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A curated list of places, things and entertainment we’re loving right now. You can read last month’s list here



>>> BEADED CREATIONS for every bead you can imagine! Brightly colored beaded bracelets, often personalized are everywhere and at some point, I decided I wanted to try making them. It’s a new craft hobby if you will. The beads of the moment are smooth clay polymer beads and after some googling, I happened on Beaded Creations which has just about all the beads you can want. From dozens of different colored clay polymer beads to alphabet beads to charms. Service delivery was excellent, they arrived a few short days after placing my order. I bought a variety of beads, string, wire and clasps of which my favorites are these clay polymer beads which are great and what I was looking for, these adorable fruit charms and these delicate evil eye charms. The only ones I’d caution against are these white gold alphabet beads – the gold rubbed off within days of wearing. If you are specifically looking for alphabet beads, they do have plenty other options. These gold beads, which also rubbed clear within days of wearing, were another miss.

All beads, charms, wires and more available here

The List - Beaded Creations 


>>> ALEXA LILY for daily planners. We’ve loved the Alexa Lily planners for years now and have bought our third round of planners for 2022. They’re beautiful, thoughtfully designed and have everything you want in a planner. We opted to go back to the daily edit after using the weekly edit alongside their to-do list book this year. One planner with a daily schedule and a to-do list seems more efficient than putting things in multiple places. For once we both chose the same cover, the brightest one by far and it looks even better in person! If you’re looking for planners (desk calendars or personal diaries), stickers, notebooks and anything else to keep organized, Alexa Lily does them best.

Alexa Lily Daily Edit available here (R800)



>>> 2 PIECE SATIN PJ SETS for summer. Cute pajamas are an essential for those of us who love nothing more than to mark the end of the day by switching out of clothing into something comfortable. I got these months ago, but the weather has only warmed up enough now to wear a short PJ set. This 2-piece satin set is ultra-soft and comfortable and looks fantastic on. I opted for the navy color but am very tempted to add more colors to my sleepwear collection.

Serenedelicacy women’s satin pajama set available here ($23.99)

The List Satin Pajama Set



>>> EVERYTHING PICKLED. Pickling is a great way to preserve produce, plus pickled foods add a delicious acidity to salads, bowls and sandwiches. These pickled beets are a constant, as is the pickled cabbage from Nigella’s Eat, Cook and Repeat and the Salt pickled cucumbers from Hummus to Halva. If you’re new to pickling start with quick pickling (like the beets) which is hard to mess up before graduating to salt pickling which is a bit more technical and can go wrong.

The List Pickled Cabbage


>>> SPARKLING WATER and not even a fancy one, just this plain sparkling water which is particularly good when you need something to quench your thirst fast. Although our sudden love of sparkling water has prompted a taste test



>>> BIG PANDA AND TINY DRAGON by James Norbury is another beautifully illustrated book I have discovered and instantly love! Big Panda, Tiny Dragon follows the two friends as they journey through the seasons of the year together. Through their journey they get lost, discover beauty, hardships, and happiness. They learn to live in the moment, be at peace with uncertainty and find strength to overcome life’s obstacles together. At first glance it seems like a simple illustrated book, but it holds so many poignant and universal messages that you can come back to over and over again. Author and illustrator, James Norbury writes how Buddism helped him when he was in a difficult place, and he wanted to share those teachings. The pandemic put a halt to his idea of a support group and so instead he chose to draw pictures to communicate these powerful ideas to people in a simple, accessible way and that has become this book. It’s beautiful, meaningful and a book you keep forever. It would also make a wonderful gift, much like the one I shared last month.

Big Panda and Tiny Dragon available here (R240)

Big Panda Tiny Dragon by James Norbury


>>> 4 IN 1 CUPBOARD GUARD to prevent moth holes. I’ve employed every trick in the book to prevent getting moth holes and ruining beautiful jerseys. After losing a stunning poloneck to moth holes, all my jerseys get tightly packed away for summer; but when I noticed those telltale holes on more than one tee shirt, I knew I needed a better solution than making sure everything gets washed after every wear and washing out my cupboards seasonally. I came across the Cupboard Guard which prevents fish moths and clothes moths in Pick ‘n Pay and had nothing to lose (except another shirt) but trying it. Long story short I’ve used them for over a year, and they work. You need to be careful where you place it (it cannot touch your clothes, so mine hangs on a hook on the inside of the cupboard door) and it does have an odor the first few weeks of opening a new one (an odor that thankfully doesn’t transfer to your clothing). They last 3 months and are worth it. It’s the best solution to preventing moth holes I’ve tried.

Cupboard guard available at Pick n Pay (around R50)

Prevent Moths


>>> OH, SO HEAVENLY COCONUT CRUSH BODY WASH GEL. I’ve never come across a reasonably priced body wash that I love the scent of more. I love it so much that even when I use another soap, I’ll end my shower or bath with this. It is the most lovely fresh tropical scent that makes you smell like you’ve just come from the beach of an exotic island. I wish they would bottle this as a body mist!

Oh, So Heavenly Coconut Crush body wash gel available here (R59.99)

Oh So Heavenly Coconut crush body wash



>>> DANCING WITH THE STARS. I have been mocked for enjoying dancing with the stars, but there’s something special about watching people challenge themselves to do something that isn’t an in-built skill or talent, especially when they do it well. I also particularly love head judge Len Goodman’s commentary. He tells it like it is and doesn’t play favorites or seem to act on bias. I won’t lie, there are plenty parts that are boring but that’s what the fast forward button is for. If you want a serious fast forward to only the best, this season, the top 3 dances (according to me) have been;

1. Daniella Karagach with Basketball player, Imam Shumpert’s contemporary dance. How they navigate through their huge height difference is amazing.

2. Jenna Johnson with former child star Jojo Siwa’s Argentine Tango. As the show’s first same sex pairing, the sheer strength of Jojo pulling off lifts usually performed by males is inspiring. I can barely do 5 sit-ups.

5. Judge Derek Hough’s Horror Night Tango. He is an incredible dancer and choreographer and constantly creates pieces that are fun to watch.



>>> PAGECAST the new podcast from Jonathan Ball Publishers. It’s a podcast featuring authors and delves into their stories as well as the stories in the books they write, a must listen for booklovers! New episodes are released every Monday and they’ve promised a line up which includes Jeffrey Archer, Deon Meyer, Cecelia Ahern, Sue Nyati, Jeffrey Deaver and Robin Sharma.

Available to listen on Apple podcasts and Spotify.

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