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WIN a JUMBO Deskstand worth R2695

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WIN a JUMBO Deskstand worth R2695

Zissy Lewin
  • We’re giving a standing desk from Deskstand that will change the way you work

The DeskStand is a South African company that call themselves ‘The Healthy Posture Company’.


The Deskstand range of products offers a healthy balance between sitting while working and standing while working. Their products are affordable, high quality and designed by owner Ryan Roberts and made in Cape Town, South Africa.


Their products include a variety of standing desks, ergonomical chairs, and footrests as well as office accesories


Deskstand products are easy to assemble (took us a few minutes to get the JUMBO Deskstand assembled and ready to work), well priced and designed in a way that they fit seamlessly into your office without creating bulk. They also come with a lifetime guarantee.


We’ve written about our JUMBO deskstand here, which we still use and love, so we’re thrilled that Deskstand has given us one JUMBO deskstand worth R2695 to give away to one lucky reader.


To enter, comment below to tell us why you’d love to win a JUMBO Deskstand!

Share this post with someone you know would like a Deskstand too.


For more details on the Deskstand visit


Competition Rules:

Competition closes Thursday, 15 June, 2017.

Valid only to residents of South Africa.

By entering you agree to sign up for the Deskstand newsletter and our terms & conditions.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed, congrats to Tyron Barnard for winning.

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  • I think it is practical and will help me be healthier by sitting less.
    It will also improve my posture.

  • Would love to win the JUMBO Deskstand because it is so handy to have and so snazzy at the same time… would really make my workspace so much neater and easier to manage.

  • This will have to be the most beautiful desk I have ever seen. Would love to have this in my home office

  • I would love to have the option to stand while working. As a graphic designer i often sit for very long periods, and have actually had a slipped disc from sitting too much, which nearly resulted in surgery.

  • I need and want the Standing Desk because I am multi-tasking individual who needs more space and a separate monitor for the choas of my desk.

  • I encourage my children to work quietly and stay focussed when they are busy with homework or just researching or doing some reading. A beautiful desk like this will enhance their work space, encourage them to stay focussed and is also easy on the eye. Win-win situation. I think this is a wonderful idea. Good luck to all the entrants.

  • I would like to win the deskstand as I am working from home and currently using my grandmothers table which is more than 60 years. I am always having back pains after work because of the not so proper desk to work with.

  • Being deskbound is such a health hazard, so having a jumbo desk stand means I can do my work without jeopardizing my health. I’d love to win this!

  • I love the build and quality and as someone who’s been battling with sitting desks this would be amazing for my home office

  • My ode to the Jumbo Deskstand

    In my line of work you sit for many a day
    So consumed by work you even forget to play
    As you sit with you eyes burrowed to a screen
    And your back develops a curve that makes you look mean
    Watching the minutes tick by as your back fitness falls apart
    Its time for a new desk, it will jump start your heart
    Its time to stand at work and be the envy of all
    Your colleagues may not have noticed you’re really that tall
    And now getting 10000 steps will be a cinch
    As the nerves in your back will no longer feel the pinch
    While everyone else sits you will be shoulders above
    Dont worry that look from your colleagues can only be love
    Whats more you say the desk is locally made
    The memories of the suffering while sitting will quickly start to fade
    What a magical idea this is from some inspired creators hand
    What a privilege it would be to have my own deskstand
    So dear my friends Nutreats, do the honorable thing
    Make me the winner and the Deskstand King

  • This will be a game changer for me. I have always sufferred from aches and pains in my back and neck from spending hours at my desk everyday and mainly as a result of my very poor posture. So much so that I have even tried (and failed miserably I might add) to make my own standing desk work station using boxes and stacks of printing paper… It just doesn’t work. This product will change my life!

  • Why I would love to win this JUMBO deskstand?

    Heard the term sitting in the new smoking?? In the modern day job this is certainly a growing trend. People are spending more time at their desk.

    What can we do to fix this? Either we set an alarm to remind us to walk around ever half hour or so, our we can look to creative solutions like the Jumbo desk! A lekker and cost effective solution to drive better productivity. After all a healthy body is a healthy mind!

    I am a creature of habit and find that when I train/exercise in the morning before work, I feel awesome where as when I don’t my mood definitely dips!

    So back to why winning this prize will be awesome and benefit me. It will to drive my creativity, literally “thinking on my feet” and will encourage others around the office to stop “smoking” and start standing!

    Time that we change the way we think and enjoy the benefits! Let’s take a stand;)

  • When not running, I spend the rest of my day working at a desk. Over time, I’ve found that hunching over my laptop has triggered seemingly innocuous alignment issues which, in turn, cause running injuries. This particular range of products is highly recommended by my chiropractor… I’ve just been waiting to afford one. This could cure many a hamstring issue!

  • Working from home frequently is sometimes a nightmare, as i have to split my attention between various other priorities. With a Deskstand, I’d be able to work in an organised manner, and I won’t have to worry about my baby boy getting to my work. Being able to work while standing, would also mean that I can give him the extra attention that he yearns for.

  • I would love to win this for our study. I recently put both my boys in bunk beds in one room so I can have a room as a study and work from home this would be so great to win this for my study

  • I am a Trail Runner and a Computer Programmer. For all my running I sit too much. A desk like this would put a stop to some of my niggles that come from my body and facsia getting locked up into incorrect patterns from the sitting.

  • It’s a South African product which I am always supportive and proud about
    Made to last a lifetime, the quality is excellent
    The design is absolutely beautiful will suit my home perfectly , it’s easy to assemble
    Looks very trendy and modern

  • I would love to win a JUMBO Deskstand because I’m on my PC the whole day and need to get up and move around more

  • I need this!
    My job at a running magazine involves shocking amounts of time spent sitting at a desk. As if my anterior pelvic tilt needed any encouragement…

  • As a law student, I live a mainly sedentary lifestyle! As of late I sit for hours on end reading my course work! This has really taken a tole on my posture, has caused me to suffer from constant neck pain and has made me feel extremely lethargic! This jumbo deskstand sounds like the perfect solution! Would love to win this!

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