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All the things we Loved this month [October 2018]

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All the things we Loved this month [October 2018]

Zissy Lewin
  • A monthly series detailing the products, places, foods and entertainment we loved this October
All the things we Loved this month

You know that feeling when you stumble onto the perfect product or service or show? And you want to tell people about it, because sharing is caring, and the people should know. Welcome to all the things we loved this month, a monthly series where we share all the random little things we couldn’t get enough of.


#1 Nikkis Plantain Crisps

All the things we Loved this month - Nikki's Plantain Chips

recommended by Zissy

I love plantain chips but have never seen them packaged in a bag in South Africa. You can buy banana crisps but a banana crisp is not a plantain crisp. I’ve been happily buying raw plantains whenever I spot them and baking them into chips; until I got a bag of Nikki’s plantain crisps. They’re vegan, gluten free, preservative free and have no added sugars. They’re made with just three ingredients (plantains, oil, salt); come in a resealable bag and are the perfect snack. Or vehicle for a dip as I like to eat them. I’m just waiting for the new flavours to come!

Get it here (R35-R40)


#2 Sabre Runner Pepper Spray

All the things we Loved this month -Sabre Pepper Spray

recommended by Zissy

Pepper spray is one of those things that you pray you never have a reason to use; but if you do, will be grateful you have it. I got this over a year ago (it has a few years shelf life) because I wanted something that I could easily access if need be. I take it along with me whenever I do long runs alone, especially early mornings when roads are quiet. It has an adjustable strap which hooks onto your hand. The spray bottle is in your palm and all you need to do is flip the red switch with your thumb to open it and press down to spray. It’s a very quick and subtle motion, in fact whenever I run and feel slightly uncomfortable I flip it to open and have my finger on the button should I need it, and it gives you some peace of mind. Although your hand will natural wrap around it, you don’t have to grip it, it’s plenty sturdy and comfortable enough that it won’t bother you even on longer runs.

Get it here (R229)


#3 Wazoogle Supernatural Oats

All the things we Loved this month -Wazoogles Superfood Oats

recommended by Zissy

These new Wazoogles supernatural oats win the award for the cutest and best travel breakfast. They come in ice cream tub like containers and take 3 minutes to make. And you can make and eat them straight from the carton. You have the option to do hot oats or an overnight oat and then of course if you’re feeling extra, top with fruit or nut butter. The ingredient list is filled all the things you’d expect from a product called supernatural – maca powder, yacaon rolled cacao nibs, mesquite powder, hemp seeds and more. They all have added pea protein powder in them, so they all pack a protein punch. They’re vegan, gluten free, organic and certified Kosher and Halaal. Thus far my favorite flavour is the peanut butter coconut cup.

Get them here (R37) or from Food Lovers and Dischem (as they roll into more stores they’re hoping to be able to bring down the cost).


#4 Manifest

All the things we Loved this month -Manifest

recommended by Feige

If you’re looking for a new show to tuck into, I’m currently obsessed with Manifest. The storyline is super original: A plane goes missing while in flight, then lands five and a half years later. For the people on the plane, no time has passed, they haven’t aged a day, and they’re unaware they have been missing and presumed dead. So far each episode has been gripping and although it has taken time to warm up to the characters, the storyline picks up any slack.

Watch it on Mnet


#5 Weleda Skin Food

All the things we Loved this month - Weleda Skin Food

recommended by Feige 

I feel like this month I loved is fast becoming an expose on who I like to follow on Instagram 😊 US based UK makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is gorgeous, real, unfiltered and most relevant to this article, brilliant with makeup. She stories how she does her own makeup and specialises in glowy skin (and amazing eye looks). Weleda skin food is something she often uses to not only moisturise her face but act as a natural looking highlighter on the highpoints of the face. She applies the skin food, then lightly brushes over foundation or concealer and her skin looks lit from within. Naturally I had to try it and it’s my new favourite go to makeup “primer”. The texture takes some getting used to, it’s thick and sticky – almost like a baby bum cream feel with a herby lemony scent, but good news is that it’s not only good for a healthy looking luminous face. Its supposed to be the best moisturiser, great for nails and cuticles, and good for skin conditions like eczema too.

I bought it quite recently on Takealot but it has since disappeared. The only other place I can find it is Amazon. Get it here ($11.84)


#6 Esse Sensitive Skin Toner

All the things we Loved this month - Esse Sensitive Toner

recommended by Feige

I started using this toner back in May when I was researching this article. Nearly 7 months later I’m still using it and loving it. Firstly, I love that it’s a spray toner, which feels incredibly refreshing at the end of the day. Secondly, it’s the first toner I’ve used that doesn’t leave my face stinging like I’ve stripped the moisture from it, it’s very soothing. Thirdly, my skin actually likes it. And lastly, that 100ml bottle lasts, I’m still using the original bottle (I do only use it at night) which is only now almost finished; and I’ve already gotten a backup because I don’t want to be without.

Get it here (R475)


#7 Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

All the things we Loved this month - Deliciously Ella Podcast

recommended by Zissy

If you’re already a Deliciously Ella fan, you’ll know that she recently started her own podcast. If you’re not, she just started her own podcast and you should be listening to it. Ella and her husband Mathew talk to various guests with business, health or nutritional backgrounds to share their stories and advice. Thus far they’ve discussed topics from food waste to mental health to building resilience. The podcast is interesting, educational and approachable.

Listen to it on Apple podcasts.


#8 Skinefx Body Lotion 725ml Cocoa Butter

All the things we Loved this month - Dischem Cocoa Butter

recommended by Fiege

I discovered this very cost-effective moisturiser while strolling down Dischem’s moisturiser isle. I was looking for a pump bottle and happen to love cocoa butter so it stood out to me. Turns out it was the best purchase, because not only is it under R40, but the bottle lasts forever, the moisturiser is light and it smells great. Also pump bottle moisturisers are far superior in my opinion 😊. No shaking the bottle, trying to unscrew the cap – it easily dispenses whenever you need it. I’ve also gotten my whole family hooked on it.

Get it here (R36.95)


#9 San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Juice

All the things we Loved this month - San Pellegrino

recommended by Zissy

I rarely drink fizzy drinks or really any cold drinks aside from water. But since being introduced to it years ago, I’ve been a fan of the San Pellegrino fruit beverages. They’re just really yum and refreshing. Are they the healthiest thing you can be drinking? no. But they’re delicious and pricy enough that you’re not going to make them a daily habit, but rather a once in a while. My favorite flavours are the Limonato and the Pomegranate Orange.

Get from Makro or Woolworths (R18 a can / R340 for 24 cans)


#10 Billy the Bee Acupuncture Mat

All the things we Loved this month - Accupressure

recommended by Zissy

Feige calls it the torture mat, which is not a glowing endorsement but sometimes you need to get uncomfortable to get comfortable. I personally love my mat. The after effects are wonderful – you feel relaxed, warm, your back tingles and any pain or tension you hade before is gone. I use it a few times a week whenever my back feels tense or uncomfortable for 5-10 minutes for a wonderful release. You can read all my thoughts here

Get it here (R449)


#11 Woolworths Italian Rub

All the things we Loved this month - Woolworths Italian Rub

recommended by Zissy

I really like spices, a lot. They have the ability to change a dish easily and inexpensively. Woolworths is fast becoming my go to place for spices. They have a big range (but what is mace?) and they’re actually one of the better priced spices. My current favorite is this Italian rub which has in it, tomatoes, capers, oregano and basil. I use it on chicken (literally just brush chicken with a little bit of olive oil, sprinkle this on and bake), fish and veggies.

Get it here (R27.99)


#12 Restraw Glass Straw

All the things we Loved this month - Restraw glass straw

recommended by Zissy

In order to find the best reusable straw options I bought one made from every type of material I could find. I then proceeded to drink through them and wash them. The winner? The Restraw Glass Straw. It feels the best drinking out of – I don’t like how metal / bamboo felt in my mouth and the paper ones get soggy fast. This one is also thick so it’s easy to clean and I feel like glass has a better life span. The bend does make it harder to clean, but they also have a thick straight one.

Get it here (R99 but on sale for R89.10 today)


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