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What is Your Mantra?

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What is Your Mantra?

What is your mantra

Today marks day 45 of the Well I am challenge, which challenges contestants to take on 100 healthy days which will hopefully turn into a lifetime of healthy days.


For many contestants, more than just a physical challenge, it is a mental challenge. How do we overcome that challenge? Enter the MANTRA


Defined as

“a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs” source 


the word mantra originates from the Sanskrit word “manyate” – “he thinks”. It is the thought behind mind and action.


Most commonly associated with meditation, mantras are more than the obligatory yoga “Omm”. Used correctly a mantra can be your most powerful weapon in transforming, performing and living your best life.


Made up of just a few words, a mantra can be repeated daily or when you’re having a moment of doubt to redirect your thoughts and focus from negative thoughts to a positive experience.

How do you choose a mantra?


  1. Think Positive

An effective mantra addresses how you want to feel, not the hurdles you need to overcome. A good mantra will divert your mind from a place of pain to a place where you can overcome it.

Positive mind. Postive Vibes. Positive Life


  1. Personalise

A mantra is personal, made up by you. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else but you. Choose a word or words that when repeated leave you feeling inspired and motivated

Focus on what matters


  1. Short is sweet

You want to be able to repeat this phrase during a tough workout or a moment when you need to push a little harder. You don’t want a wordy phrase, you want an affirmation, something easy to remember and easy to say.

Own this moment


  1. Create Energy

Use powerful words – action verbs, strong adjectives to create the energy you want to feel. Words like strong, power, fast.

Make it happen


  1. Instruct Yourself

Create a mantra that gives you the instructions you need to follow through


So tell me, what is your mantra?

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