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The Water Footprint of Food

  • With World Water Day being an opportunity to learn more about water-related issues, we decided to learn 10 water facts.
the Water Footprint of Food

One of them uncovered how much water it takes to produce a cup of Coffee. This got us thinking – What is the Water Footprint of  Food? And more specifically, what is the Water Footprint of common favorite food items.


If you visit Water Footprint, amongst other cool tools; you are able to scroll through a gallery which uncovers the global average footprint of certain food and drink.  It also gives the percentages of green, grey and blue water used.

Do you know the Water Footprint of Food?


Scroll down see just a few…


1. Pizza Margherita


the Water Footprint of FoodIt takes 1259 litres of water to produce one pizza.

This figure is calculated by combining the water production totals of Wheat, Mozzarella and tomato puree.







2. Chocolate 


the Water Footprint of FoodIt takes more water to produce chocolate than it does to produce beef! 17,196 litres of water will give you 1kg of the sweet treat.

The calculation is based on a recipe that utilises 40% cocoa paste, 20% cocoa butter and 40% cane sugar.





3. Bread


the Water Footprint of FoodIt takes 1608 litres of water to produce 1kg of bread.

Western Europe produces wheat at a much lower water footprint than the global average. 1kg of French Baguettes will need less than a third of the global average. It takes 517 litres of water to produce them.





4.  Beef


the Water Footprint of Food1kg of beef really cots the environment as It takes 15,415 litres to produce that 1kg.


One piece of beef can be very different from another piece. The precise water footprint of beef strongly depends on the production system from which the beef is derived (grazing, mixed or industrial), the composition of the feed and the origin of the feed.



5. Wine


the Water Footprint of FoodIt takes 109 litres to produce one 125ml glass of wine.

This figure is calculated on the water production totals of grapes. This footprint varies according to country (As all do). With France and Italy coming in at a lower footprint of 90 litres. This gives us the go-ahead to only buy French and Italian wines right ;)?





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