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All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018]

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All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018]

  • A monthly series detailing the products, places, foods and entertainment we loved
All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018]

You know that feeling when you stumble onto the perfect product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know. Welcome to all the things we loved this month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we couldn’t get enough of.


#1 The Choice

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018]

recommended by Zissy

I’ve read a lot of books on the Holocaust, both memoirs and histories; and this book is unlike any I’ve read. Dr Edith Eger not only shares her horrific story of going through and surviving the Holocaust, but the story of how she took her past, healed and turned it into a meaningful life; and helped other move past pain to live fully. She became a Psychologist who’s overarching message is each person, regardless of their past or circumstances has a choice on how they’re going to deal with the cards life deals them. Whilst no life is free from pain, we choose how we respond to that and what we do with it. No matter what you go through, you can choose freedom by choosing Compassion, Humour, Optimism, Intuition, Curiosity and Self-Expression.  It’s an incredibly powerful book with a valuable lesson on the power of our minds and the things we tell ourselves. The fact that Dr Eger went through Auschwitz at 16, endured one of the most horrific traumas a human being can and made the choice not to be a victim but to thrive makes her message and her story that much more powerful.  This is without a doubt the best book I’ve read this year.

Get it here (R149)


#2 Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Instant Pot

Recommended by Zissy

It’s 7 appliances in one and a light and compact appliance at the same time. It has the ability to steam veggies in minutes (even potatoes), make the perfect rice or soft-boiled egg, pressure cook a meal in under an hour and acts as a stove and saucepan. The Instant Pot has achieved a cult-like status for a reason. It does each function well and makes it easy and fast to prepare good food. Is it the best appliance you can get? Click here for all my thoughts on the Instant Pot.

Get it here (R1 999)


#3 Swim seal drops

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Swim Seal Ear Drops

Recommended by Zissy

These were recommended by my ENT as the solution to the earaches I get when swimming, as water gets trapped in my ears. They’re a natural ear drop containing tea tree oil that coats the lining of the ear to create a waterproof lining. It prevents trapped water which is the cause of ear discomfort and the solution leaves your ear naturally. It’s made a huge difference to my swimming and those water related earaches, to the point that I don’t go in the water without putting 2 drops in each ear.

Get it here (R64.95)


#4 Essence Eye Liner Pen

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Essence Eye Liner

Recommended by Feige

This isn’t the first time I’m recommending an eyeliner, but this one is available locally and incredibly cost friendly. I love it not only for its price but because it’s waterproof: doesn’t budge but micellar water takes it off easily. It also has a sturdy thin felt tip that makes it easy to draw sharp pointed eyeliner ends and get the liner close to the lash.


Get it here (R54.95)


#5 Thirsti Infusions Flavoured Sparkling Water

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Thirsti Infusions

Recommended by Feige and Zissy

The new range of sparkling flavoured water from Thirsti is preservative free, artificial sweetener free and colourant free. They come in 6 different flavours – litchi, watermelon, cucumber and lime, berry, apple and naartjie. They’ve got a great balance between being a water infused with flavour that tastes bland and a sparkling water that’s too sweet. The flavours are great, refreshing and the fizz levels perfect. We’ve got a weakness for flavoured sparkling water and these are becoming our new go to.

R8.99-R13.99 at Spar (and Pick n Pay from the end of December)


#6 Caribbean tan shimmer cream

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Caribbean Tan

Recommended by Feige

I’m naturally a pale person but my skin does get some colour during summer. During winter however, my paleness gets paler and transitioning from being bundled up to wearing summer appropriate clothing can be blinding. I’ve used Caribbean tan shimmer cream for years to build a natural looking bronze glow. I love that it goes on easily, doesn’t leave you with a fake tan out-of-place look and once dry doesn’t rub off onto your clothes. The only con is that it doesn’t dispense out of the bottle very easily – I store it upside down and take off the lid to get out the product rather than using the squeeze function. The good news is they appear to have changed the packaging so you shouldn’t have the same struggles. Also, top tip: Wash your hands as soon as you’ve rubbed it onto your legs.

Get it here (R79.99)


#7 Mango passion fruit teas

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Tea

Recommended by Zissy

I randomly pick up new flavours of tea for tea time, which is a thing more people should do. This tea is a winner, it’s bright and punchy and can be turned into iced tea for the summer. It’s also sweet enough that you can forgo the added sugar or do half your normal amount.

Get it here (R46.95)


#8 If you care large baking cups

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - If You Care Baking Cups

Recommended by Zissy

Out of all the things I’ve put on a monthly love list a baking cup may be the oddest. But hear me out, I’ve used enough cups to know that a baking cup has the ability to make or break a cupcake or muffin. A badly shaped one, even when put in a cupcake tin, can give you the worst looking muffin and cupcake and we eat with our eyes first, so looks and structure count. These baking cups are the perfect size, they’re a no-frills cup (they look like brown wax paper), but peel off without removing half your baked good. They also are completely environmentally friendly and can be composted. And they say you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Get it here (R28)


#9 Montague No No apple fruit flakes

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Mantagu No No Fruit

Recommended by Zissy

Found these in a checkout aisle and picked them up as a taste test. Not mad about the color (algae green) but love the taste. They look like fruit flakes, taste like dried apple and are pretty addictive. The perfect sweet fruity snack.


#10 f.lux

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - f.lux

Recommended by Feige

By now we all know that screen light affects us negatively, however it’s hard to take action by limiting screen time when so much of our lives happen around screens. f.lux is a cross-platform computer program that adjusts your screen display’s color temperature according to your location and time of day, offering functional respite for the eyes. The program is designed to reduce eye strain during night-time use, helping to reduce disruption of sleep patterns. I love that by setting your wake up time, a message pops up on your screen when you’re working too late to remind you how many hours you’re waking up in.

Get it here (free on windows for personal use)


#11 Behind Tasty Mini series

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Behind Tasty

Tasty’s recipe video are addictive to watch. I can’t say I’d want to try out half their crazy recipes (not only because Zissy is the recipe person around here) but they certainly capture your attention. I recently discovered this mini series (available on YouTube) called Behind Tasty. These very short, less than 10-minute episodes go behind the scenes of the making of the recipes and the videos that dominate your social news feeds. They’re super entertaining and take little time commitment making them the perfect answer to “what should I watch” when chill time is sparse.

Watch it here (YouTube)


#12 Cover Your Gray

All the things we Loved this month [November & December 2018] - Cover your grayThis mascara like wand is the perfect tool to use when you have bits of regrowth or a stray gray that is pooping through your hair but you aren’t ready to dye it. It’s not a viable replacement as it does wash out and it does add a texture to your hair that isn’t ideal. I’ve found the best way to use it is to slide the wand through your hair and let it dry before touching or the colour will transfer. Once dry, run a brush through it to loosen the crispness and voila no gray in site.

Get it here (R109.95)


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