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All the things we Loved this month [March 2019]

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All the things we Loved this month [March 2019]

  • A monthly series detailing the products, places, foods and entertainment we loved
All the things we Loved this month [March 2019]


You know that feeling when you stumble onto the perfect product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know. Welcome to all the things we loved this month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we couldn’t get enough of.


#1 Ice Roller

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] Ice Roller

recommended by Zissy

Move along jade rollers, the ice ones are where it’s at. You keep this ice roller in the freezer and use it whenever you feel the need. I try aim for daily – preferably in the morning as its ice cold feel is a great wake up tool. It’s said to be good for circulation, reducing wrinkles, depuffing, minimising pores, helping headaches and easing tired and sore muscles. It’s hard to say whether all it’s claims ring true, but it definitely brightens my face, helps depuffing and relieves light headaches; plus it feels pretty good. Ice cold facial immersion is also meant to be a good stress reliever, and seeing as this is ice cold, I’m sure it’s the same thing.

Get it here ($10.09)


#2 SUP paddle boarding

Sup Joburg

recommended by Zissy

We tried out SUP for the first time and loved it, you can read about it here. It takes places at the Emmerentia Dam and you’re able to hire a board at any time (during daylight hours). It’s not only a good workout, but a fun activity that lets you escape the concrete jungle into a calming oasis that is the Dam.

R200 for an hour, book here


#3 Tongue scraper

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] Tongue Scraper

recommended by Zissy

Oral hygiene seems to be taking centre stage this year and tongue scraping is suddenly everywhere. Tongue scraping is an Ayurvedic practice which utilises a metal curved object to scrape your tongue, in the process removing bacteria, food debris, toxins and dead skin cells. It’s done first thing in the morning and removes that white coating on your tongue (pretty gross but satisfying). Tongue scraping can help with bad breath, boosting immunity, helping you taste your food better, prevent cavities and help digestion. It takes a while to remember to do it and make it habit, but it’s become an essential part of my morning routine. Do it with gentle pressure and don’t stick it too far down your throat, it’s not like brushing your tongue, and leaves you feeling super fresh and clean (make sure to brush your teeth after).

Get it here (R75)


#4 Buttanut Almond Milk Base

All the things we Loved this month Buttanut Nut Milk

recommended by Zissy

Most Nut milks contain oils (sunflower oil being most popular) as well as some sort of thickener or stabiliser. Options are limited if you want to avoid that, which is why I love the Buttanut Almond Milk Base. The little 35g sachet contains almonds, macadamias, dates, salt and vanilla powder. You add that to 500ml of filtered water and get the easiest homemade almond milk you can get. Price wise, it works out less than the Almond Milk you’ll buy in a liter carton. I tasted the base plain to see if it’s a version of their nut butter, but it has a different distinct taste. The milk tastes like almonds and isn’t very sweet. I like using it for granola or in a drink. My current go-to is adding 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp cacao nibs, 1-2 tbsp maple syrup and a handful of ice to a blender, after the milk is blended up and then I blend it together to make a cold chocolate shake. Or leaving the ice and nibs out and heating the mixture over the stove for a hot chocolate.

Get it here (R15.50)


#5 Stove top kettle from @home

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] At Home Kettle

recommended by Zissy

I’ve been on the search for a stove top kettle since load-shedding reared its ugly head again. I’m lucky enough to have a gas stove which means I get to enjoy hot food and drinks when I can’t enjoy electricity. I wanted something pretty and enamel, as I believe they last longer and are easier to clean. I had a stainless steal one that was impossible to clean, got rusty and broke. This one from @home is ceramic and not crazy expensive, it is mid-price compared to other stove top kettles. I also love the way it looks. The only downside is it doesn’t whistle, but I’ll take durable and looks over a whistle.

Get it here (R399)


#6 iGlow One Solar LED Lantern

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] Isolar Lamp

recommended by Feige 

While we’re on the subject of load shedding, having a lamp handy is an essential. I love this one for a few reasons:

1- Previously I was using a battery-operated Headlamp that takes 4 AAA batteries, not economical. This one is charges up with either a USB cord (3 hours to full charge) or via it’s solar panel in the sun (10 hours to full charge).

2- It has 2 brightness setting, as well as a secondary reading lamp with adjustable angle.

3 – It can charge up your phone. It comes with a 5-in-1 mobile charging cable.

Get it here bidorbuy (R486.98)


#7 Levi’s tailoring service      

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] Levis

recommended by Zissy

Feige was the one who introduced me to the Levi’s tailor shop and for short people it’s the difference between a jean looking shloompy or chic. I took two pairs of Levi’s (I don’t know if they do all jean brands) to get shortened and they were ready to pick up the next day. If you want them to taper your pants you need to ask, and it is an extra charge.

R50 per jean for regular shortening at Levi’s Sandton City.


#8 Jotto waterproof phone case

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] Joto

recommended by Feige

I purchased this in January as part of our January theme but only got to testing it out when we went SUPing. I was petrified to try it out. So scared that I placed a piece of paper inside, sealed it and then submerged the case under water to test. It passed, the paper wasn’t even remotely moist. I deduced it was safe to put my phone inside and have it on me even if I fell into the water. The lanyard attachment makes carrying it very easy, I hung the phone around my neck and paddled away. I love that you can still operate your phone through the plastic. All the photos shown was while the phone was inside the case.

It must be noted that I didn’t fall in so my phone was not heavily exposed to water.

Get it here ($6.88)


#9 Woolworths Multi-Purpose Cleaner

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019]Woolworths Multipurpose Cleaner

recommended by Zissy

A while back I asked for recommendations on green multi-purpose cleaners and this was suggested. I got it because it was the first one I happened on and well-priced for a green spray. I use it mainly for wiping down kitchen counters and it leaves them sparkling without a sticky feel and has a nice fresh apple scent. Thank you to the person who recommended it.

Get it from Woolworths (R32.99)


#10 Glossier Invisible Shield

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] Glossier Invisible Shield

recommended by Feige 

I promise that no one enticed me to keep waxing lyrical about my Glossier purchases, but this sun screen is the most delightful non sun screen feeling face sun screen ever. It is light and has a serum feel with a fresh lemony scent. It has an SPF of 35 and is not waterproof so for sports pick something else. This is the everyday sun screen that will get you to start using sun screen as part of your face routine.

Get it here  ($25)


#11 Simple Truth Mixed Berry Gums

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] Simple Truth Fruit Gummies

recommended by Zissy

This is one of the new products coming out of Simple Truth, a new health focused brand from Checkers. While these don’t look, taste or feel like gummies, they have a deliciously sweet real fruit taste. They’re more like a fruit peeler / leather in a small button like size. The ingredient list is fruit purees and concentrates with no added sugars. They’re perfect for curing a sweet tooth.

Get it from Checkers (R9.99)


#12 Lumosity

All the things we Loved this month [March 2019] Lumonosity

recommended by Feige 

Lumosity is known as the #1 brain training app and is a really fun way to eat up spare minutes, like when you’re waiting in a queue, having a coffee break…. Their games are designed to help you work on memory, problem solving, attention, flexibility, speed, language, math and mindfulness. The best part about them is that they offer a free version where you get limited games or a paid membership which unlocks all games, gives you detailed insights and compares you to the rest of the Lumo community. Its available on desktop, ios and android.

Get it here (Free)


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