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Tick Tock, A March Mood

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Tick Tock, A March Mood

Feige Lewin
  • tick tock, the year is moving fast. Join us as we slow down and appreciate time this month
Tick Tock, A March Mood

March is the month in which you suddenly feel that the year is moving, a little too fast. January was half a holiday month, February was the short month that got the year started but March makes you realise the year’s almost 1/4 through.  With that in mind we’ve decided to focus on time this month. Can a juice make you run faster? Can 10 minutes a day make you happier? Can having a set breakfast every day make your days run better? Can skin care turn back the clock on your aging? Can a watch inspire you to be healthier and more active? Speaking of watches, have you ever tried to make your own clock? It’s all going down here on Nutreats this month, because, we don’t have all the time in the world.


Read ten to zen by Owen O’Kane

Can ten minutes a day make you happier? Zissy is busy finding out, stay tuned for the review.


Listen to hung up by Madonna

Because it starts with a ticking clock and “time goes by so slowly”. Except it doesn’t.


Eat fast food (made healthy)

Think one pan dishes, instant pot miracles and breakfasts that make your days run like clock work.


Do fast and slow workouts

The classes that fit a lot in fewer minutes and the hikes that slow down time and make you appreciate the world you live in.


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