untamed: The Journal here (R280)


>>> RESTRAW GLASS SMOOTHIE STRAWS for drinking smoothies and Restart Glass Strawsall cold beverages. Glass straws are our preferred reusable straw material for a number of reasons. Firstly, everything taste better in glass. Secondly, they look good. Lastly, they’re clear which means you can clean them better because you can see through them. The Restraw ones come in a pouch with a mini brush to clean them. They are glass so you need to be careful with them or they will break and when cleaning them, clean them right after using – before smoothie fragments can get stuck to the inside and make it more difficult to clean. They also have a thinner option as well as a bent straw depending on your preferences.

Restraw smoothie glass straw here (R270 for a set of 3)


>>> ALEXA LILY WEEKLY BOOK PLANNER for tracking and time Alexa Lily Weekly Plannerblocking work tasks. It has the look and feel of a Moleskin book with a fabric cover. It’s a great option if you like to schedule out tasks instead of keeping a running to do list. They’ve added a top focus section to each day which we love and felt was missing from the previous versions of the Weekly. If you’re looking for a smart compact daily planner that looks good, Alexa Lily’s are our favorite.

AL Weekly Book Planner here (R700)



>>> THE MIND BODY GREEN PODCAST WITH AUTHOR JOHAN HARRARI on why we’re all so distracted. The key takeaway was that we live in a perfect storm of cognitive degradation. A lack of sleep, mutli-tasking and an environment where we have to constantly filter things out (and a lack of reading and spending time outdoors) and the diet we eat has contributed to a steep decline in concentration.

Three thing you can do to improve concentration and focus are 1. Switching between tasks less. 2. Do not look at artificial light two hours before you go to sleep – it causes a surge of energy which keeps you up and prevents restful sleep. 3. Read books – it trains you to think in a deeper way.

Listen here



>>> @LOEWHALEY on tiktok for WFH in a pandemic lols.

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