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What to do After a Weight Loss Challenge

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What to do After a Weight Loss Challenge

  • Your Guide on the next steps after weight loss to ensure you keep it off for good
after weight loss

Today marks the end of the Well I Am 100 days of wellness challenge.


Throughout the challenge we’ve watched as the challengers started moving more, eating better, getting fitter and losing kilos. With little incentives along the way, an amazing support community and daily reminders to stick to the plan, 100 healthy days became not only doable but fun.


But what happens at day 101 or day 300, when the incentives are gone and you have to motivate yourself to keep up those healthy habits? What happens after weight loss?


How do you turn 100 days of health and turn it into a manageable and practical lifestyle?


  1. Remember How Far you’ve come

When you first start a new diet or exercise program, especially when it’s not something you’ve done before, results seem to come fast. The first couple of kilos and centimetres seem to melt off, motivating you to stick with the plan.

After a while, your body adapts and it becomes harder and takes longer to see visible weight loss, making it harder to keep motivated.

This is the time to whip out the “before” stats. At the beginning of the challenge, and of any diet or exercise regime you weigh, measure and even take some before photos. Seeing just how far you’ve come is often enough motivation to continue, even better continue taking progress shots and take notes on how you feel so you can monitor progress no matter how small.


  1. Treat Yourself

During a challenge like Well i am, strict diets are adhered to and little treats forgone in pursuit of your goal. While some are able to manage a strict diet, for most of us watching and planning for every gram that we eat is just not practical, sustainable nor enjoyable.

So much of our lives revolve around food – celebrations, holidays, daily fuel – and living a healthy life does not mean forgoing those chances to indulge. It means that those indulgences become a treat and not an everyday occurrence. Enjoy the holiday or that slice of cake without guilt knowing that you can jump back into healthy eating.


  1. Shop Smarter

Make sticking to healthier choices easier by only bringing healthy choices into your home. Purchase more fresh produce and less packaged goods. If you don’t have junk in your home, you’re less likely to consume junk.


  1. Plan Your Meals

Meal prep not only saves you money and time, it ensures you eat better. By prepping meals ahead of time, you avoid wasting money on fast foods and are less likely to mindlessly snack as you know what your next meal will be. It also makes portion control easier and you avoid the hangry over eating cycle.


  1. Keep moving. Always

Work, family commitments and illness can all make you miss scheduled exercise. Just like one workout isn’t getting you that bikini body, one (or even two) missed workouts won’t derail your fitness.

A good rule of thumb is to never go more than three consecutive days without some form of exercise. Even when you’re away you can include a brisk walk or this quick no equipment needed 14 minute circuit into your day.

How do you make sure to keep up your healthy habits?

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