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THE LIST: September 2021

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THE LIST: September 2021

the List September 2021

A curated list of places, things and entertainment we’re loving right now…



>>> ZOODLE started out selling Mac accessories. They soon expanded to include other tech accessories from Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and more. They have a showroom in Somerset West, Cape Town and an online store. It was the latter that I found myself scrolling one evening. The MacBook Air protective keyboard cover was the first item that made its way into my cart (you wreck a keyboard with a hot cup of coffee only once). It’s silicone and protects your keyboard from dust and spills. They only have covers for the 2018+ model – mine is a 2020 model, and while it fits perfectly there are a few keys that have changed. Next was a Garmin watch strap, and I immediately wished I knew about them last year when my Garmin watch strap broke, and I struggled to find a replacement that was comfortable and not exorbitantly expensive. I ended up getting the loop stainless steel strap which is sleek and comfortable and just fit my tiny wrists. I prefer wearing it for daily use and wearing the silicone strap for running and exercise. Lastly, I got these clear iPhone covers. The back is hard, but the sides are a flexible but sturdy silicone. It’s sleek and protective and perfect if you’re looking for a minimal iPhone cover. The goods were delivered within 3 days and they were fantastic with giving order updates. If you’re looking for tech accessories, Zoodle is one to check!


Protective Keyboard Cover for Macbook Air/Touch available here (R180); Dark Grey Loop Stainless Steel Band for Garmin Vivoactive 3 available here (R285); Protective Clear Case for iPhone available here (R199).

THE LIST Septmber 2021 - Zoodle


>>> THE REFFILLERY is a no-waste grocery store with locations around Gauteng and they have an online store. I  shop there when I’m looking for a specific ingredient – they have a great stock of harder to find grains and dried fruits that look insanely good! My favorite purchases are 00 flour (amazing in pizza and pasta), semolina flour (theirs is the best I’ve used and is amazing in pasta and sourdough breads) and they also have the best coconut chips. I love that you can buy just what you need, a great way to try new ingredients. I take the jar I store my flour in and fill it up in store, so I leave with the perfect amount.


00 flour available here (from R12.50); Semolina available here (from R11); coconut chips available here(from R18.80)

the List September 2021 -



>>> MANGO MAR JEANS which were like finding a needle in a haystack. For literal years I’ve been looking for a high waisted straight leg jean in a light wash that looked good and felt comfortable. These tick every box. They say they’re mid-rise but hit my belly button which is perfect. I love the color, they’re comfy and at 5’2” the legs hit just above my ankle. The only thing I’d change is that they button not zip – very chic, but more finicky than a zip. Oh, and I knew I hit gold when Feige took one look at them on me and ordered herself a pair, albeit in the darker wash.


Mango Mar Jeans Blue available here (R799) and in the darker wash here (R799).


>>> ESSIE NAIL POLISH in muchi muchi which is the perfect neutral nail polish in a light pink tone. It looks good with both one or two coats, and because of its light colour, doesn’t show chips easy making it last longer,


Essie Nail Polish in ­­muchi muchi available here (R109)


the List September 2021 - Essie


>>> JUST WHOLEFOODS FALAFEL BALLS which surprised us at how authentic and homemade they taste! They’re easy to make, require no pre-planning and have that unmistakable spicy taste. They’re vegan, organic, gluten free and certified kosher. We love them in this salad or stuffed into a pita.


Just Wholefoods Falafel Balls available here (R270 for 6 boxes)



>>> RECIPES FROM THESE COOKBOOKS Simply Seasonal by Ilse van Der Merwe which are simple yet delicious dishes, Flavour by Ottolenghi for the best veggie based dishes and the coconut fish curry from Curried by Careima Isaacs.


Simply Seasonal is available here (R295); Flavour is available here (R503) and Curried is available here (R280)



>>> THE BOY, THE MOLE, THE FOX AND THE HORSE by Charlie Mackesy is a beautifully illustrated book that shares the story of four unlikely friends and their adventures. But really it shares universal lessons on life, love and friendship. It’s based off of Charlie Mackesy’s Instagram account and is a book that you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again and is one that doesn’t belong hidden on a bookshelf. It was a gift that now sits on my bedside table permanently, where I can open it up to a random page whenever I feel so inclined. I adore it.


The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse is available here (R299)


the List September 2021 - charlie Macksey


>>> BOOKS shared in this stack of book reviews.



>>> AROMADOUGH AROMATHERAPY MICROWAVE BAGS which have an essential oil diffuser square inside and can be used both heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. The headache box set comes with an essential oil (containing Lavender, Peppermint and Chamomile) that you rub onto your skin before placing the bag and an aromatherapy stress ball, which has been a long time favorite for keeping fidgety hands busy.  I also have this destress eye pillow which is great cold (keep it in the freezer) for a quick depuff and to help relieve eye tension and strain from staring at a screen for a good portion of the day.


Aroma dough Aromatherapy Headache box set available here (R399); Aromadough Aromatherapy Destress Eye Pillow available here (R199)



>>> METHOD WOOD POLISH which is the best wood polish. Really, most wood polishes tend to have a strong chemical smell and feel. The method one has a fantastic smell that doesn’t feel like it’s choking you, does a good job and is non-toxic.


Method Wood Polish is available here (R114.95)


the List September 2021 - Method Wood polish



>>> @HAYLEYGEORGIAMORRIS on TikTok for hours of tear-inducing laughter. The videos all feature her and her as various body parts from her brain, stomach, liver, period and more. It’s brilliantly delivered truth bombs in the funniest way.



>>> GOOP PODCAST with John Colapinto on what your voice says about you. Things discussed include:

  • How babies learn language: we’re born with a full “palate” of sounds, but select those we hear often as important (like parents, siblings) which become like a reinforcement. When babies babble, they’re actually rehearsing sounds they hear – those babbles turn into words.
  • When you agree with someone you speak in the same pitch they speak in. When you disagree, you speak in a higher pitch and when you find someone boring your pitch lowers.
  • Vocal fry became a phenomenon around 2010 and has been studied by linguists. It’s contagious and its popularity is largely thanks to the Kardashians who have perfected the gratey monotone that is vocal fry. Vocal fry removes the musicality of speech and is said to make people sound/feel more in control. It lowers the voice register to a growl like sound and became contagious amongst women as it made them seem more serious and were less likely to be interrupted.


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