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All the things we Loved this month [August 2018]

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All the things we Loved this month [August 2018]

Zissy Lewin
  • A monthly series detailing the products, places, foods and entertainment we loved this August.
All the things we Loved this month [August 2018]

You know that feeling when you stumble onto the perfect product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know. Welcome to all the things we loved this month, a new series we’ll be putting up once a put to share all the random little things we couldn’t get enough of


#1 Bioderm Sensibio H2O Cleanser

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Bioderm Sensibio

recommended by Feige

I’ve been looking for an all-rounder makeup remover, that is gentle and non-oily. In my mounds of research micellar water seems to be having a moment so I decided to give it a try. Bioderma is a brand that has a great rap with dermatologists and their sesnsibio range is specifically made for sensitive skin. Bioderma describe it as “A cleansing and make-up removing water that respects the fragility of sensitive skin”. It is fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free and hypoallergenic. I love that it is good for both face and eyes, removes water-resistant makeup, is a non-rinse formula – making it a great wash alternative on water tight or lazy days, is refreshing and doesn’t leave an oily residue on your face.

Get it here (R299.95 currently on sale for R285.00)


#2 Younger

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Younger

recommended by Feige and Zissy

We discovered this series sometime last year and each season we get more hooked. It follows Liza, a 40-year-old, who has resorted to posing as a 26 year old to get a job in publishing, after re-entering the job market at 40 proved impossible. The story covers her journey with romance, friendship, parenting and career and is a well-rounded, light and easy watch. It’s cleverly done, is a great balance between realistic make-believe and being over the top and the acting across the cast is top notch.

All 5 seasons are available on Showmax.


#3 The Bagel Zone, Benmore

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - The Bagel Zone

recommended by Zissy

Newly opened, the Bagel Zone in Benmore Shopping Centre offers bagels with various fillings and has a very New York Bagel Shop feel. My favourite combo is the cream cheese, roasted veggies, haloumi and avo on the everything bagel. In truth, it’s the bagels that are the star. They’re authentic boiled bagels and come in a dozen different flavours from plain to rye to cinnamon raisin.

Order online here


#4 Garmin Vivoactove 3 Smartwatch

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Garmin Vivoactive 3

recommended by Zissy

Instead of waxing lyrical on all the reasons this made the list, I’ll redirect you to this  where I’ve set out all the features that I love. In short, though I got it as a sports watch primarily for running, it’s a watch I wear all day every day. My favourite feature has to be how fast I can preload workouts onto the watch and have it guide me through them. But I’ve been loving using it to track my sleep, movement and heart rate too.

Get it here (in white and silver) or here (in black and silver) (R5,499.90)


#5 ORAL-B Electric Toothbrush

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - ORALB Electric Toothbrush

recommended by Feige and Zissy

Bought on a whim because it was on sale, this toothbrush is winning on 3 fronts. The 2-minute timer means you actually brush for more than 30 seconds, the small head means you can reach your back teeth and clean them properly and the vibrations lightly massage your gums which not only feels good, but is also good for them. It also holds it charge for a long time. I’ve only had to plug it in once in the month I’ve had it.

Get it here (R299, but get 40% off in selected stores)


#6 Able Eyeliner Duo Set

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Able eyeliner duo

recommended by Feige

I love beauty products and as I get older and refine my every day make-up look, I’m also in search of products that give the best result for said look. Upper eyelid liner and subtle cat-eyes have become my thing, so when I discovered Able Cosmetics on Instagram, I was craving to try their products out.

Able Cosmetics was started by a makeup artist named Dana Rae, I won’t get into her entire amazing story (read it here) but the essence of her brand is creating tools that help solve everyday beauty application issues. The first beauty application issue she chose to start with was the cat-eye look and thus created two eyeliners; A pencil and a liquid. They are Parabaen, Phthalate and cruelty free.

This month I finally managed to get my hand on the set (they can be purchased individually too) and every day I use them, I love them a little more.

The pencil, called primary pencil has a sharpener built into the lid (genius and fits perfectly) and a smudging brush on the edge to help you smoke out your look. It’s ridiculously easy to use, the formula just glides on in one swift move and is both buildable and blendable. I never thought I’d like a pencil more than a liquid but this is my number one.

They liquid, called cat-eye 101 has a rubber tool edge attached to its lid, to help you trace where your line should go. The formula is smudge proof and is seriously long lasting. The tool takes some practice to master but on each try I get better and better. 10 000 hours right?


The only downside about this selection is that it is not South African/ Available in South Africa. They currently only ship within the USA and Canada so it might be a little tricky to get your hands on.

Get it here ($50 for the set)


#7 Rush Nutriballs

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Rush Nutriballs

recommended by Zissy

I wanted to try these the minute I saw them on Rush’s Instagram. However, it took a while for them to move into stores. You can buy a box directly from Rush, but I wanted to try one of each flavour before committing to a box. They’re one of the best snack balls I’ve tried. Soft with a delicious flavour. The star however is the nut butter centre – genius really. Out of the two flavours available I prefer the Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin Nutriballs which has the perfectly soft oozing macadamia nut butter centre.


Get them here (R21 per pack) or here (R300 for a box of 15 packets)


#8 Tax Tim

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Tax Tim

recommended by Feige

Spoiler alert, next week we’re sharing our experience with trying out Tax Tim. Tax Tim is an amazing service that assists you virtually with filing your taxes. They have options for individuals (be it commission earners or full time employees) as well as for small businesses and really make the process easy, efficient and dare I say fun. Wait for my review, or start exploring now.

Sign up here (starts from R284)


 #9 Stabilo Colour marker Set

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Stabillo Markers

recommended by Feige

If you ever find yourself in need of coloured pen/markers, the Stabilo 68 pens are a great choice. I bought a 10 pack this month and have really enjoyed using them. They have a 1mm fibre tip that makes sketching with them easier than with a point pen or thick marker. They have an odourless, water-based ink and a Ventilated cap with cap-off time of up to 24 hours meaning that if you leave off your lids for a few hours, they won’t dry out.

Get them here (R99) or choose a beautiful pastel set, and a mega 18 piece set.


#10 Woolworths Pink Salt

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Woolworths Pink Salt

recommended by Feige and Zissy

Not all salts were created equal and for the same use. I find Himalayan salt to be saltier and tastier than regular table salt and prefer using it for everyday salty needs. If you tend to over salt your food, grinders are the way to go as there is less chance of spilling half a bottle in your dish. It’s a small purchase but one you’ll use daily and if you’re anything like us, will love.

Get it here (R36.99 for 390g)


#11 Greenman Fruit and Vegetable wash

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Greenman Fruit and Veg Wash

recommended by Zissy

I got this months ago, but really only started using it regularly in the past month. I love using it for dirty veggies like potatoes or sweet potatoes where I want to keep the skin on and roast. I find that spraying them first and then scrubbing gives you cleaner veggies. It’s also organic and contains no harmful ingredients so you can trust it to clean without hurting you. It also works on any fruit or veggie that you’ll eat with the peel on. It does have a slight smell to it, so make sure you properly rinse off your veggies after spraying.

Get it here (R56 for 1L)


#12 Shogun Peeler

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Shogun Peeler

recommended by Zissy

This is my favourite peeler. It’s sturdier and has a serrated edge which means it’s perfect for peeling butternut and any vegetables with a tough skin. The serrated edge also makes it good for peeling tomatoes. It comes in a pack with a spiralizer, I don’t like the spiraliszr (the ones with bigger teeth work better and clean easier), but the peeler is amazing.


Get it here (R99 for a set)


#13 Living Big in a Tiny House

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Living Big in a Tiny House

recommended by Zissy

It’s a Youtube series that shows people who are living in tiny houses. Tiny like they’re built on trailers and move around. It’s my new YT obsession watch, for some reason seeing how people design, decorate and live in tiny spaces is fascinating. The décor and storage tricks are often quite brilliant; and even though I know that I could never live in something quite as tiny, it’s fascinating seeing how people cut down on material stuff to enable them to follow the life they want.


Watch it here


#14 Endless thread

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Endless Thread

recommended by Feige

I’m always in search of new and interesting podcasts to listen to and was coming up empty until I discovered Endless Thread. From WBUR and Reddit, Hosts Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Sivertson dive into the world of Reddit, taking an investigative journalist approach by tracking down the original poster and reliving the stories. I’ve never been one to explore Reddit but so far I’ve managed to listen to 3 vastly different topic trails without losing interest, so I’m giving it a thumbs up.

Listen here


#15 Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

All the things we Loved this month [August 2018] - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

recommended by Feige 

There is something about a neatly manicured hand of nails that make you look put together but it can be tedious to upkeep. I started using sally Hansen hard as nails when I was experiencing nail breaks as a base coat but this month I’ve been loving wearing it on its own. I love that it gives your nails a natural yet glossy manicured look and gives it an extra hardness. It wears all week, any chips are virtually invisible and its quick drying. Best thing is that it is available everywhere.

Get it here (R89.95 for 13.3ml)

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