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  • Enter to win a custom made Bunny Onesie by aFREAKa clothing
aFREAKa Competition - win a pink bunny onesie

aFREAKa clothing was established in 2011 in Cape Town South Afrika by Ole. Their philosophy is simple “everybody should be able to be whatever they want to be, even if only for a short while”, be that a animal, a character or anything your mind can dream up.


aFREAKa specialises in making onesies – both animal inspired and a range of INYE onesies, which are a plain 100% cotton onesie.  Each onesie is customized according to your height and come in sizes XS to XL, so you can march to the beat of your own drum.


We’re giving away One Pink Bunny Onesie, just in time for the hygge season of winter!


To enter tell us what your spirit animal is in the comments below


To find out more about aFREAKa clothing and view their entire range of onesies click here or follow them on Facebook


Competition Rules:

Competition closes 4 April 2017
Valid only to residents of South Africa.
By entering you agree to our terms & conditions.
This prize has been sponsored by aFREAKa clothing
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  • My spirit animal is definitely a little bunny rabbit! I wrote my brand new(four days after driving it off the showroom floor) car off swerving for a bunny rabbit on the N2 highway in Cape Town. I’ve had a rabbit obsession ever since. I collect bunny ornaments for in and around my house and my nickname has since the accident(2013) been “Ms Bunny”, mainly because no one believes that I rolled my car to save a bunny, and when I say no one, I mean not anyone, especially the cops when I gave my sworn statement, they even made me draw it out, and proceeded to laugh. I had to give a blood sample straight after as they thought I was drunk! Needless to say, my blood work came back clean and I got a full pay out from my insurance.

  • Ah yes for me it’s the wonderful giraffe…. My head up in the clouds sometimes, always looking up, tall…. helping people in shops get things off the top shelf (you’re welcome heehee), veggie eater, colourful and generally happy to be different. Totally must have a onesie… my son has a reindeer onesie and my daughter has a snowman onesie. Mama in her bunny onesie would complete this pretty picture 😉

  • spirit animal is a fat fluffy ginger cat sitting on his bum silently judging others and not wanting to be rubbed yet craves attention when everyone just falls asleep … Yes im describing my cat But i admire the spirit and power he evokes i live vicariously through him now
    Thank you have a nice day
    Ps i would really love to win the pink bunny onesie il pair it with my bunny slippers and snooze all winter

  • A turtle. The most peaceful and serene spirit. Grounded and patient, and unaffected by external woes. With an old soul.

  • My spirit animal is a bunny.. Playful, soft natured, nurturing and loving. Always trying to bring joy and happiness to other people. I would love the bunny onesie.

  • I feel like an Elephant accurately describes my spirit animal. They’re strong and massive in presence but at the same time they’re peaceful and steady…. until you mess with their friends… then you’ve got a problem!

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