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All the things we Loved this month [February 2019]

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All the things we Loved this month [February 2019]

  • A monthly series detailing the products, places, foods and entertainment we loved
All the things we Loved this month [February 2019]

You know that feeling when you stumble onto the perfect product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know. Welcome to all the things we loved this month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we couldn’t get enough of. As we spent time in the US this month, a lot of our loves are the things we stocked up on / discovered there.


#1 – Glossier – Cherry Balm dotcom

All the things we Loved this month [February 2019] Glossier Balmrecommended by Feige

On my recent trip to the US, the one stop on my to do list was Glossier. I was there for the stretch concealer and cloud paint, but their balm dotcom range took me for surprise. It comes in 6 flavours but cherry won out as the best. It has a satiny salve feeling that melts onto your lips. The cherry provides the slightest tint and the moisturising feeling last for hours.

Get it here ($12)


#2 – Grow Baby wooden toys


All the things we Loved this month [February 2019] Grow Babyrecommended by Zissy

I came across Grow Baby through an Instagram story of @brandslut and immediately checked them out as I was looking for a present for my niece and nephew. Grow-Baby is a local company that makes beautiful minimalist wooden toys for babies and toddlers. Made from Birchwood wood with pastel accents, these toys double as décor pieces. I bought a rattle and shape sorter and they were a both a huge hit (albeit my niece is too small to use the rattle yet, but her parents loved it so that counts). The toys are well priced being wooden, the customer service excellent and delivery fast.

Get them here (R65 – R650)


#3 – Andolex-C Spray

All the things we Loved this month [February 2019] Andolex

recommended by Feige

Andolex-C is a topical analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It comes in a mouth rinse that is great for any gum ailments but the spray version is amazing for scratchy or sore throats. Just a couple of sprays on the inflamed area a few times a day seems to settle a sore throat and its small enough to carry around in your bag.

Get it here (currently on sale for R85.99)


#4 – Green Planet Anti-Bacterial Multi-Purpose Wipes

recommended by Zissy

I don’t usually use wipes, but like to have them when travelling to wipe down the airplane armrests, screens and food trays as well as for an emergency hand wipe. These are the best I’ve used simply because they don’t have a soapy feel and have a very light clean smell. The sticker on the seal is also strong enough to reseal so they don’t dry out.

Get them here (R12.95)


#5 – The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

recommended by Feige

I keep on hearing recommendations to watch The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, so when it was an entertainment option on a recent flight. I decided to give it a go. Set in 1958 New York, it follows the life of the perfect Midge Maisel, who trades her perfect housewife life for the life of a stand-up comic. I was skeptical for the first half of the first episode, but by the time the episode ended I wanted more. It’s hilariously funny and you can’t help but not fall for and root for Mrs. Maisel, who really epitomizes the word Marvelous.

Watch it here


#6 – Eskom SePush

All the things we Loved this month [February 2019]Eskom se Pushrecommended by Feige 

When loadshedding came back, us and apparently over 300k South Africans started using this app from 2015 again. This simple app, available in the apple app store and google play allows you to enter your area/ areas, it will let you know if Loadshedding is underway or forecast, which stage is active, will send notifications to your phone and countdown when loadshedding starts to let you know how long till it ends. It’s basically a have to have if you live in South Africa right now.

Get it here (Free)


#7 – Trader Joes Coconut body butter

recommended by Zissy

My love for Trader Joes runs deep. I’m basically their (unofficial) South African ambassador. While their food section is the main reason to visit them, their beauty section houses a few gems like this coconut body butter which is the best body butter. It smells like a tropical vacation and doesn’t have that thick greasy feel most body butters do, rather it’s light and ultra-moisturising. I get every time I’m in the US and then beg my sisters to schlep some over – although you can also get it through Amazon.

Get it here ($13.50)


#8 – Ricola Herb Throat Drops

All the things we Loved this month [February 2019] Ricola dropsrecommended by Zissy

Ricola throat drops are the best tasting throat drops. They’re not too medicinal tasting but not too sweet either. The lemon mint flavour may be my favorite one. They also happen to work and helped soothed dry and sore throats.

Get them at most grocery/drug stores in the US ($2.99)


#9 – Trader Joes Everything but the bagel seasoning

All the things we Loved this month [February 2019] TJ Bagelrecommended by Zissy

The everything but the bagel seasoning is one of the many Trader Joe’s staples that I always get when I’m in the US (did I mention I love TJs?). It’s basically a bottle of the topping you get when you get an everything bagel. It’s a combination of black and white sesame seeds, onion flakes, garlic and salt. I use it on top of homemade breads, avo toast, devilled eggs, fried eggs and crackers. If you can’t get it, here’s how to make it yourself.

Get it here ($12 for 2)


#10 – Gold sleeper earrings

All the things we Loved this month [February 2019] TJ sleepersrecommended by Zissy 

I spent months searching for the perfect gold sleeper earring. I searched all the small local jewelry sites I could find to no avail. I finally found these after going into 5 Jewellery stores. They’re dainty, simple and classic; and best of all they don’t irritate my sensitive ears. They’re the type of earring you can wear every day and forget you’re wearing them. These are 10mm, 14kt gold and hypo allergenic. They don’t hug my lobes (but I have very small lobes), and are easy to get in and out.

R249 at Arthur Kaplan


#11 – ProThermal Anti-Static T33 Brush

All the things we Loved this month [February 2019] pro thermal brushrecommended by Feige

Two months ago, I got a haircut and decided on a fringe (or bangs as some like to call them). Word to the wise, it’s not the easiest hair style to manage and requires daily styling (and bi-weekly trims). I struggled to get it resembling how it looks when I go to my hairstylist until on my second trim, I decided to buy the brush she uses when styling it. It has been a game changer – I never realised a brush had so much power in how your hair style lands up looking. If you have a fringe, I highly recommend this brush.

Get it here (R161)


#12 – Midmar Mile

All the things we Loved this month [February 2019] Midmar Milerecommended by Zissy

We finally did the Midmar Mile, read about it here and absolutely loved it. After spending years doing road running races, swimming races have been a refreshing change. It’s located in Howick which has some beautiful and off the grid places to stay, making it great for a weekend getaway.


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