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9 Things to Read this Week (16 June 2017)

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9 Things to Read this Week (16 June 2017)

Zissy Lewin
  • A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week.
9 Things to Read this Week (16 June 2017)
  1. Tips to keep your iPhone secure. From a pro hacker and FBI informant [Refinery29]
  2. How to stretch your feet after wearing high heels to relieve tension in your calves and toes [PopSugar]
  3. This pizza is becoming the next cauliflower pizza [Mind Body Green], we’ve made a version of it here, which I want to redo now
  4. This new app, called Namola is making it easier and faster for South Africans to report crimes [Good Things Guy]
  5. Healthy snack ideas plus a recipe for chocolate chia freezer bites [Choosing This]
  6. Ever wondered why eggs became a breakfast food, and when people started eating breakfast? This answers all your eggcellent egg questions [Bon Apetit]
  7. 8 Ways to reduce lower back pain [Bicyling]
  8. If you want to make better decisions rely on your imagination rather than willpower. If you’re a chronic snooze button hitter this article is a must read [Science of Us]
  9. Turns out sweating more doesn’t equal a better or harder workout [CNN]
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